Mandy's Thu Blog: Charles Harrington Elster Takes Your Word Nerd Questions

YOU'VE GOT WORD AND GRAMMAR QUESTIONS, HE'S GOT ANSWERS The he is Charles Harrington Elster, who is the Word Guru we rely on to make us all smarter. Find his website, ask him questions and buy his excellent books here!

NOW THAT RESTRICTIONS ARE BEING LIFTED, LET'S TALK COMFORT LEVELS Because I realized something yesterday when someone asked me if I was going to continue wearing masks after I got fully vaccinated. I hedged in my mind. Even though I think masks do NOTHING when it comes to the Rona, I realized for a split second there, I was hesitant to remove my mask anyway. I'VE BEEN BRAINWASHED. So that lead me to think about what MY comfort level is when these restrictions are lifted and I had to make myself say, go about your business. I think this hermit life is for me. What are you thinking on this?

THIS IS MY FAVORITE STORY OF THE YEAR TO DATE Residents of a Polish town were afraid to open their windows when they spied a mysterious beast lurking in a tree. Animal control was called out, only to find it was a croissant. Heh. Read it here.

DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO TRY TO PACK THE SUPREME COURT WITH THEIR POLITICAL ALLIES And this just goes to show exactly who they are. They can't get their unpopular and unconstitutional programs to fundamentally remake American without a Supreme Court that will rubber stamp all their stupid plans and we all know that Trump got to appoint THREE justices in his one term (that is going to rankle Dems for a LONG time) so now they are introducing a measure to add four Democrat justice to the court. And that's EXACTLY who they would be, Democratic partisans like Kegan or Sotomayor. The best arguments against court packing have already been made, conveniently by the Democrats who stopped their own Democratic President from packing the court. Read more here about that. Another fine argument was made by our own President Biden back in 1983 when he called it a "boneheaded" move.

YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET BLOOD CLOTS IF YOU CATCH COVID THAN FROM A VACCINE And this is GREAT news for the Astra-Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines which have been blamed for a TINY number of blood clots in people after they got the vaccine. The study shows the risk of experiencing a blood clot is 95 times HIGHER for people who have CAUGHT COVID than for the general population, so this is MUCH better. Get the vaccine and worry LESS about blood clots should be the new marketing slogan.


NFL, MAN THOSE REPUBLICANS HATE US. MLB: HOLD MY BEER The decision to insert itself into politics by moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia to protest a bill they didn't read has had a HUGE impact on Major League Baseball's popularity with Republicans. It fell a MASSIVE 35 points in the week after the decision, from 47% favorability to just 12%. I sure hope they can take the drop off in fans and watching. Between this and the garbage Rockies management and decision-making this may do me in. Rockies are already 7 games back with a 3-9 record, btw. Go team. In case you're wondering, Republicans make up about a third of baseballs fan base. Apparently MLB can afford to alienate a third of the fan base.

UNC HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO It seems they shut down an event for Prager U star Will Witt after allowing demonstrators in to take over by yelling and banging on tables in the back. Why did they "officially" shut down the event? Students who could not hear Witt over the yelling and banging moved closer to the stage so they could hear and Witt took off his mask to be heard. Perhaps conservatives should begin to use the Hecklers Veto as well so we can all make sure no voices are heard on college campuses?

THE PANDEMIC HAS HIT SWEDEN HARD IN THE SPERM BANK And I realize it's juvenile but this story made me laugh.

THANK GOODNESS JOHN CLEESE HAS APOLOGIZED TO WHITE ENGLISH PEOPLE For the insensitive way Monty Python made fun of British people during the 1970s. Apparently he's unimpressed with Hank Azaria's apology tour for Indian Americans.

SHUT UP, DR. FAUCI, PART #847 Another columnist needs a Shut Up Dr. Fauci t-shirt. Buck Sexton points out rightly so that there will never be a return to actual normal under this shifty, alleged science following bunch.

REMEMBER WHEN THE CDC TOLD US TO WASH OUR AMAZON PACKAGES? And that covid was lurking on every surface, everywhere? We know now they were wrong. But what a great way to keep people home and not touching anything, amiright?

POPEYE ON TO TELL THE TRUTH Why hasn't anyone brought back the game show? In this one the man who provided the voice for the cartoon character for Popeye and it's pretty awesome.


FUN FACT: 4.7 MILLION ARE WAITING TO BEGIN TREATMENT IN THE NHS RIGHT NOW Which is the highest number since records began in 2007. Just as a point of reference, there are almost 67 million people in the UK, so 10% of them are on a list WAITING to get treatment. Over 300,000 have been waiting OVER A YEAR. But let's get socialized medicine!

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