Mandy's Tue Blog: Michelle Zellner is Helping You Get Through Vacation

OUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GURU IS HERE FOR VACATION Michelle Zellner is BACK and we're talking how NOT to sabotage yourself while on vacation. All it takes is a little thought and planning and you've got this. Sign up for Michelle's fabulous You University by clicking here!

I WELCOME ALL INFORMATION ABOUT VACCINES EXCEPT... I said last week that if anyone had a news story or question about the vaccines to email me and I would investigate and get back to you with a counterview and since then a BUNCH of you have done just that, and mostly with the same articles or questions and I've been happy to do just that. It's been productive on both sides I think. BUT, and you knew there was a BUT, if you send me anything from Infowars or any site associated with Alex Jones I will not investigate and I will simply tell you that you are getting your information from the most garbage source on the internet. Jones is currently embroiled in multiple lawsuits by parents who lost children in Sandy Hook for his ongoing assertion that Sandy Hook didn't happen, and now he's in trouble for selling a toothpaste that he said will kill Covid. That man is a charlatan, a snake oil salesman and a proven liar. He proved it himself when is said under oath that he believes he had a kind of "psychosis" because of his job (the same job I have, btw) and that he now believes Sandy Hook did happen. How swell of him. His lawyer in a custody hearing said that the judge couldn't base how he as as a father on how he is on the radio because he's "playing a character" and a "performance artist". Never send me stuff from him again.

THIS IS WHY I DON'T BELIEVE A 15 YEAR OLD BOY IN COLORADO DIED FROM THE VACCINE One of the reasons anyway. The FDA JUST approved the vaccine for kids 12-15 years old. This happened yesterday, so how is this mystery 15 year old boy, which no media outlet can find, get the vaccine in April? I bring this up because many of you have sent me the Tucker Carlson segment where he talked about the VAERS reporting system as if it were FACT that every adverse effect is FOR SURE related to the vaccine. One more time, THEY ARE NOT CONFIRMED IN ANY WAY ON VAERS. It's a voluntary reporting system that ANYONE can file a report in. It has very little information in it, and some of the reports may be followed up on, but NONE of them have been confirmed as the result of the vaccine. I love Tucker but his bit was like live click bait and not helpful or fully accurate and frankly I'm disappointed in him on this one.

THE PROGRESSIVES AT CU CLAIM ANOTHER SCALP AND THE POST THINKS IT'S JUST SWELL The Denver Post wants you to believe that Mark Kennedy is stepping down because he could not gain the confidence of the overwhelmingly liberal campus intelligentsia who never gave him a chance because he used to be a Republican Congressman. Of course the Post wants you to believe the REAL problem is the lack of transparency in the hiring process. Uh-huh. This is shameful and I hope they bring an end to the Visiting Conservative Scholar program that gives the impression they care at all about ideological diversity at CU. It has joined the ranks of the Wholly Left Wing Universities that are a dime a dozen in this country. Send your kids elsewhere if you want them to get a full education.

ISRAEL DEFENDS ITSELF AND IS CAST AS THE BAD GUYS...AGAIN I checked in with my nephew in Israel this morning and he said, 'it's the beginning of fighting season" and that depressed me mightily but here we are. In all the breathless nonsense being spewed out of Rep. Ilhan Omar's mouth about Israel and war crimes she never ONCE talks about who started it. Israel does not just start bombing Gaza. There is ALWAYS a reason and the reason this time is a storm of rockets fired into Israel by Palestinians mad because people who don't have any claim to land are being kicked off it. To be clear, they are mad that squatters are being moved out. This will never end until the Palestinians get their own homeland, and that hasn't happened because they won't even admit Israel has a right to EXIST. So whose fault is this again? Ted Cruz called out Omar brilliantly here.

GUESS WHO THE WORLD'S BIGGEST CARBON CRIMINAL IS? Spoiler alert, it's NOT the US. China emitted almost TRIPLE what we emitted last year when it comes to carbon emissions. And not only do they have no plans to stop, they are still GROWING their carbon emissions in order to continue growing their economy. We did come in second, with India bringing up the third spot. If the Earth is in danger because of climate emissions, why aren't the world's nations calling out China and demanding they do more? Because maybe it's not the crisis we've been lead to believe in the West? Maybe?

DO THE RICH PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES? Ami Horowitz asked New Yorkers and then gave them the real info and the result is magic. This is worth all five minutes of your time.


LITERALLY EVERYONE HATES CRITICAL RACE THEORY TRAINING FOR CHILDREN And this poll shows that. A whopping 74% say they are opposed to "white privilege" training that tells children of color they are never going to succeed. This makes me happy and you can read more here.

CHINA'S VACCINE ISN'T WORKING IN THE SEYCHELLES And not that I don't think the Chinese can't make anything right, but they can't seem to make a good vaccine, which is odd since they are the only ones with the ACTUAL virus they turned loose on the world (imo). The Seychelles has a higher percentage of it's population vaccinated than any other country on Earth, but they are having a resurgence of symptomatic covid cases. It casts a lot of doubt on the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine, which is bad news for all the nations who have used it.

FOX NEWS' MARTHA MACCALLUM TAKES ON THE HEAD OF THE TEACHER'S UNION And she sure came loaded for bear and the head of the teacher's union totally dodges the facts on the 1619 Project. Click here to watch it!

HOW MANY FRIENDS CAN YOU REASONABLY HAVE? Years ago a researcher decided that the number was 150 friends. He thought that was the maximum that you could have and still maintain healthy relationships. Now researchers in Sweden are taking issue with that number and saying it's much higher. They say if you work hard it's possible to have great relationships with LOTS of people. They lost me at work harder.

SHUT UP, DR. FAUCI Now the weasel is saying that wearing masks may become a "seasonal" thing because wearing them has eliminated the flu this year! Whatever, jerk. Just shut up already.

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