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LADIES, I'VE GOT A GUN SAFETY CLASS FOR YOU And my friend Karen Murray is in today to talk about it at 2pm. We're also going to talk about gun training and why owning a gun is not enough. Find out more about this ladies class by clicking here (it is full, but you can call the day of to see if anyone has cancelled) or any of her training classes at Franktown Firearms by clicking here.

READY TO TRAVEL? I'VE GOT A MASTER CLASS TONIGHT YOU NEED TO DO! Teresa Rocca decided to go to Turkey but didn't have anyone to go with. She teamed up with a guy she found on the web and now they have a business teaching people to use points and miles to get GREAT deals on travel. She's on at 1, find out more by clicking here!

SO HOW HAVE THINGS GONE IN TEXAS SINCE THE MASK MANDATE WAS DROPPED? This dude on Twitter created a thread with not only info about Texas, but from other states that have dropped the mask mandate. It seems Neanderthal thinking wasn't wrong.

I post this because it's time to end the mask mandate statewide. Let businesses decide whether or not to ask their patrons to wear masks. Let people decide whether or not to wear masks. Let's end the nonsense of kids sports with masks. This is all just theater.

EVEN TAY ANDERSON DESERVES DUE PROCESS Even though he loves to hurl accusations with absolutely no merit into whatever microphone is nearest. Even a man I find truly despicable deserves due process when someone anonymously accuses him of sexual assault. The accusations were levied via the 5280BLM Twitter page last Friday. They say several women contacted them after the story with similar accusations. The Denver Post did a story on Saturday and talked to a woman from a board he used to head that said several women had shared with her that Tay, as a 19 year old, pressured them to have sex with him to be involved with the organization. He responded with a press conference where he, of course, portrayed himself as a victim in all this. He may or may not be, but even someone I find as horrible as Tay should get to face his accuser and answer the charges in a legitimate way. I sure hope he learns something about hurling accusations from all this.

CMAS TESTING IS SCALED BACK BUT STILL ON And I feel like this is a good compromise in a year that has been just awful for students. We need to know how much at home schooling or hybrid schooling has set our kids behind. We need to know so we never do this again, frankly. I am also on board with not using these test results to penalize schools or teachers in any way this year. We need the data without the finger pointing in a year when we've asked teachers to reinvent their entire positions. It remains to be seen if Colorado will be given a waiver for that too, but I can't imagine such a teacher friendly admin like the Biden admin would say no.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DEFUND THE POLICE? ASK MINNEAPOLIS And you probably already know the answer and it's not good. This is a really good article on the fallout from Minneapolis' progressive City Council virtue signaling by cutting police and it's unintended fallout. The George Floyd Autonomous Zone is now where gangs run things and business owners have employees quitting because they are afraid for their lives.

MORE INFORMATION ON THE SURGE OF MIGRANT CHILDREN THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION CREATED And it's ugly. Very, very ugly. Now the same administration that wants us to believe they bear NO responsibility for the surge in migrant children pouring over the southern border has upped projections of the number of children expected to come. As currently projected in leaked document from Border Patrol, there could be as many as 53,000 children in custody by September. The really sad thing here is that as long as our current President Dolt refuses to admit his policies are creating this, there is a zero percent chance they will change them. Trump showed them what to do. This is Biden's monster now.

THE LEADERS OF BLACK LIVES MATTER ARE PURE MARXISTS CAPITALIZING ON BLACK DEATHS And if you want to know more about this trio read this. It's not about black lives, it's about power. Period.

RACISM IS MORAL NOW And this column actually references the column I talked about last week in The Nation. Victor Davis Hanson points out the abject racism on display by leaders of the "antiracism" movement, which is completely steeped in racism and hatred for white people. It's a great column worth your time.

INSTEAD OF HERDING KITTENS I'M USING HERDING BEARS FROM NOW ON I think every parent feels for this bear.


NO YOU CAN'T LIMIT ATTENDANCE IN CHURCH At least according to a federal judge who shot down DC's limit on attendance to church. Limits have been shot down everywhere, including Colorado, but DC didn't get the memo.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH EXHIBIT, BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW And I already bought mine, even though the event doesn't have an official home in Denver yet. October and almost all weekends are already sold out so don't dawdle. Read more here!

HUNTER BIDEN IS A TRAIN WRECK AND THE SECRET SERVICE SEEMS TO KNOW IT Why was the Secret Service involved in trying to get paperwork on a firearm purchased by Hunter Biden? That's the big question as a recent Politico story about it admits the Secret Service says it has no record of the "investigation". It's a convoluted story reported on here, but it's just another in a long line of Hunter Biden train wrecks. We'll see if the FBI investigation which has been going on YEARS now is allowed to turn anything up. Seems like Joe has been working double time to protect his addict grown ass adult son.

THE SUEZ CANAL IS OPEN AGAIN After that giant tanker ship that got grounded is now moving again. It will be interesting to see if there are size limits on ships through the Suez after this.

IN THIS CASE OF FREE SPEECH VS. TRANS PRONOUNS RELIGION WON And this is a doozy of a case. A professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio was asked by a student to use female pronouns and to be addressed by a female name. One professor declined to do so based on his religion, and instead created a compromise where he addressed that student by last name only. The student raised hell, the university cracked back on the professor so he sued. And he won. Bigly. Religious protections are clearly outlined in the Constitution whereas pronoun protections aren't even mentioned. This is a big deal. A very, very big deal.

NO ONE IS SLEEPING WELL THESE DAYS My own sleep issues are well known (see my annual rant about the time change for more) but now I know I'm not alone. This survey says many of us are getting less than six hours of sleep a night. Why? Stress, our own minds, all kinds of stuff. Read more here for more.

THE AP STYLE GUIDE IS BEING UPDATED TO GIVE DEMOCRATS COVER And the AP Style guide is the bible for journalists all over the country in terms of what terms are most acceptable to be used by journalists. Now we know that the AP Style book has been co-opted to help Democrats. Case in point, there was a memo circulated asking reporters to not use the word "crisis" to describe what's happening at the southern border and to use "challenge" instead. This is straight from White House comms in my humble opinion. The press is full of rot. They gave Trump no such deference shockingly. I lied about shockingly.

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