Mandy's Frid Blog: Why is Finland so Happy? Plus Movies and Meat!

ARE YOU READY FOR THE MEAT OUT TOMORROW? I hope you all enjoy some serious meat tomorrow to thumb your nose at our Governor's Meat Out day where he wants us all to go vegan for the day. Here is an extremely comprehensive list of Meat In Day events all over the state and here is one more I got from Mike Rice:

And I just got this from Durango, it's a PDF with all their events happening. EAT SOME MEAT!

I'VE EVEN GOT MEAT GUESTS TODAY! First I've got Chad Franke from Franke Farms (find them by clicking here) to talk about ranching and livestock production. Then I've got Terry Fankhauser, Executive of the Colorado Cattleman's Association as well. Stay tuned for Meat Talk!

AND CATHOLICS, YOU CAN EVEN EAT MEAT TODAY! It's Saint Joseph's Feast day today so eat some meat!

DAVE AND I ARE TALKING ABOUT MOVIES TODAY As Mike is out but we both watched Red River with John Wayne and Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon so we are good to go at 2.

FINLAND IS THE HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD According to this annual survey, where they always do well despite historically having very high levels of suicide, alcoholism and suicide (something they have been working very hard to change in the last decade). So why are they so happy? I'll tell you what I think. They are almost a homogenous country, meaning everyone is white and from Finland or Sweden for the most part. They do not live on top of one another as the population is only 5.5 million people and other than 1.5 million on the southern coast, they are very spread out. They have room. They speak the same language, most share a common religion and other than six months of darkness, it's a beautiful country. There is literally very little reason for conflict within it's borders. It's ridiculous and stupid to compare this population with any population made up of immigrants of every race and nationality like ours. Finland was followed by Denmark, Switzerland (where they force you to prove proficiency in the language before you can get any sort of citizenship status), Iceland and the Netherlands, also very homogenous nations. Where is the USA on this list? 19th, which I think is pretty dang good for a nation our size and is probably brought down by liberals who believe we are the worst thing ever.

HEY LOOK, KIDS FROM SINGLE PARENT HOUSEHOLDS DO WORSE WORLD WIDE And I stumbled on this study looking for something else but I'm glad I did. There have been massive, international studies about student achievement and household structure and across the world they show the same thing. Kids from single parent homes have a harder time than kids from two parent households. But even then, kids from intact homes with two of their parents do better than kids from two parent step parent households. We need to do better when it comes to staying together for our kids.

DEMOCRATS WANT TO KEEP US ALL OUT OF THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE By erecting a fence around the Capitol Building in Denver. No, just no. It sends terrible message and a group of former legislators sent an amazing letter asking them to reconsider this horrible decision.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT CRIME AGAINST ASIANS FOR A MOMENT? What happened in Atlanta is just horrible. Just awful. An evil man murdered eight people who worked at spas and massage parlors in the Atlanta area. He says it's because he's a sex addict and they provided temptation and needed to be eliminated. But there seems to be a concerted effort to use this as proof that it is white supremacy again. Why would that be a narrative? I think it's because there is a concerted effort by activists to get every other race or creed or nationality lined up against white people. Call me crazy, but look at the actual statistics around crimes against Asian people in this chart.

The same percentage of crimes against Asians were committed against Asians BY ASIANS as were by white people. And MORE crime against Asians is committed by BLACK PEOPLE. So please hold the phone on white supremacy and Asian crime. It may be an increasing issue, but it's not a white thing. The videos of Asian people being attacked are almost ALL black or brown people pushing or hitting Asian people. Here and here and here. There are also MANY examples of horrible bigoted white people attacking Asian people to be sure, but let's be real about the whole picture. By the way, if you think verbally or physically attacking an Asian person because of the coronavirus you are just stupid and wrong. Full stop. Don't be an idiot.

AND NOW, NEWS ANCHORS CAN'T STOP LAUGHING You know I love a good blooper.


DEMOCRATS ARE PLANNING TO RAM A HUGE TAX INCREASE DOWN YOUR THROATS WITHOUT ASKING And they are doing it in the form of new gas "fees" which oddly are collected the EXACT SAME WAY TAXES ARE and new "fees" on Amazon and other delivery services and new "fees" on Uber and Lyft. This is a horse crap bill which ignores the continued will of the people who voted OVERWHELMINGLY in Proposition 117 that we want a say in how our taxes are raised and calling them fees doesn't change that.

LET THE SECOND GUESSING OF THE GOVERNOR'S ACTIONS ON COVID BEGIN! And it's about damn time. By the way, 17 days since Texas reopened and still no surge in cases. As a matter of fact they have over 2,000 fewer cases today than New York does with a population of about six million more. So now we can begin analyzing our Governor's actions and how they panned out. This column does just that here.

ONLINE DATING? YOU MAY WANT TO ADD YOUR VACCINE CARD As this is a thing that is now happening.

AND NOW DAVE SENT ME A CHICKEN PLAYING THE PIANO And I have to share it so you watch it too.


Y'ALL FACEBOOK IS SUPER MAD ABOUT MY POST About how crappy the new layout is so they won't let me pay to Boost it. Check this out:

So I asked for an explanation of why and got this.

And I can't stop laughing. CANNOT STOP.

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