Mandy's Wed Blog: Why Won't Trump Country Take the Vaccine and The Big ?

WHY ARE TRUMP VOTING COUNTIES NOT GETTING VACCINATED? I am reading more and more that in areas of the country where Trump did well, the vaccine rollout is not doing well. This confounds me. Is there a connection to politics here? Or what is the other reason? Are we so skeptical of science and scientists after a year of Fauci that we are going to ignore the thing that can get us back to normal? What is it going to take? I'm genuinely curious. This graphic took me aback when I saw it. It shows the counties where the vaccination rates are lowest have the caseloads of covid vs the counties with higher vaccination rates have lower caseloads. I understand being cautious but if we were this way in 1954, polio would likely still be running rampant.

Colorado Vaccination Rates by County

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS MAKES IT WEDNESDAY DEBUT We moved this from Friday because of the movie hour, and at 2, we will spin The Big Wheel for our hour of philosophical wrangling. Buy your copy of the Book of Questions by clicking here.

IT'S TIME FOR A NEW, MORE EFFECTIVE VERSION OF CHSAA The Colorado High School Activities Association is an unaccountable, unresponsive mess of an overseeing body, run by a woman who apparently wields absolute power over Colorado Sports. It prevents students from transferring during covid (something even the NCAA has allowed to happen this year) and parents and coaches have tons of stories about trying to deal with CHSAA only to get no responses, snarky comments and "sorry about your luck" style of management. Now rural school districts want OUT and they want to create their own organization to oversee their sports. I say go for it. More importantly, I'd love to see some coaches and parents in the urban corridors say the same. I'm never for growing government, but this "private" organization which doesn't believe they have to respond to FOIA requests has overstepped its bounds too many times and needs to be booted from the state. I'm not sure why the politicians aren't paying attention to this, because it's kind of a big deal.

I GET THE INTENT BUT THE STATE DOESN'T NEED TO KNOW EVERY PRESCRIPTION YOU ARE TAKING There is a bill at the legislature that would expand the database originally created to prevent drug addicts from doctor shopping to obtain narcotic medicine. Now this bill would expand the database to include EVERY prescription a patient gets. Why? The sponsor has a well-intentioned reason, and that is to allow pharmacists to see all medicines to avoid contraindications. She says that her husband takes a bunch of meds and doesn't carry around a list of them all and this would make things easier. She is right, but the solution isn't to put everyone else's private info into a database, it's for her husband to make a list of his meds and have it with him when he goes to a doctor.

NOW PEOPLE ARE SUING BECAUSE THEY HAD A STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE Don't get me wrong, watching an engine fall off a plane while in flight is not cool. However, the plane landed safely with zero injuries and everyone is fine. Except now a vulture law firm is suing United because the event was very stressful and upsetting to the passengers. Are you serious with this? Now we're suing because something made us upset? I hope United fights this with every bit of their ability and sends these idiots packing.

AH, THE BEFORE TIMES....This event which brought 1000 musicians together in a stadium was from way back in 2019...The Before Times...

PROFESSOR HUNTER BIDEN IS NOW A THING As the President's drug addict shady son is going to be a guest lecturer at Tulane University for a class called Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts. I sure hope he touches on the way the media worked so hard to cover up his laptop scandal and shady ties to China before the elections. He's one of several guest speakers, not a conservative among them. Shocking, I know.

A SON GETS A PERFECT GAME BOWLING WITH HIS DAD'S ASHES This story is weird but awesome. A regular bowler had to get the holes filled on his ball because he bowls with two hands (I had no idea this was a thing) and he decided to take some of his dad's ashes and get them used to fill one of the holes. His dad introduced him to bowling and never bowled a perfect game...while alive. But guess what happened when his son used the ball?

CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS HEADED TO COURT And it will be interesting to see how these white people who are suing over programs that tell them they are born oppressors and need to "yield to colleagues of color" turn out. CRT is garbage and undermines any and all actual progress we may have made in the last century. Watch this space for more on these suits but read about them here.

I WONDER IF THEY WILL APOLOGIZE TO DR. SCOTT ATLAS NOW? He was the one who pointed out the folly of outdoor masking LAST YEAR but he was a Trump guy so he was the devil. This column goes into a bit more, but the long and short of it is, he was right.

WEST VIRGINIA IS PAYING YOUNG PEOPLE TO GET VACCINATED And they are offering a $100 Savings Bond for those willing to get the shot. As we move from the time when vaccines were hard to find to the time when anyone who WANTS a vaccine can get it, states are trying to figure out how to get young people to play along. They figure cash might do it, although I wonder how many of these young people know a Savings Bond isn't worth much until it matures?

THIS FAMILY TOOK THE SAME PHOTO FOR 22 YEARS And I wish I had thought of this.

YES COPS SHOOT PEOPLE, BUT NOT BECAUSE OF RACE And I wish this could get more traction. National Review did some digging into the Washington Post's database on officer involved shootings and found many of them had similarities that had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the behavior of the person shot by police. We have problems in this country with some mentally ill people becoming very violent and other criminals resisting arrest with a weapon and getting killed, but race is a tiny part of it, if at all.

PEOPLE HAVE DECIDED THEY DON'T NEED WOKE COKE After corporations decided to wade into politics there was sure to be blowback, but I wonder if the executives at Coke calculated that it would be this bad. A full 37% of Americans in a recent Rasmussen poll say they are passing on Coke products after Coke weighed in on the new voter law in Georgia. Also in the survey we find out that Americans aren't interested in getting lectured on anything political by any corporations. We'll see if any of them listen.

WHO CAN BLAME THIS SKUNK FOR WANTING A DELICIOUS CHICK-FIL-A MILKSHAKE? Too bad his head got stuck. Arvada Police to the rescue!

GOSSIP IS GOOD NOW According to researchers who say the bad habit isn't all bad after all. It can help create social connections but only if you're engaging in the good kind, not the nasty kind.

THIS IS YOUR HEART WARMING STORY OF THE DAY And it's local and I love it. I'm not crying, you're crying.

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