Mandy's Tue Blog: A Shooting In Boulder and Here We Are Again

WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING IN COLORADO? Honest to God, that was my first thought when I heard there was an active shooter at King Soopers in Boulder. I was hoping it was a domestic dispute, where an angry husband goes after his wife because that seems to be the best case scenario in this worst case situation. I was wrong and now we know that a 21 year old Arvada man took the lives of ten people, one of them a police officer. Why? We have no clue. But there is no justification, no good reason for anyone to walk into a grocery store to kill people. The shooter has been identified by until there is something approaching a motive I will not talk about him. I will not speak his name, I will not give him the spotlight I will not encourage some other lonely loser to think this is a good idea. And why, Colorado? Why here? Why do we have so many of these events in our beautiful state? It's not gun ownership because I've lived in places with higher levels of gun ownership than here that don't have multiple mass shootings in their history. What is it about HERE that either attracts or inspires evil people to act this way? Until we figure that out I guess we're all going to be carrying to the grocery store again.

THE NAMES OF THE VICTIMS NEED TO BE KNOWN And their names and ages were:

Denny Stong – 20

Nevin Stanisic – 23

Rikki Olds – 25

Tralona Bartkowiak – 49

Suzanne Fountain – 59

Teri Leiker – 51

Kevin Mahoney – 61

Lynn Murray – 62

Jody Waters – 65

And last but certainly not least is

Eric Talley– 51

Eric Talley was a police officer with seven children. He ran into danger instead of away.

DONATE TO SUPPORT THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS PLEASE And there are several avenues to do so. To support the family of Officer Eric Talley, donate to the

Boulder County Injured & Fallen Officer Fund by clicking here. You can donate to the Colorado Healing Fund to help out the civilian victims by clicking here.

MY HEART ISN'T IN A SNARKY BLOG TODAY But I've got a quick roundup of other news thanks to Dave.

KRISPY KREME IS OFFERING A FREE DONUT IF YOU GET VACCINATED And from what we know about how obesity creates a huge problem for those with covid, they are just trying to keep their clientele alive.

THIS IS A DAMNABLE LIE Some stupid new study shows that eating the equivalent of two strips of delicious bacon a day seems to be connected to developing dementia. This is horse crap. Stupid study.

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO FLY INTO A VOLCANO? This dude did when the volcano erupted in Iceland.

SCIENTISTS FIGURED OUT HOW TO IMPLANT...AND THEN REMOVE FALSE MEMORIES And this is some Inception level stuff right here, but incredibly cool. Read more here.

AND NOW, SURFING GOATS That's it, that's the story. Read it here.

COULD A COCKTAIL OF VACCINES BE THE ANSWER? Oxford is doing a study where they mix up vaccines and see how they work. As in you get a Pfizer shot first, and then an Astra Zeneca shot. This seems...unnecessary somehow but whatever.

THE INTERNET IS A TIME SUCKER WE ALL FALL INTO And this survey says we spend 40 minutes a week down an internet wormhole in an effort to find out more about a topic. I wish mine was just 40 minutes a week.

IS THE GOVERNOR ABOUT TO GIVE UP HIS POWER? According to some of the people from the restaurant industry it looks that way. They had a virtual meeting with him and he said he's going to kick rule making back to the counties in the next couple of weeks. Bout damn time.

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