Mandy's Mon Blog: What Are They Teaching Our Kids About Economics?

ECONOMIC SMARTY PANTS LARRY REED JOINS ME AT 1 And we're talking entrepreneurship, the sorry state of what passes for economic education today and more. Check out Larry's articles on lousy economic educational textbooks here, or this one on the history of the Democratic party and the horrific Jim Crow laws they love to talk about now, or this one about two spectacular failures by two successful entrepreneurs. Once you start reading his work you will be both smarter and entertained. Find out more about here!

ARE YOU READY TO GO BACK TO THE OFFICE? As the economy fully opens up again, businesses are trying to navigate new territory: how to get workers back into the office. IHeart has been surveying workers and asking their thoughts. I am fully on "work from home" mode myself and now is the time to pitch remote work to your company if it is working for you the way it works for me. Read more here.

WEALTHY DEMS WHO ALLEGEDLY FIGHT LAWS AGAINST HOMELESSNESS LIKE THEM NOW And I've been WAITING for this to happen and here it is! When I heard there were going to be sanctioned homeless camps in Park Hill I just waited. Because I knew there was a ZERO percent chance the wealthy people (a vast majority wealthy Democrats, including Senator John Hickenlooper) were going to allow the drugged and mentally ill to take over THEIR neighborhood. But this is even better than expected. Now we find that a former Democratic City Council candidate who ran against "criminalizing" homelessness is among the residents who have filed for a temporary injunction to stop a sanctioned homeless camp near her home. HA! How did Blair Taylor feel about homelessness before now? From her policy positions:

Will you vote to end or to keep the “urban camping” ban? Why?
The current policy of criminalizing the homeless is unjust. More than 60 percent of the homeless population work and cannot afford housing. These workers are trying to work within a market that has increased without wages that correlate. The city has the responsibility to build public housing and land bank for current and future needs.

So now Blair has decided that these working poor need to just move along out of her neighborhood. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

THE NEW TRANSPORTATION BILL SHOWS YOU HOW LITTLE LEGISLATORS CARE ABOUT TABOR Of course they hate anything that ties their hands when it comes to spending and TABOR should do just that. But the new multi-billion dollar transportation doesn't just violate the spirit of TABOR, it craps all over it. This column does a GREAT job explaining how TABOR is supposed to work so you can understand how badly this legislature violated every part of it with this bill.

THE BLM IS GONNA LET STUFF BURN And after last year's fire season where 841,733 acres of Colorado burned I'm cool with this. The Bureau of Land Management is looking for public input (why??) about their decision to let fires on BLM land burn if they start naturally. There are some caveats, like if it is a sensitive habitat or something, but we've got too much fuel in these forests that needs to burn to keep the life cycle going. Let. It. Burn.

IF WE'RE CANCELLING RACIST THINGS LET'S DO PLANNED PARENTHOOD This a great editorial asking a question I've asked for years now: why does Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger get a pass for her racist views? She was a eugenicist who focused her clinics and attention on black neighborhoods and is responsible for millions of black deaths since. Why not cancel her?

HEY ROCKIES FANS, WHO JUST DOESN'T CARE ANYMORE? This column made me feel heard. I am a lifelong baseball fan and in the past I have been what I would consider a rabid Rockies fan. I go to the games, I watch them on tv and listen to them on the radio but why bother anymore? The team has some good players, but three guys doesn't make a team. I have watched one game this year, listened to one other, but I don't even know who is on our team anymore. I haven't even heard of most of these people we have now, they are playing badly, losing badly and on track to lose 100 games this year. Why bother? The "Rockies Way" has yet to deliver and the fans like me are sick of doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Apathy has set in, and I'm not sure there is anything to be done other than a top to bottom overhaul of the club. Read the column here.

THE FIGHT AGAINST CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS GINNING UP And I sure hope if you have school aged children you are engaging with your child's school to see what parts of this racist toxic stew have made it into your kid's classroom. Read this editorial for more.


THE MOST WOKE PLACE ON EARTH Is Disney, according to leaked documents about the indoctrination that happens on a daily basis. The company has gone full woke, with white employees constantly being degraded and told they are racist while employees of color are given segregated groups where they can talk about how to un-racist things. Of course none of this is going to do anything to their bottom line, but here we are.

IT'S TIME TO START LIVING NORMAL LIVES AGAIN And that's not just me having another hissy fit about endless mask mandates and whatnot, it's a former Commissioner of the FDA. Scott Gottlieb told Face the Nation that it's time to end mask mandates and other restrictions because the vaccines are working and have reduced covid to something akin to the flu if you do get it. I agree 100%! Follow the science, people!

BUT SOME PEOPLE CAN'T QUIT THE PANDEMIC Showing just how insane the world we live in is, this story is about people who are struggling to give up pandemic limits. They will keep wearing masks, keep not going out to dinner, keep being scared to death. Why? For some, complying has become their identity. They don't know who they are without the virtue signaling that masks provide. This is utterly depressing.

ARE YOU AN EXCELLENT NAPPER? GET PAID FOR IT If you love a good nap you could earn $1500 to nap every day for 30 days. I am wholly unqualified for this gig.

SMART SPEAKERS ARE GETTING SMARTER I have smart speakers in my home and I never use them other than to play music (they are integrated into my Sonos system). However I seem to be the odd woman out on this, as people use their smart speakers all the time for everything now I guess. Now they are "teaching" the speakers to do things like face you when you speak to them (which is super creepy because how do they know??) and more features designed to make us all get to the point where we can't live without them or something.

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE HORSE RACING Bob Baffert, one of the most famous and successful trainers in horse racing history, is now facing accusations his rags-to-riches horse Medina's Spirit was drugged for the Kentucky Derby. Baffert has had some serious issues in the last 18 months especially, so a positive drug test for an anti-inflammatory drug after the race isn't shocking. His reaction is one of indignance, as he says the horse has never been treated with the drug in question. We'll see what happens upon further investigation.

WHEN SOUTHERN MOMS WANT GRANDKIDS Chuck and I got married Dec 1st, and my stepmother got us a calendar with pictures of babies for CHRISTMAS. This is legit.


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