Mandy's Fri Blog: I've Got a Non-Lethal Weapon to Talk About Today

(Image: Hero 2020)

BASEBALL AT 2 TODAY But we've got tons to do before then.

SO YOU'RE NOT READY TO CARRY A GUN But want to protect yourself? Boy have I got something for you! I got to try out the Hero 2020 last week and this thing is COOL. It's a small weapon that fires either the equivalent of pepper balls or pepper gel (it's not quite pepper but you get my drift) and it would definitely slow down an attacker enough so you can book it in the other direction. Find out more and order yours here. It is SOO COOOL. It was awarded Product of the Year at the American Outdoor show. Watch this for more.

NO, THE DUTY OF AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS NOT TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE You know how I know? This is the oath the President takes.

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

The job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The Constitution has nothing about protecting the American people in it. It's a document to limit government so we can go about our lives. Yesterday President Joe Biden lied when he said his job was to protect the American people and not the Constitution. And he did so while attacking one of the most important Amendments in the Bill of Rights. David Harsanyi laid it out beautifully here. The only good news out of yesterday's posturing announcement is that he can't really do anything via Executive Order and it requires real legislation and since Joe Manchin put to rest any notion that he would do away with the filibuster yesterday, this is a dead issue. This is great news for the gun industry, however. Watch them fly off the shelves now!

PRINCE PHILIP, THE DUKE OF EDINBOROUGH, IS DEAD He lived a good long life to 99 and was married the Queen for 73 years. Rest in Peace, Prince.

I DO NOT BELIEVE THE DAD BOD THING GOES BOTH WAYS In a recent survey by of singles the "dad bod" was the preferred body type for 75% of daters. Guys, I simply do not believe this goes both ways. My curvy friends often lament how they are swiped right on by and I've seen the women my guy friends choose for online dating. Is this true for guys? I know that I love my husband just the way he is and he doesn't have a washboard stomach. Have guys really changed this much since I've been in the dating pool?

BIDEN'S STALINESQUE PLANS FOR AMERICA This article totally freaked me out and now I'm relying on Joe Manchin to save the country. Thanks, Trump. Biden's "infrastructure" plan is nothing but and he wants to fundamentally change a free and prosperous nation. From Issues and Insights:

Just as the Soviet revolutionaries did, today’s “American” Democrats are trying to corrupt the language for their political benefit, telling the country that the words we’ve understood for so long don’t mean what the dictionaries say they do. For instance, Democratic Sen. Kristen Gillibrand of New York tweeted that “Paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is infrastructure.”
The president himself said, as if his office makes him the arbiter of truth and accuracy, that “to automatically say that the only thing that’s infrastructure is a highway, bridge, or whatever, that’s just not rational.” Reminds us far too much of his mendacious comment that the new Georgia election law is “sick.” He uses language as a blunt instrument.
Biden is convinced that it’s his destiny to fundamentally transform the U.S. Unless a nation is failing, suffering internal war, crushed by the weight of dictatorship, or plagued by persistent disorder and depression, those are dangerous thoughts. A free and prosperous nation does not need to be remade. It doesn’t need to be rescued. It requires no secular deliverer. Only those who crave political power, who want to carve a place for themselves in history, believe it’s their task to overhaul a country that isn’t broken.


#NAILEDIT A woman with the longest nails in the world has cut them after 30 years. This has always grossed me out because how do you wipe your butt?

HMMMM, THIS TROLLEY QUESTION HAS ME PERPLEXED And after you watch it I bet it does you too.

GORILLAS DON'T JUST BEAT THEIR CHESTS FOR NO REASON Now we know gorillas don't just beat their chests for show, it's about sizing each other up before they fight over females. You see this behavior in New Jersey bars as well.

THE HEAD OF THE CDC HAS DECLARED RACISM A PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY And I just can't even. We live in the LEAST racist society we've probably ever lived in RIGHT NOW. Not perfect, but hardly the days when black people had to worry about being lynched for looking at a white woman wrong. But now the head of the CDC has declared racism a public health emergency. I wonder if there is a pill for that?

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION IN TEXAS? We've talked about this before, and here's an update. As of March 31st, the latest data I can find from New York, they had 5,976 new cases with a 7 day average of 10,173 cases. Texas, as of April 7th, had 4699 new cases with a seven day average of 3993 cases. Imagine if New York were open and Texas was closed what the news coverage would be? I mean it. Texas and Florida are being given all kinds of crap but their numbers of cases and deaths are dwarfed by the states that are lead by Democrats. Oh, the population of Texas is nine million MORE than New York, just so you know. The video below about experts struggling to understand why this is are simply struggling to admit they were wrong.

They forgot the other possible reason, which is the virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do.

THIS MOVIE FROM 1974 ABOUT COMPUTERS IS FANTASTIC And foretells exactly what we have now with computers.

DCPA IS READY TO PULL THE CURTAINS AGAIN And has announced the return of live theater to Denver. Read more about the schedule here.

DICK VAN DYKE IS FINALLY BEING HONORED BY THE KENNEDY CENTER And this is a lovely article about him and you should read it.


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