Mandy's Thu Blog: It's a TINY but MIGHTY Show Before Baseball!

BASEBALL TAKES OVER AT 12:30 BUT THAT WON'T STOP US! We're going to give all you blog readers something good to chew on. Let's start with something to do if you don't like baseball:

GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS UP AND IT'S ON OVERCOMING BRAIN INJURY And I will be checking it out today and so can you! Here is today's episode description: Lauren is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury who is now acting as a resource guide to others in similar situations. She is transparent about her struggles to find proper care, rehabbing through the ups and downs, and getting back to the things she loves like power lifting. Find out more at Click here to listen!

JOE BIDEN CHEERED THE MOVE OF THE ALL STAR GAME BUT THE MASTERS IS ANOTHER STORY And this is why I am beginning to not just dislike this President's policies but the man himself. Watch this load of horse crap.

So how does that square with this? Go the 5:44 mark for the part on the All-Star Game, which is where he says MLB and baseball players are being brave before he repeats the lies about the Georgia bill that he has been called out on over and over again.

This guy is full of horse crap. As full as Trump was at this point but he certainly won't be treated the same by the fawning press.

THE LEFT HAS ADOPTED THE RIGHT'S PURITY CULTURE ONLY WITHOUT SEX And this column does an outstanding job of explaining how the virus has allowed this "moral purity culture" to flourish. And I'm just going to say if you're wearing two masks you may be part of the problem. It also raises the issue of the end game for the racial moral purity culture that finds racism in every activity, at every time. Worth your time.

DO YOU REALLY WANT THE STATE THAT SCREWED UP UEMPLOYMENT IN CHAREG OF YOUR HEALTHCARE? This is a great column about the move to create a public option in Colorado where the unemployment system left so many people hanging this year. Read it for more.

AFTER ENDING HOMELESSNESS IN TEN YEAR HICK CAN NOW ENJOY HIS OWN HOMELESS CAMP Of course John Hickenlooper didn't end homelessness in ten year with his Denver Road Home program. Of course we all know this. So who else is more than a little excited to know that he is now going to get to enjoy some of Denver's unhoused citizens in a sanctioned camp right by his $2.5 million dollar Park Hill home? As the sanctioned homeless camp in similarly tony Capitol Hill did nothing to stop unsanctioned camps in that neighborhood we can only hope that there is spillover right outside the Senators home. At least I can hope.

OFFICER ERIC TALLEY'S MORTGAGE HAS BEEN PAID And the family of the father of seven who was killed in the Boulder supermarket shooting will never have to worry about a mortgage payment again. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation raised the money in a matter of weeks and has paid it off. I love people sometimes.

AN AUDIT OF THE DENVER DA'S OFFICE SHOWS BIAS BUT NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK The audit of outcomes showed that though white people are more likely to be sent to a diversionary court or given an option to have their charges dismissed, black people were more likely to have their charges totally dismissed. Why? The DA's office seemed to point the finger at questionable policing. From the article:

“While prosecutors reported an overall positive relationship with the police, they also described questionable, and sometimes inappropriate, police behavior or weak evidence that undermined the prosecution of a case,” the report noted.
“Interviewees described feeling frustrated when the evidence for a police stop, especially stops for mechanical violations, were not recorded in the officer’s body-worn camera footage.”
The prosecutors tended to rely on police narratives initially, but they might eventually find the body-worn camera footage did not corroborate the charges to a sufficient degree.
“We can force them to change,” one person said. “Start filing charges against cops ... refusing cases from cops who have a history of bad acts or acts of dishonesty. If you watch a guy’s body-worn, it’s like these reports never match up. We have the power to say, you know what, we’re not going to take cases from” the officer.
Another attorney described dismissing a jaywalking case against a Black man, where the encounter with police was “very suspect.” A researcher asked if the lawyer took their concerns to the police officer.
“Ah, no, actually I should do that,” they responded. “That’s actually something I should do. And I will do that. I'm going to add it to my to-do list.”

So a prosecutor has an issue with the way a cop handled a call that was so significant they dropped the charges but never bothered to talk to the cop about it? Isn't this how things like bad policing happen? I'm just asking here.

NEW YORK'S HUBRIS WILL BE OTHER STATES GAIN The New York Legislature is about to raise taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay for payments to illegal immigrants and other slush fund items. I call it hubris because apparently they think there are no other states as good as New York but moving data has proven them wrong. They will see an exodus of companies with high income earners to other lower tax states. Just watch.

MY DEGREE AS AN INTERNET DOCTOR IS VINDICATED! I am SUPER good at diagnosing myself before I go to the doctor. I'm right 90% of the time. I don't just use Google but I do Google a group of symptoms to see what pops up first. Now we know that googling symptoms HELPS people correctly diagnose a problem! WOOOHOOO! Just call me Dr. Mandy from now on. By they way, my internet Doctor degree was conferred to me by Google unofficially.


THAT'S JUST NOLAN BEING NOLAN...FOR THE CARDINALS As the Rockies bump along, St. Louis Cardinal Nolan Arenado is already lighting things up for his new team. I just threw up in my mouth writing that.

SENATOR JOE MANCHIN SAYS NO GO ON BUSTING THE FILIBUSTER And I wonder if President Biden is mad today because he just gave Manchin's wife a fancy new gig to grease the wheels. The last true conservative Democrat says he will never vote to do away with the filibuster. He also says he will not support budget reconciliation to pass the ginormous Democrat slush fund called "infrastructure". By the way, in case you thought infrastructure meant roads and buildings and bridges, the Dems have loosened up the meaning significantly. Check out this tweet from Senator Kristen Gillibrand as an example:

Infrastructure my ass.


I'M GOING TO NEED TEN WEEKS OFF FOR MUSIC REHAB Fortunately finding out music can work on our brains the same way alcohol does isn't horrible news. Now a study says music we love releases endorphins that make us feel good and can be addicting.

FORMER NFL PLAYER KILLS A FAMILY WITH CHILDREN AND THEN HIMSELF And no one is even speculating as of yet why journeyman player Phillip Adams committed such a horrific crime. Read more here.

LEVAR BURTON FOR JEOPARDY HOST? THERE'S A MOVEMENT FOR THAT And I'd be down with Levar giving it a shot. I was not impressed with Aaron Rodgers, he's too monotone. There is a petition to give Burton a chance. I'd sign it.

ANOTHER BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER IS A HORRIBLE PERSON And The Hollywood Reporter must think that time is up for Mega Producer Scott Rubin because they pulled no punches in this expose about what a horrible person he is. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That same dynamic is true wherever it is tried.

THIS IS A GREAT STORY ON HOW HARD CONSERVATIVES ARE HAVING TO WORK TO BE SEEN Especially when it comes to movies and documentaries. The Hollywood types have circled the wagons and are working hard to exclude anyone with a position that veers off the Democratic plantation. Great article and you should read it and seek out every film or documentary listed. Please, it's the only way conservative voices will be able to get the funding to make art that challenges left wing Hollywood.

BIDEN'S POLICIES HAVE CREATED A RECORD BREAKING BORDER CRISIS as 19,000 CHILDREN appeared at the border unaccompanied. Oh, they were part of a 20 year high of over 172,000 people who showed up after he invited them. Why isn't this the top story EVER DAY in every media outlet? We all know the answer.

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