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I AM STOKED TO HAVE JOURNALIST MATT TAIBBI ON TODAY I've been reading his work since he wrote some earth-scorching articles about the Lehman Brothers collapse that clearly outlined how Wall Street rigs the game in their own favor. He left Rolling Stone some time ago and now has his own Substack where he continues to write fantastic stories about all kinds of things. I have no idea about Matt's political persuasion except to say he seems to lean left occasionally but seems to lean right occasionally too, that's why I love him and don't particularly care what his actual self-defined leanings are. Read and subscribe to his work here. This is a recent video from his YouTube channel. He pulls no punches when it comes to his criticism of his chosen profession, which is one of the reasons I love him.

ARE YOU A VETERAN WITH A STORY TO TELL? Chris Shafer is the head of Tactical 16, a publishing house that helps veterans tell their stories. Why? So many reasons. I've got him on today at 1pm and you can find out more or contact them by clicking here.

CAN WE STOP WITH THE SHAMING OF PEOPLE WHO ARE VACCINE HESITANT? I was accused last week on Twitter of being "snarky" with a vaccine skeptic. First off, I was NOT snarky. It was when I was trying to get to the bottom of efficacy after one shot of the Pfizer vaccine and I went down an internet rabbit hole just trying to find out the answer to my question. But I am not going to be snarky, or shame people who are hesitant about the vaccine. I am going to try to answer their questions (and mine) so they are more comfortable getting it. That is reasonable, right? Well now we have a story about "vaccine shaming" for those who have chosen to not get it. Stop it. It doesn't help. It won't encourage them to get a vaccine. This is where having a reasonable conversation about why YOU chose to get it may come in handy. Try it instead of shaming someone, because then people will just lie. And that's not helpful. See the next story for more.

PEOPLE ARE PRINTING OUT FAKE VACCINATION CARDS And I KNEW this was going to be a thing when I saw the first virtue signaler post their card on social media. Of COURSE people are going to print out fake cards when they think a vaccine passport is going to be a thing and they don't want to get vaccinated. OF COURSE they are. My only real issue about this, to be honest, is that some of these people are going to die from Covid and then others will think the vaccine doesn't work. I genuinely don't care if anyone else gets vaccinated to be honest. If the vaccine prevents serious illness and death for those who have it, does it even matter?

MARXIST LEADER OF BLM BUYS $1.4 MILLION HOME TO SHOW HOW MARXISM REALLY WORKS Because she is at the TOP of the heap means that she is the animal more equal than the rest. Read more here.

LUCY VAN PELT USED TO LIVE IN THE SPRINGS! This story gave me a great amount of joy for some reason. Peanuts creator Charles Schulz lived in Colorado Springs for just one year, but it was enough to get the inspiration for Lucy Van Pelt, Linus' sister and antagonist of Charlie Brown. I love this story.

NOW YOU CAN ANIMATE OLD FAMILY PHOTOS AND IT'S WEIRD Dave sent me this today about this website where you can "animate" old family photos. He did this and it's totally creeped me out.

IF ONLY AIRLINE CABINS LOOKED LIKE THIS I love seeing what amazing designs can be conceptualized for air travel. That being said, they hardly ever come to fruition on any planes I'm going to be on. Here is a whole bunch of cool stuff that maybe you'll see on your plane.

COVID PATIENTS CAN HAVE NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS MONTHS AFTER RECOVERY Or even worse, mental illness issues. Why? We don't know. But there doesn't seem to be a connection between severity of the illness and the appearance of other issues. I'd like to see the demographic breakdown of this before we all freak out though.

ALZHEIMERS' PATIENTS WERE HIT THE HARDEST THIS YEAR As deaths related to people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia have jumped this past year. For someone with a memory disorder routine is CRITICAL and when loved ones can't come to visit, they suffer the most. Now we know there was a really big spike in Colorado alone, more than 800 deaths over the annual average. To put that in perspective, we've had 6137 deaths related to Covid, so 12% of that number died of Alzheimer's or dementia because of the lockdowns associated with Covid. That's really sad.

CASA BONITA HAS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION But it's Chapter 11 so they could emerge after restructuring debt. We'll see what happens to the worst beloved restaurant in Lakewood eventually.

THE DENVER ZOO IS NAMED AMONG THE COUNTRIES BEST AND MOST ETHICAL By Travel and Leisure magazine. Its Field Conservation and Emergency Wildlife Response teams work to protect species threatened by human encroachment, habitat loss, and catastrophic events in places like Botswana, Peru, and Mongolia. That seems to have pushed it over the edge, read more and find out what zoos made the cut here.


THE BABYLON BEE INTRODUCES THE NEW SESAME STREET PUPPET TODD To be clear, the Babylon Bee is the best satire site on the web. They nailed it.

DO NOT QUESTION THE POLITICAL DOGMA OF THE AMA'S POSITION ON STRUCTURAL RACISM And the now former Deputy Editor for Clinical Reviews and Education Dr. Edward H. Livingston knows that for sure, as he's been cut loose after merely QUESTIONING whether or not structural racism exists in medicine. He also had the NERVE to suggest that socioeconomic factors may be at work instead. He was pushed out and the Editor made it clear such conversations will never take place again. DON'T GO AGAINST THE NEWSPEAK.

IF MISPRONOUNCING A NAME IS A HATE CRIME I'M GUILTY AS CHARGED If you have listened to this show for any length of time you know I am TERRIBLE with names. Just HORRID. I slaughter people's names on a regular basis. I actually practice names off the air and still mangle them on the air. Now I know that if you mispronounce someone's name who is not white, it's a hate crime. Good thing I mispronounce white people names too! Can we all just stop being such sensitive idiots?

CAN WE TALK ABOUT WOMEN'S POCKETS FOR A HOT MINUTE? Because this first grader speaks for all of us when she says she hates that the pockets on girls clothing are fake. WHY CAN'T WOMEN HAVE REAL SIZE POCKETS? I realize that many women carry purses all the time, but many of us are not Queen Elizabeth. We want pockets. Maybe we should all write letters like this one to Old Navy?

RED GOLD WILL BE THE KETCHUP HERO AMERICA NEEDS As the brand shot out a press release after recent stories of a ketchup shortage to let us know they have plenty of the red gold and will be able to keep us condimented properly in the future. Has anyone had Red Gold ketchup? Anyone? No? That's why they have plenty.

A MAN IS SHOT DURING A TRAFFIC STOP IN MINNEAPOLIS SO LET THE RIOTING BEGIN I want to start here by saying no one has any good information about why Daunte Wright had a warrant out for his arrest, or why he chose to try and escape, and whether or not the police officer who shot him acted according to department policy yet. But don't let that stop the people always looking to burn something down. As we are seeing RIGHT NOW in Minneapolis, if the officer acted improperly, he or she will be charged and tried. But don't let that stop the rioting.

LUCKIEST FED EX DRIVER EVER Because that door saved everything.

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