Mandy's Tue Blog: Futurist Thomas Frey at 1 Today!

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE WITH THOMAS FREY! If you want Thomas to help your business understand what's coming down the pike or have him speak at your event or just want more information about what it is he does with the future, click here.

DEREK CHAUVIN MAY HAVE GROUNDS FOR APPEAL And I'm not sure how this all works legally, but it seems one of the jurors blatantly lied during voir dire about what he knew and whether or not he could be an impartial jurist. It seems Juror #52 said he didn't know much about the Floyd case when asked by a judge, but then posted pictures of himself wearing George Floyd gear while hosting a podcast about Floyd and other racial issues. If I'm Chauvin's attorney, I'm working right now to get he verdict set aside. I'm not saying Juror #52 isn't capable of putting aside his own bias and prejudice, but when you lie to judge it's a problem. We'll see what happens there.

YOUR RENT IS GOING UP THANKS TO THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL They passed a tax on rental property in the form of a rental licensing scheme that will only raise rents as landlords pass those costs on to their renters. Get mad if you want, but that's exactly what is going to happen.

BRING BACK INSANE ASYLUMS! That seems like a heartless thing to say, but I am at the point where I am struggling to match my libertarian leanings with the mental health/homeless crisis we now face. Does someone completely detached from reality because of psychosis have a better life because they have the "freedom" to live on the street like a feral animal? I know longer believe so. This article by Christofer Rufo is heartbreaking and eye opening. In it he argues that we currently have an asylum system for the mentally ill: the streets, jail, and the ER. We have to do better by these people if we're ever going to get our cities back and truly help anyone who has lost their minds.

WE ONLY NEED 10% MORE TO GET TO A GOOD COVID TIPPING POINT And this is EXACTLY what I've been saying based on the numbers in the UK and Israel. We don't need no stinking 80% of people vaccinated, we just need over 50%. Read this for more.

GERMANY CANCELLED OKTOBERFEST...AGAIN Thanks Covid! Now the biggest drunk fest in the world has been cancelled as Germany deals with another significant wave of covid and low vaccination rates.

DOES YOUR FOURTH GRADER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GENDER IDENTITY? In some schools the answer is yes. And this is not helpful. As parents begin to beat back the drum of critical race theory many of them are operating on the assumption that this toxic stew is only being doled out to high school students. Not quite. Now curriculums that teach children they are only as important or as guilty as their melanin and that gender is a made up construct are making their ways INTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. I sure hope this is the thing that gets parents upset enough to boot the idiots running our school boards once and for all.

THERE IS AN UNVERIFIED REPORT THAT A 15 YEAR OLD BOY DIED FROM THE COVID VACCINE IN COLORADO And I have to say, I am a doubter on this one, primarily because if my 15 year old died and I thought it was from getting the covid vaccine I would be on every news station in Colorado to talk about it. But nothing except the report to the VAERS system with no details to follow up on. Our friends at KDVR are checking it out.

PLEASE LET ALL THIS RAIN MEAN NO FIRES THIS YEAR And I realize I am asking for a lot because of all the dead wood in our former forests, but we are getting a very wet start to the beginning of the year, the wettest since 1944! Please let this mean fewer fires. Please.

THIS IS WHAT DEFUND THE POLICE GETS YOU A woman shows exactly what she thinks of police and she's a teacher! She's also a serial complainer to cops about cops and a liar. God Bless this cop for doing his job and not losing his mind like I would have.

IF YOU WANT TO TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY, HEALTH PASSPORTS ARE COMING And they are coming because people are lying and cheating the tests required to get into certain nations. As airlines work VERY HARD to prevent the lockdowns which nearly bankrupted them, they are searching for ways to insure travelers are really meeting the standards required and a health passport may be coming. I told y'all, this is what is going to be required to get moving again. From the article:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 120 countries are using testing to control entry. The CDC requires flights landing in the U.S. from overseas to verify passengers’ health documents, which must show either a negative test result or evidence of recovery from the virus.
Many governments have shifted theburden of checking certificatesto airlines, in much the same way carriers are required to check for proper travel visas before allowing passengers to fly.
Deutsche LufthansaAGhas been fined up to 25,000 euros, or about $29,800, by Germany for allowing passengers with false or incorrect documents to board, according to people familiar with the penalties. In total, Germany registered 3,838 “unlawful transportations” between Jan. 24, when it started tracking, and April 8, according to German police.

When there are fines involved, expect action.

THIS DOG BROUGHT A FRIEND HOME This video makes me feel better about my own home's cleanliness, to be honest.

A COMPANY MANAGES TO FIND A WAY TO GET THE MOST ANNOYING EMPLOYEES TO QUIT I have to hand it to the CEO of Basecamp. Dude found the perfect way to get the whiniest people to leave on their own accord. The CEO simply banned political speech in the workplace. Just banned it. Genius. And it worked perfectly.

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