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PLEASE JOIN IHEART MEDIA IN RAISING MONEY FOR THE VICTIMS OF MONDAY'S SHOOTINGS All of our Colorado IHeart stations are raising money today for the Boulder County Crisis Fund. Just click here to get to the donate page. This fund has been established specifically to help the victims of Monday's horrific crime as they try to put their lives back together. Just so you know, the families of all of these people will benefit from your donation.

Denny Stong

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Rikki Olds

Tralona Bartkowiak

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Please consider donating, I did.

TODAYS QUESTION OF THE DAY Someone asked me if I could share our word from today so here it is:

"You're raising money for a charity and someone agrees to make a large contribution if you perform alone in front of a thousand people at an upcoming fundraiser.

Would you agree? If so, how big a donation, if any, would you require, and what sort of act would you perform?"

MIKE AND DAVE AT THE MOVIES TODAY Because I don't even know what movies they watched so they can talk about it. Here is one of the movies they watched.

UPDATE ON MY FRIEND MICHELLE AND HER GALLBLADDER! Thanks to all of you who keep sending me emails asking about my friend Michelle and her gallbladder operation, she is very touched by all of your kind words and donations. TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!! By this time tomorrow she should be out of surgery and gallbladder-and-pain-free! I told her the other day that I'm guessing the post-surgery discomfort will be a walk in the park compared to what she's been dealing with. Prayerful types, please lift her up as you have been doing! She also gratefully accepts good thought, wishes and energy as well. I'm going to get her on the show asap.

She STILL hasn't heard from the NHS about her "urgent" referral from December. She is staying on their list just to see how long it takes. I will keep you informed as well.

THE REACTION TO PRESIDENT BIDEN'S PRESS CONFERENCE IS...INTERESTING. All right leaning media had a field day with the disastrous presser from yesterday. The New York Post managed to snap a picture of Biden's media cheat sheet with NUMBERS beside each member of the press who was going to get to ask a question. Can someone please check in with the other members of the media who just found out they didn't have a number next to their name and therefore stood zero chance of being called on to answer a question? I'd love to know if they appreciate being used as set pieces by the Biden-Harris Administration. Not only that, we also have photos of the President's "notes" which he read directly from yesterday without even trying to conceal it. The funniest comment I got was from emailer Mike:

(Based on what I heard of today’s press conference) If President Biden has the nuclear codes, that means the “Red Phone” had to be replaced by a red “Jitterbug” flip phone for seniors.

Biden utterly lied about the border and the press lapped it up like kittens at a milk bowl. I feel like this clip captured it all.

What's remarkable is that there are people, who are in theory smart, who are lauding his performance as some sort of Master Class with the press. Check out this drivel from Joan Walsh at The Nation. She uses the President's worst lie as proof of how good he was:

He went on to say about children: “The idea that I’m going to say, which I would never do, if an unaccompanied child ends up at the border we’re going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side, no previous administration did that either, except Trump. I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it.” He traced the steps a parent might go through deciding to send their child north more than once, concluding, “What a desperate act,” and added that “I make no apology” for ending Trump policies of separating children from their mothers.
As president, Biden is responsible for conditions at the border, and immigration and asylum policies. This is an awful problem morally, politically, and logistically. Ultimately, he might not handle it well. But he handled loaded questions with moral passion and clarity.

The lie about Trump letting kids starve to death on the other side of the border was truly the biggest whopper he gave, and yet to her, it's genius. Just as a point of comparison, I went back to find George W Bush's first press conference (because you know, he was SOOO STUPID) to see what a Presidential Press Conference should look like.

ADAMS COUNTY VOTERS PLEASE REMEMBER JUDGE LEROY KIRBY AT ELECTION TIME And remember that he is the judge who allowed three violent protesters who chained the doors of the Aurora Police Department shut and kept members of the force inside with threats of violence to get away with that. The three were facing kidnapping charges for their role in the imprisonment of an entire police precinct. He says if he had been presented with their arrest warrant he would not have signed it. So according the Judge Leroy Kirby, it's okay to hold police captive with guns and other threats and face no charges.

THE PUSH TO DO AWAY WITH NATURAL GAS IN HOMES HURTS POOR PEOPLE MOST And if you, like me, have a gas furnace and cooktop and electric air conditioner, you know the difference between your winter and summer utility bills. In our house, the swing is several hundred dollars. This column about building Habitiat for Humanity houses brings up the great point that doing away with natural gas in new homes disproportionately hurts the poor. Read it.

WOKE BUREAUCRATS ARE MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT COVID MORE COMPLICATED And totally unnecessarily so. Calling Covid-19 the Wuhan Virus is not racist, and yet, because President Trump used it, it must be right? This column reminds us that since the beginning of forever we name diseases based on where they first appeared. The Spanish Flu is not called that because it speaks Spanish. Now in an effort to prove they aren't racists like Trump, we've got CDC heads using nonsensical numbers instead of the common names that have served us for years. This is yet another example of how China controls our media, btw.

NOW OTTERS TRY FIZZY WATER And this made me laugh this morning.

A FATHER IN CANADA IS JAILED FOR CALLING HIS DAUGHTER A GIRL And if you are in the camp that believes government should be in control of language (Senator Kerry Donovan I'm talking to you) you must be in favor of tyranny. A father who fought court ordered testosterone shots for his daughter who suffers from gender dysphoria has been arrested for calling her a girl. So now he can not stop permanently life-altering medical treatments, and he can't even call her what she still is biologically. This is what speech control looks like. By the way, NONE of the hormone treatments they are giving children have long term random-controlled studies on their impact and all of these treatment are being prescribed off label for their intended use.

POP TARTS ARE AFFECTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM And not just Pop Tarts. Lots of processed foods contain some wonky chemical that may suppress your immune system, or so this story says.

CHESS IS MAKING A COMEBACK THANKS TO THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT And I think it's more than that. As people reached the end of the internet during Covid they began looking at the old ways of entertaining themselves and chess is one of those. The popularity of the short series that made it look super cool did help a bunch though. Read more here.

THAT SHIP STUCK IN THE SUEZ IS CREATING A DOMINO EFFECT OF PROBLEMS And it sort of goes to the bigger issues with exports and huge ships. Read more here.

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A METEOR, IT'S...SOMETHING Lights over the Pacific Northwest have people wondering what they were. Kinda cool, check it here.

AND NOW A GIRL FREEZES HER HAIR Because when it's 40 below, why not?

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