Mandy's Wed Blog: Dana Perino and Her Perfect Graduation Gift for Girls

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FORMER WHITE HOUSE SPOKESPERSON AND PARKER GIRL DANA PERINO AT 1PM She has a new book out for young women called Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women from a Former Young Woman) and it is a delight. It's the life manual I wish I had gotten at 21. This is the PERFECT gift for any young woman you know just starting out, or maybe stumbling a bit in the early part of her career. Buy it here.

UTAH HAS A NEW PRO LIFE BILL FORCING FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM FATHERS DURING PREGNANCY And I am really happy to see someone begin the process of holding the men who impregnate women responsible for the result. Now, if you knock someone up in Utah, you are legally responsible for half of the mothers health care costs throughout pregnancy. Not sure you're the father? You can wait until paternity is proven before kicking in. I've long said if you really want to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortion you need to get the guys on the hook immediately. This is the kind of pro-life bill I can get behind. If you don't want to pay the bill, don't do the deed. It's really that simple.

SB182 THAT WOULD HAVE LEGALIZED CRIME IN SCHOOLS IS DEAD I have been watching SB182 and was actually going to talk about it TODAY but now I don't have to. The bill would have prevented students who committed various crimes from being referred to law enforcement. This bill would have been an absolute nightmare but the sponsors killed the bill in the face of pretty significant pressure from educators and law enforcement and talk show hosts like Ross Kaminsky and Dan Caplis. I'll let you know if this pops it's head up next year, but for now, it's gone.

HEY AURORA, YOU'VE GOT SOME CHOICES FOR CITY COUNCIL And if you are unhappy with the direction of the current council and their overwhelming anti-cop stance now is your chance. Here is an article about the 12 people running for City Council.

THERE IS A BALLOT INITIATIVE THAT WOULD FORCE THE LEGISLATURE TO PRIORITIZE TRANSPORTATION and of course it's being run by our pal Jon Caldara. We'll have him on to discuss but it simply revives an old statute that requires the Legislature to fund transportation out of it's current revenues. Simple enough really. Read more here.

BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR THE NEW AND IMPROVED COG RAILWAY As it is going to be ready to make it's way up Pikes Peak to the brand new Visitors Center in June. The Broadmoor bought the cog and has completely revamped it with new cars and everything. Find out more here.

DPS IS GOING TO INVESTIGATE THE CLAIMS AGAINST TAY ANDERSON And I can hardly wait to see how this goes. The Denver Public School Board is hiring an outside investigator to look into the claims made by 5280BLM and now six other women about his conduct with women. He's been accused anonymously of sexual assault via 5280 BLM and now been accused of creating a hostile work environment by six women he worked with on a board. By the way, Tay has been radio silent on Twitter, his favorite bully pulpit, except to publish statements about the investigation. He's asking for the due process he is quick to take from other people. Funny, huh?


THERE IS A BORDER CRISIS BUT WHO IS TO BLAME? Students reflexively blame Trump until they hear what President Biden said.

FORMER MLB COMMISSIONER FAY VINCENT CALLS OUT MLB And he is 100% correct in this column. He says this:

During my time as commissioner, I learned that the American people view baseball as a public trust. They want the game to stand for the best and noblest of our national virtues. They see baseball as the repository of their dreams, even as they root for their favorite teams. They don’t want, and won’t accept, anything that separates them from the game’s history and leadership.
Major League Baseball can’t become a weapon in the culture wars, a hostage for one political party or ideology. It can’t be only for the rich or the poor, nor can it only be for one race, as it was until 1947. Baseball must always stand above politics and its dark elements of corruption, greed and sordid selfishness. It can’t go wrong by standing for national greatness.

Read the rest at the Wall Street Journal here.

FIVE STATES HAVE ALMOST HALF OF THE NEW COVID CASES And it includes New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Other than Florida, those states have been shut down pretty hard with a of restrictions, but I'm sure it's Florida's fault somehow. Read more here.

AARON RODGERS WANTS TO BE A STAR IN A DIFFERENT KIND OF GAME And why shouldn't he take over for Alec Trebek on Jeopardy? I love this idea because none of the hosts so far have been very good. Here's how he hopes to make it work.

PAPA JOHN GOT PLAYED And because he has the mean to sue we now know EXACTLY what he said in a meeting with an ad agency he was about to fire who then leaked a story that said John Schnatter used the N word in a meeting. After living in Louisville for three years, I can tell you I met plenty of people who will tell you Schnatter is an ahole, but none that would say he's a racist. He seems to have been exonerated by this suit. Will it matter? Probably not.


THEY SHOULD GET POINTS FOR TRYING, DON'T YOU THINK? Here are some great funny test answers from creative, if clueless, kids.

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