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WE TURN THE STATION OVER TO THE ROCKIES AT 12:30 So we've got an action packed 20 minutes for ya. Buckle up, it's gonna be quick!

YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO GRANT'S NEW PODCAST WITH LOU FROM LITTLETON! This week's Taking it For Granted podcast is with a familiar voice, Lou from Littleton. He has a real name, which you can find out by listening here!

WHY ARE FOOD PRICES GOING UP? It's not JUST inflation, it's labor shortages in many different industries. This is what you get when you pay people more to stay home than to work. For real.

ISRAEL AND THE HAMAS ARE GOING AT IT HARD And Hamas is shooting rockets directly into Tel Aviv, which isn't the norm previously. In our President's zeal to show he's not Trump, he immediately opened the monetary spigot back up to the terror groups running the Palestinian territory. He's been radio silent on this new conflagration and even the AP is starting to notice. So we may be funding attacks on our closest ally in the region under Biden, whereas under Trump we saw multiple normalization agreements with Muslim nations and Israel because of his hardline stance. But I'm sure this way is better.

BIDEN ALSO BROKE THE JOBS MARKET If last Friday's jobs report is any indication. CNBC says they had to look at the numbers twice because they were so bad. Adding 266,000 jobs is a total disappointment, and this is in part because people are making more money to stay home. But I'm sure this way is better.

BIDEN ALSO CREATED A BORDER CRISIS And though April was not as bad as March, that's not saying much. We are still seeing near record numbers of people trying to break into the country after Biden did away with his predecessors policies and invited everyone down south to come on up. Funny story, though Harris was strongly against closing the border when Trump did it, she now thinks it's swell to control Covid. Funny how that works.

BIDEN'S ENERGY SECRETARY ADMITS PIPELINES ARE THE BEST WAY TO MOVE GAS AFTER HE CANCELS THE XL PIPELINE And you need to just watch this to know how rich this is right now as people in the East are sitting in gas lines as stations run dry after a cyber attack took a main gas line offline this week.

AND HERE COMES INFLATION! We've talked about this before but these numbers are not good. The price of things is up 4.2% since last year which is the quickest pace of inflation since 2008.

MASTERPIECE CAKES IS UNDER ATTACK....AGAIN And I'm telling you, Jack Phillips is a freaking hero for continuing to fight and not just shutting his doors. This is a good explanation of the newest case where a trans activist purposely sought out his services to bake a cake to celebrate her transition specifically so he would say no and she would sue and that's exactly what's happening. Read more here. She needs to understand that trans protections are not in the Constitution, but religious liberty is. This is a bad choice.

THE CONSERVATIVE CASE FOR RANKED CHOICE VOTING This is a long read, but I want to talk about it so I thought I'd get you guys started. Ranked choice voting intrigues me, so we'll chat about this later.

DOUGCO SAYS NO TO MASK MANDATES And they passed the Free to Choose which is a largely symbolic gesture telling DougCo residents they can do what they want even though the state mask mandates are still in place. Honestly this is going to create a nightmare for business owners who have a state license and will have to argue with people who now think they don't have to wear masks. I am all for doing away with mask mandates, but this feels like a feel good measure that is only going to make it harder for already beleaguered business folks.

I DON'T CONDONE THIS BUT DANG IT'S FUNNY Watch Ted Cruz completely ignore Senator Amy Klobuchar as she scolds him in some meeting. This is next level ignoring as she keeps saying his name and he keeps scrolling. Petty and small but funny.

YES WE ARE BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS WITH THE NEW TRANSPORATION BILL And Jon Caldara writes about it here. Fees are the same as taxes. They know it, we know it, they are just waiting to be sued.

MEN, DO YOU REALLY WANT AN ENGAGEMENT RING? Tiffany thinks you do. This story says that as marriage has changed and men are no longer the breadwinners men now want to have an engagement ring of their own. I'm not sure I'm buying this but hey, whatever makes you guys happy, right?

NEW OBESITY DRUGS COULD CHANGE THE WAY WE SEE OBESITY This article talks about a new kind of obesity drug class called incretins. Rather than work temporarily they are long-term drugs for obese people that would be taken for the rest of someone's life. The drugs recognize that some people have a higher set weight point than others, and that dieting wreaks havoc on your metabolism making it harder to keep off the weight after you lose it, which is very true for most of us. It also discusses how this sort of treatment could be game changing for the PERCEPTION of obese people as having a medical condition that needs to be managed rather than a character flaw.

HARDCORE ANTI-VAXXERS MAY WEAR MASKS NOW AND STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED And I find this...funny. The new conspiracy is that those who have been vaccinated "shed" a certain protein that is going to kill everyone and depopulate the earth. So now anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers may chose to wear a mask and distance themselves (maybe FOREVER) from people who have gotten the shot. The new virtue signaling will be wearing a mask to prove you're not a "sheeple" and the world is insane.

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