Mandy's Wed Blog: It's a TINY Show Before Baseball Today

ROCKIES TAKE OVER AT 12:30 But we'll squeeze in a little tiny show before then.

TODAY'S COVID QUESTION: DOES THE VACCINE CAUSE STERILITY? This is a BIG concern for younger women and I got an email from a woman today referencing a British researcher (formerly of Pfizer) who has raised the question of whether or not the vaccine, which causes an immune reaction to the spike protein on Covid, could ALSO attack a totally different sort of cell with a different type of spike protein. She wrote this:

Hello Mandy,
I am an independent voter who more often swings left. I’ve been listening to you for the past 6 months and think you are phenomenal. You have really challenged my thoughts on many topics and you are my trusted republican resource. The fact that you call your party out when you see it’s necessary is awesome. Thank you for what you do.
I want to get the vaccine. I really do. However, I have many friends who are trying to convince me otherwise. I’m trying to do the research but have the hardest time figuring out what to trust. Can you speak to the following article? How do you know what is truth and with being concerned and what is some joker making crap up?
I’m guessing you don’t have time to answer questions like this but I honestly don’t know where to go to figure out what to believe and what not to do. If you or your staff get a chance to respond that would be AWESOME

And this is what I sent back:

You emailed on the perfect day, as I have baseball today so I had time to dig. Here's what I found out. The researcher who started this whole claim believes that the covid response is a giant worldwide conspiracy to control us and possibly depopulate the earth. I found that in an interview here:
I've found that most of the people who are coming out with these sorts of statements are not completely grounded in reality imo. Not that he's not a qualified scientist, but he's obviously harboring some beliefs that seem...crazy. From that article:
“[And if you recognize that our governments are involved in a major verifiable lie], don’t just turn your computer off and go to supper. Stop. Look out the window, and think, ‘why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?’ Because, I think the answer is,they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.
So that's the guy your friends are listening to. Frankly, if this is some kind of mass conspiracy to depopulate the Earth I don't want to live on it anyway. I know that sounds harsh but this is just so dumb. Especially because they have vaccinated 90% of doctors and educated professionals are far more likely to get the shot than poor, uneducated types that this guy thinks the One World Order wants left behind. 
To be clear, I am NOT a scientist and no one knows FOR SURE what the long term effects may be, but I think the science behind the mRNA tech is really cool and easy to understand how it works which is why I got the shot. Make the best choice for you! 

More digging lead me to his initial letter, which claims that the vaccine will inspire our bodies to attack the spike proteins that exist in the placenta of a woman and are necessary for a viable pregnancy. Those spike proteins are totally different than the covid spikes, though they are both spike proteins. There is no evidence to support his claim and the FDA is urging pregnant women, who are far more likely to come down with a severe case of covid, to get vaccinated. However, make the best choice for you.

TRUMP'S FACEBOOK BAN IS UPHELD AT LEAST TEMPORARILY By the independent Oversight Board Facebook created last year. In upholding the ban the Board also said that Facebook's own policies don't allow for a permanent ban and gave Facebook six months to come up with a way to justify such a ban. Read more here.

IT SEEMS WE HAVE A RIGGED ELECTION! And now two women face big charges for rigging the election...for homecoming queen at a high school.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ THINKS I'M RIGHT ABOUT THE CHAUVIN CASE And says in this article that the jury trial verdict in which a juror lied about his knowledge and bias should be vacated immediately. Chauvin's attorney has already filed a motion for a new trial that doesn't explicitly mentioned the tainted activist juror who lied but you can read between the lines.

A PARENT AT AN ELITE PRIVATE NYC SCHOOL FIGHTS BACK And he's 100% right in fighting the toxic racist stew that is Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter Marxism. Read more about his interview with Fox News. Odd how CNN didn't call him.

JUST IN TIME TO PUSH BACK AGAINST OUR NEW WOKE PUSHER SEC OF ED Our new Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona loves the wokeness. When head of Connecticut schools he sent emails urging teachers to get on board with their new "woke" curriculum. So now the head of public education in the United States is pushing an ideology that tells children their skin color is the most important aspect of their entire lives. Super.

BEFORE SEGREGATION COMES BACK FULLY INSTEAD OF JUST AT CORNELL Where they posted a PE rock climbing class for ONLY BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) persons. There was an outcry about the class online and in the news and Cornell opened it up to everyone. But just think, someone thought a segregated class was a good idea. That's where we are now.

THIS IS MY LIVED CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCE My Nana would just pretend you hadn't said ANYTHING if you forgot to say ma'am, to the point I sometimes was sure she was going deaf.


DUDE, THESE NIGHT VISION GOGGLES You have to see the Army's new night vision goggles. I want some. Seriously, Mother's Day is right around the corner.


HOW TO PET A CAPYBARA Just in case you need to know.

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