Mandy's Thu Blog: Some Derby Talk and Thirsty Thursday!

IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAYS When I hit the wrong button and erased the whole blog. Sigh. Here we go again.

THE KENTUCKY DERBY IS THIS WEEKEND! And if were were in Louisville, we'd all be looking forward to the myriad of parties raising money for a myriad of causes this week. One of them is the Silks Bash which raises money for an organization called Operation Open Arms. OOA helps find foster homes for children whose mothers are in prison and it's a wonderful organization. My friend Cathy Bailey is having a VIRTUAL party this year and she's on at 1 to talk Derby and partying online at 1. Find out more about the cause by clicking here.

GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS OUT! And I've re added it after it disappeared from my earlier mishap. Find it here, and he talks with Leilani Bush, The Joyful Medium. Leilani is a bright light of positivity in this world, but that hasn't always been the case. Through ups and downs, losses of loved ones, and career changes, Leilani now uses her work to help others find their positive frame of mind. She has left the corporate world for the spiritual one, and as a medium, reiki practitioner, and tarot reader, she helps her clients find peace and understanding in their lives.

THIRSTY THURSDAY IS TODAY! The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary this month so we are celebrating 20 dollar wines! Find them all in this handy blog post.

PRESIDENT BIDEN'S SPEECH LAST NIGHT WAS LIKE SANTA CLAUS GAVE A SPEECH Because he talked about all the "free" stuff he wants to give people. I kept waiting for him to yell "And YOU get a CAR, and YOU get a CAR" like he was doing the Oprah holiday show. That's really all I have to say about it. Okay a bit more on the show.

SENATOR TIM SCOTT'S REBUTTAL BROUGHT OUT THE RACISTS ON THE LEFT As "Uncle Tim" trended last night on Twitter as progressives wanted to remind everyone that they hate a black man who also happens to be conservative.

I DON'T THINK IT WILL HELP HIS SAD APPROVAL NUMBERS For a President at this point in his Presidency, Joe Biden is not very popular. Other than Trump and Ford (who was bogged down by his pardon of Nixon), he is faring very poorly compared to other Presidents at this point in their first term. He's sitting at just a squeak over 50% approval and as long as he keeps running out ever progressive bill he can find to tout, I don't expect that to change. This article says he is priming 2022 for the GOP to regain the Senate AND the House, which would be amazing. Read the deep dive here.

EVEN RTD BOARD MEMBERS THINK LIGHT RAIL IS STUPID And expensive and unnecessary. A bunch of former RTD members signed a letter saying this:

“The authors of this letter think it is a disservice to the residents of the District and a waste of time and energy to continue talking about what mode of transportation was ‘promised’ in FasTracks,” the letter read. “The discussion should move to mobility: the best way to move essential workers to their jobs; the best way to expand access to better jobs; the best way to level the playing field so nobody has to travel one hour by bus or train because they cannot afford to live near a minimum wage job.”

Of course they are right, but Longmont and Boulder are MAD because they were promised a fancy, stupid light rail line too and have been paying into the system for YEARS. But the point of the letter is, is it about mode or mobility? Is it about a train or helping people get to and fro easily? Because the train ain't happen' with RTD's budget right now. So they can stomp their feet and demand something they won't get, or they can work with RTD to figure out a way to move people to and fro.

AMERICAN JOURNALISM IS GARBAGE AND A BRITISH JOURNALIST CALLS THEM OUT In this scathing farewell as he leaves the country after working here for five years. It's worth a read.

TO-GO COCKTAILS MAY BE FOREVER And this could be one bright spot of the pandemic. The House unanimously voted to approve a bill that would extend the more liberal booze rules put in place during the pandemic permanently. I think this is a fine idea and one long overdue. It's now headed to the Senate.

A HIGH SCHOOL RUNNER SETS A RECORD AS SHE PASSED OUT FROM WEARING A MASK Oregon high school students have been required to wear masks while competing OUTSIDE, including in track competitions. It took this to change that.

AND NOW, A BUDDY HACKETT JOKE? Just because. Remember when the Tonight Show was funny?

WANT TO CLIMB A FOURTEENER? TAKE THIS SURVEY! An online survey is gauging interest in a reservations and a shuttle system to the trailhead of some popular Summit County 14ers. Weigh in by clicking here.

DO WE TREAT OUR PUBLIC EMPLOYEES SO POORLY THEY NEED TO UNIONIZE? The answer is no, but we have a bill now that would expand the right to unionization to any employee who works for any governmental agency in Colorado. This isn't about employees, this is about getting the Democratic slush fund known as unions more money.

GUYS WHO WEAR BIG LOGOS ARE MORE LIKELY TO CHEAT And I can't even imagine how this study came into being, but here we are. It seems that men who wear flashy fashion with big logos are less likely to be engaged fathers and more likely to cheat. I think I can see the logic here but doesn't this seem like a weird thing to study?


GOOD GUY WITH GUN STOPS BAD GUY WITH HAMMER And I just want you to know why my family chooses to arm itself. For stuff like this.

SEX IN SPACE SOUNDS...HARD And there are considerations I did not think of, like having to tie one partner down in zero gravity. There are the male member in space that could also create challenges. Read more here.

BUNCH OF WHITE LIBERALS CENSURE THE PRESIDENT OF CU For not doing enough about diversity at the school. They ignored the real, tangible steps he has taken, like these:

Ken McConnellogue, CU system spokesman, pointed to diversity initiatives completed under Kennedy’s tenure, including the hiring of the CU system’s first chief diversity officer, Kennedy requesting the CU Foundation put $5 million toward a fund helping all campuses with diversity efforts, and advancing legislation to provide in-state tuition for members of Indigenous tribes that called Colorado home.

They instead chose to censure him because he casually used the phrase "trail of tears" in a faculty meeting and requires that statements on "sensitive issues" be run through his office for approval first. Seriously, these people are what pass for liberal intelligentsia these days. They censured him because he is in the wrong party. Period. If they really cared about diversity a bunch of these white professors would step down to make room for professors of color.

AND YOU THINK YOUR JOB INTERVIEW WENT BADLY Not gonna lie, I crush an interview. That being said, many people don't. Why? Because some of them have ZERO job interview etiquette, including the guy who creeped out his interviewer so much she called the cops when he left.


THIS TWO-LEGGED LAMB GETS AROUND BETTER THAN I DO The lamb was born with stumps for its hind legs and initially just dragged itself along the ground but now it walks on its two front feet and does a fine job if I do say so myself.

I WILL NOT USE THE PHRASE VACCINE HESITANCY ANYMORE And that is in part due to the great emails and conversations from yesterday about why people don't want to get the vaccine now, and part because of this good column on the same subject. My goal is to provide information that can help people feel more comfortable getting the shot and not to make anyone feel like I'm "shaming" them for not getting it.

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