Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor is on and the Georgia Voter Law Is Not Jim Crow

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON TODAY AT 1 And after what seems like the longest time now there are no immediate calamities to address. We're talking about the STAR team taking 911 calls, the fencing around the Capitol, the 16th Street Mall renovation and more. Scratch that fencing convo, that seems dead in the water as of right now.

LADIES IF YOU'RE GETTING A COVID SHOT, RESCHEDULE YOUR MAMMOGRAM But only if they are scheduled close together. The vaccine shots can cause some lymph node swelling that can cause a false positive for trouble on your mammogram. Talk to your doctor and let him or her know you've had the vaccine lately if you must do a mammogram.

EVERY SIX DAYS A COLORADO VETERAN TAKES HIS OR HER OWN LIFE And the legislature is sending some money the way of organizations that help veterans when they need it. This is a good use of tax dollars if you ask me. If you are struggling, call someone, anyone, and get help. Call me! Trust me, the world is a better place with you in it and the devastation you will leave behind lasts a long, long time.

VETERANS, IT'S TIME TO SHARE YOUR STORIES And there is a publisher who is looking for them. Tactical 16 is a publishing house dedicated to helping vets tell their stories. If you need help, have a story, want to write it or even have written, click this link to connect. If you know a vet who has an amazing story to tell (and trust me, most of them do) share this with them.

NEW YORK STATE DEMONSTRATES WHAT SOCIALISM REALLY LOOKS LIKE When you look at the behavior of Governor Andrew Cuomo that is. He made sure his friends and family had preferential access to testing when no one else in the state could get tested or get their test results in a reasonable amount of time. He took care of his own first, not "the people". This is textbook socialism. From the Washington Post:

But people familiar with the efforts said they were also told to treat individuals differently because of their connections to the governor. The individuals — who spoke at length to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution by Cuomo’s office — described the behind-the-scenes operations and their feelings of discomfort with a system that they believed at times prioritized political connections over medical need.
During the early frenetic weeks in March 2020, officials working at testing sites rapidly assembled a system that gave special treatment to people described by staff as “priorities,” “specials,” “inner circle” or “criticals,” according to five people, including three nurses, who described how resources were redirected to serve those close to the governor and other cases that were fast-tracked.
At one of the first pandemic operations hubs in the state, the testing priority status of more than 100 individuals were logged in an electronic data sheet that was kept separate from a database for the general public, according to a person with direct knowledge of the practice.

How shocking.

NO THE NEW GEORGIA VOTER LAW IS NOT A RETURN TO JIM CROW And Democrats like our President, who claims to want to unify the country, could help by not making such slanderous and outrageous statements. This story covers what is ACTUALLY in the bill, including the part where poll workers CAN provide water for voters in line but partisans CAN'T. Joe Biden doesn't give a crap about unity, he only cares about capitulation. To call this a Jim Crow law completely discounts the horror and cruelty of ACTUAL Jim Crow laws. But they don't care as long as they can use it to incite anger in their base.

VOX.COM HAS CHANGED IT'S TUNE ABOUT THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE BORDER CRISIS And I know you will be FLABBERGASTED to learn that when the Trump administration had 2,000 children confined at the border for weeks on end, ran a story with this headline:

The horrifying conditions facing kids in border detention, explained

Oddly, now that there are 5,000 children (which is more than double) with over 3,000 being detained well past the 72 hour mark required by law, this is the headline:

9 questions about the humanitarian crisis on the border, answered

But the Subhead is the real kicker

Unaccompanied migrant children are coming in record numbers — but it’s not the kind of crisis you might think it is.

Got it? It's not the kind of crisis, like that BAD and HORRIFYING crisis Trump created. Read more from here.

WHILE WE'RE ON LEGACY MEDIA MALPRACTICE, LET'S REVISIT THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION STORY FOR A HOT MINUTE Because Matt Taibbi has compiled a STUNNINGLY damning list of all the stories the media just made up out of whole cloth or reported without verifying from many of their "anonymous" sources. I would share them with you but there are SO MANY it would take me three shows of just reading to get through them. The long and short of it is, the media did a lousy job bordering on slander and they have never been held accountable. Share this list with everyone you know.

READ THIS COLUMN ON HOW THE COVID VACCINES WORK And then wonder why Anthony Fauci doesn't seem to understand the science of the vaccines we're producing. The video on how covid gets into our system is very short and informative. This is a great section:

The COVID vaccines are vaccines that protect against the possibility of the virus even entering your cells. If it doesn’t enter your cells, it cannot replicate. If it doesn’t replicate, you can’t pass it to someone else. The very nature of the vaccines tells us that getting a vaccine means you are not a transmission risk. The COVID vaccines prevent infection. They prevent replication. And, when an infection does occur (which is rare), they reduce severity.

Please consider getting the vaccine.


AND NOW, SOME SUPER COOL OPTICAL ILLUSIONS If you can't believe your own eyes, what can you believe? Well you can't believe your own eyes.

THE AUTHOR OF CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS HAS PULLED ONE OF HIS BOOKS Because he says the imagery in The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future is unintentionally racist against Asian people. As the author, he has full autonomy to make this choice. I've not seen this book but we love Captain Underpants in our house and the two main characters are a white boy and a black boy who are makers of mischief and comic books.

NOW CLASSICAL MUSIC IS RACIST OR SOMETHING AT least according to Oxford's music school where they want to do away with sheet music because

music notation has not "shaken off its connection to its colonial past" and that sticking with it would be a "slap in the face" for students of color

Got that? Now the way music is written on the page is racist. I just can't.

HYPNOSIS CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE THE WAY YOUR BRAIN WORKS And this is SUPER cool. I love hypnosis. I've used it for a variety of things and know it works. A new study on how hypnosis changes the way your brain works shows that your brain begins to fire each individual part of your brain separately under hypnosis. Very cool.


PHEW, WE AREN'T GOING TO GET SMASHED BY AN ASTEROID ANYTIME SOON And NASA has confirmed that though we will be able to see asteroid 9941 Apophis when it whizzes by the planet, it isn't expected to crash into us in the next 100 years. Maybe by then we'll have space lasers to bust it out of the sky like a real life version of Asteroids.

AND NOW, CARNIVOROUS PLANTS Need calcium? Eat a milkman....


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