Mandy's Fri Blog: Roe V Wade V Godzilla V King Kong for Movie Friday

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY And I watched neither the new Roe V Wade film or Godzilla vs King Kong . Be sure and check the reviews from a bunch of people who probably didn't watch the film determined to keep others from seeing Roe V Wade here on IMDB.

ASK US ANYTHING IN THE 1PM HOUR And I mean anything for me, Grant or Dave. Well anything other than math problems.

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM TO GO TO COSTA RICA WITH ME At least vicariously through photos. I'll be posting there as often (pronounced OFF-Ten) as I want to while on vacay. I can assure you there will be no photos of snow. I'm @themandyconnell there.

DON'T MISS GRANT'S LATEST PODCAST! This one features Matthew Davis Walker, Filmmaker, Director, Father and Musician. Find it by clicking here.

ENROLLMENT IN DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS NOT REBOUNDING SO FAR In the first round of open enrollment on DPS's SchoolChoice system there has been a 31% drop in pre school participation, a 26% drop for Pre-k and a 15% drop in kindergarten enrollment from the prior year. Some people may be waiting to see what plans are like for the fall, but enrollment already dropped during the pandemic and since we know the money follows the student when it comes to public schools, this could spell real trouble for some schools.

RACIST SENATOR MICHAEL BENNET SUPPORTED THE RACIST FILIBUSTER When his party was in the minority. This article outlines just how racisty racist he really is.

CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR COUNTY STARTING TODAY? As the state is releasing it's iron grip on our state different counties are doing different things. The Denver Gazette tries to sort it out here on their front page which I can't link directly to for some reason. I'll go over this today.

ADAM TOLEDO DID NOT HAVE TO DIE He didn't have to come in contact with police at all, but this 13 year old boy was running around at 2:30 am with a gun and it ended up getting HIM killed. I'm sorry he's dead, and that his family is facing today and everyday feeling his loss. But to act as if he did not have culpability for his own death is something I can't abide. Where the hell are his parents? What the hell was he doing running around at 2:30 in the morning with a gun? This is the waste of a life and far more people than the cop who shot him bear the blame too.

WHY DOESN'T OUR DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATURE DO SOMETHING ABOUT HOUSING COSTS? Or the availability of housing in our state? They helped create the problem with the trial attorney windfall construction defects law that has largely stopped the building of multi-family homes, townhomes or condos that traditionally become the first place homebuyers can afford. Is it because they care about their trial lawyer friends more than poor people? Just curious.

HERE IS THE DATA SHOWING NO VACCINE BENEFIT TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD COVID You can read the whole thing but the important slide is #30 where it shows the efficacy of the vaccine for people with prior evidence of Covid on visit #1. That number is -17.9% efficacy. For those without it's 86.2%. And yet the CDC is STILL telling people who have had covid that they need the vaccine. It makes zero sense to me.

THE WASHINGTON POST IS ADMITTING THEY OVERREACTED TO OUTDOOR EVENTS And I'm glad they are finally admitting that they and others like CNN blew up stories trying to scare the hell out of people unnecessarily.

SPEAKING OF CNN LYING...THEY ARE BUSTED BY ONE OF THEIR OWN The latest Project Veritas videos are INCREDIBLE. In the multiple videos a man who is a Technical Director at CNN tells the truth about them making stuff up ALL THE TIME to help Democrats. He also admitted that they actively engage in "propaganda" and use fear because it works to get ratings. NONE of this surprises me one bit. James O'Keefe has now been banned by Twitter and he's suing, which I sure hope sets up Twitter to bring about the end of Section 230 protections as long as they actively ban political content they disagree with. Watch all three of the videos. Here is the first one, the second one and third one.



THE COVID VACCINE MAY NOT BE A TWO SHOT DEAL Because much like the flu, we may need a booster shot annually to deal with new variants. I'm not getting bothered by this until it actually comes to pass.

I'M PRETTY SURE THIS IS HOW PLANET OF THE APES STARTED A group of researchers has created a chimera by injecting human cells into monkey embryos. I feel like between this and the rise of AI the human race is probably on its way out.

ANOTHER STORY PUBLISHED TO MAKE TRUMP LOOK BAD COLLAPSES This one is the false story about Russia was paying bounties to Afghans to kill American troops. Even after Senior Military officials said they didn't believe this intelligence was strong enough to act on, our now President kept saying it. Why? Because the media let him.

LIVE FREE OR DIE WITHOUT A MASK In New Hampshire that is, where they have lifted the mask mandate for the state. Expect dire stories about a coming WAVE OF DEATH in New Hampshire.

PAINT FOR WHITE SUPREMACISTS IS OUT NOW Okay, maybe it's not for white supremacists but IT'S THE WHITEST PAINT EVER! Why is this even desirable? Because it can reflect more than 98% of sunlight which could increase energy efficiency in buildings and cities. Read more here.



HERE'S A LIST OF FREE STUFF YOU CAN GET WITH YOUR VACCINE CARDS! I love incentives for doing stuff and here's a list of stuff from beer to donuts you can get with proof of vaccination.

OUR NEW UN AMBASSADOR DOES NOT THINK AMERICA IS SPECIAL And much like Barack Obama didn't think we were any more exceptional than Greece or any other country, and now one of his apparent acolytes is going to be our UN Ambassador. After years of Nikki Haley staunchly defending this country against the petty and jealous diplomats of the UN. We are rejoining a "Human Rights" Council that includes some of the worlds most notorious human rights violators. This is from the Wall Street Journal:

President Biden’s Ambassador spoke Wednesday to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and her recitation of America’s sins could have come from China’s Global Times. She said one of her priorities will be addressing racial injustice and spoke of her own experience with discrimination.
Fair enough, but then she kept going: “I shared these stories and others to acknowledge, on the international stage, that I have personally experienced one of America’s greatest imperfections. I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”

So we are going to lead with our "greatest imperfections" so the world believes that we are hopelessly racist and need to be "remade". I hope she is rejected.

WELL THIS IS DEPRESSING AS HELL A new study shows that most overweight people stay the same weight going forward overall and regain weight they lose by dieting. This is is awful and I am trying to find a way to spin this in a good way. The take away is the best way to lose weight is to never gain it at all.

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