Mandy's Tue Blog: Futurist Thomas Frey and What Party Are You In?

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OUR FUTURIST IS BACK WITH MORE FUTUREY STUFF! I love having Thomas Frey on th show to talk about the future of stuff and he's on today at 1. Find out more about The DaVinci Institute or hire Thomas to speak or help your company by clicking here!

HOW ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? In Colorado and a bunch of other places more and more people are registering as unaffiliated voters. In February of 2020 we hit a point in this country where there were more Unaffiliated/Independent/Other Party voters than there were registered Democrats and Republicans. Now to be clear, this doesn't mean that a third party is making a run. It's not. The third largest party is the Libertarian party and it has less than a million registered voters. But for that moment in time more people said, "no thank you" to the Dems and Reps. This matters. In the runup to the election the Dems and the Reps added enough voters to put the GOP back in second place to the Democrats but FOR ONE MOMENT IN FEBRUARY the rejection of the system we have now seemed clear and I think it will happen again. Is it time to do away with the two party system? I say yes, Dave says no. We'll see what you say.

WE MAY BE GETTING THE ALL STAR GAME AND I'VE NEVER CARED LESS THAN I DO RIGHT NOW Major League Baseball decided to virtue signal by pulling the All-Star game out of Georgia. Now there are rumors we are getting in it Denver. Whatever. Senator Marco Rubio wrote a very pointed letter to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball asking what other measures he was personally going to take to take a stand against oppression and unfair elections. You need to read this. It's about time Republicans stood up like this and called out the blatant hypocrisy by these morons.

SOME FOLKS ARE PUSHING BACK ON THE IDIOCY OF COMPARING VOTING LAWS TO JIM CROW And thank goodness someone has the sense to point this out. It's stupid and insulting and lessens the horror of the ACTUAL Jim Crow laws passed by the Democrats so many years ago.

THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE PROTECTED THE REPAIR MONOPOLY Remember when you were a kid and something broke and you took it to a repairman who fixed it? Try that with pretty much anything you own today and they will tell you it's cheaper to buy a new one. Why? Because companies have been making their products more and more difficult to repair specifically to force us to buy a new one. Colorado considered a bill called Right to Repair and lots of people came in to argue they should be able to fix their own stuff and it was killed in a bipartisan fashion in committee. Why? Well in turning it down they used the industry talking points supplied by the lobbyist of all these companies so you can just guess why.

THE INVESTIGATION AT THE KING SOOPERS IS FINISHED BUT WHAT ABOUT MOTIVE? The follow up to the Boulder shooting has been...weird. I realize since it didn't fit the popular "white guy with a gun" narrative that it would be dropped by the national press, but what about here? Why no word on the motive? I've heard from a source close to the investigation some things but there has been no confirmation so it would be irresponsible to say things like "terrorism" with no proof, right? The police have finally released the store back to Kroger but it remains unopened as of yet.

MORE TAY ANDERSON BAD BEHAVIOR IS IN THE NEWS This Westword story reminds us of that time when Tay Anderson was found guilty of retaliation by DPS after he went after a woman who had filed a complaint against someone he liked. This is on top of the accusations of sexual misconduct levied by BLM5280 (so far totally unproven and uncorroborated) and new accusations by women who served on a board with Anderson that he created a hostile work environment with his constant sexual commentary and overtures. All of this together paint a picture of an immature bully who thinks he is above the law. I sure hope Denver votes for someone without these issues next time.

LESTER HOLT THINKS JOURNALISTS SHOULD BE MORE BIASED And that's what he meant when he told a group that "fairness is overrated" as he accepted the Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism. He believes journalists should spend more time forcing their opinions on other people rather than telling them what happened. At least he's honest.

DELAWARE'S VOTING LAWS ARE LITERALLY JIM CROW And so are New York's and one Georgia State Rep is going to make sure everyone knows it by introducing voting legislation JUST LIKE DELAWARE'S to prove how stupid this "Georgia's voter laws are racist" garbage really is. It seems that BOTH the President's home state AND New York have more restrictive voter laws than Georgia right now. He's also introducing one to mirror New York's laws as well, just to make the point. I love passive-aggressive stuff like this.

MAKE AMERICA CALIFORNIA! John Stossel takes on the notion that California is what we should emulate in any way shape or form.

AUTRALIA PROBLEMS ARE WAY DIFFERENT THAN OURS This dude left his car door open and a koala bear climbed in.

THIS DUDE IS WINNING AT PARENTING SO HARD This video just popped up on my timeline and it makes me so happy every time it does. WINNING!

IF YOU DONATED TO THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AT THE END OF LAST YEAR YOU MAY HAVE BEEN SCAMMED Because that's when his fundraising platform started using pre checked boxes to trick people into donating WAY MORE than they intended to. This is a classic scam that's used to ensnare seniors who are more easily confused and frankly have worse eyesight so they overlook the fine print more often. I am not surprised one bit by this. The New York Times did a story on it and if you had more money taken out of your account than you intended I would make a claim NOW before they claim insolvency. To be clear, you didn't get scammed by a Nigerian Prince, you got scammed by Donald Trump. If you think scammed is too strong a word, read this:

The sheer magnitude of the money involved is staggering for politics. In the final two and a half months of 2020, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and their shared accounts issued more than 530,000 refunds worth $64.3 million to online donors. All campaigns make refunds for various reasons, including to people who give more than the legal limit. But the sum the Trump operation refunded dwarfed that of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign and his equivalent Democratic committees, which made 37,000 online refunds totaling $5.6 million in that time.
The recurring donations swelled Mr. Trump’s treasury in September and October, just as his finances were deteriorating. He was then able to use tens of millions of dollars he raised after the election, under the guise of fighting his unfounded fraud claims, to help cover the refunds he owed.

He scammed the followers he says he adores. He. Is. A. Liar. And. A. Fraud.

JUSTICE THOMAS ARGUES THAT CERTAIN TECH PLATFORMS SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE UTILITIES And he makes a very compelling argument about it in a ruling on a case about Donald Trump blocking followers on Twitter. Read more here.

THE GREAT KETCHUP CRISIS IS UPON US! I have noticed that no one puts ketchup on the table anymore and now I know why! There is a HUGE ketchup shortage and American needs to know about it! From the Wall Street Journal:

The pandemic turned many sit-down restaurants into takeout specialists, making individual ketchup packets the primary condiment currency for both national chains and mom-and-pop restaurants. Packet prices are up 13% since January 2020, and their market share has exploded at the expense of tabletop bottles, according to restaurant-business platform Plate IQ.
Even fast-food giants are pleading for packets. Long John Silver’s LLC, a nearly 700-unit chain, had to seek ketchup from secondary suppliers because of the rush in demand. The industry’s pandemic shift to packets has pushed up prices, costing the Louisville, Ky.-based company an extra half-million dollars, executives said, since single-serve is pricier than bulk.
“Everyone out there is grabbing for ketchup,” Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Mattingly said.

What did the restaurant owner say to Heinz? "Hey, Catch Up!"


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TEXAS MASKOCALYPSE? Remember when "Neanderthal thinking" was going to lead to certain widespread death and destruction when Governor Greg Abbot dropped all state restrictions. What happened? It never appeared. This column has more.

THIS STAR WARS FAN IS BETTER THAN OTHER STAR WARS FANS Because he plays the Imperial March on a coffee stirrer.

YOU TOO CAN SPEAK LIKE DARTH VADER This is so freaking cool!

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