Mandy's Thu Blog: Transgender Athletes and Please Tell Me I'm Right

WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH TRANSGENDER ATHLETES IN COLORADO? Dr. Richard Giordano is on the show today to discuss Colorado's official policy on transgender girls competing with biological girls in the state. You don't want to miss this. He's on at 1:00.

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER He's on at 2 to answer all of your questions about words and grammar and also to talk me off the ledge because added "supposably" as a word.

THE GOVERNOR DID A VICTORY LAP ON THE ROSS KAMINSKY SHOW Governor Jared Polis is spinning so hard on the Meat Out Day Declaration you're going to want to hold onto something lest you get dizzy. Listen the whole interview by clicking here, but I've got the juicy bits for you today.

WANT TO GO TO A MEAT IN EVENT? I was going to do a blog post about Meat In events but HOLY COW (see what I did there?) there are a BUNCH of them. Luckily, they are ALL on THIS document that someone was kind enough to share with me. It's got the state divided in quarters so you can go to your neck of the woods easily. Enjoy!

A DECISION IN LYON FRANCE HAS ELICITED A SIMILAR OUTRAGE As the Mayor of Lyon announced that school lunches will no longer contain meat. Much like our Governor, he is now playing coy about the reaction by feigning surprise. My question is why is the Mayor making such decisions?

THE BOULDER GUN GRABBERS GET CHECKED BY THE COURTS And an idiotic assault weapons ban the Boulder City Council passed in 2018 has been struck down completely by a judge and it shouldn't have taken this long. The court ruled that the laws against the sale or transfer of so-called "assault weapons" and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds was a violation of Colorado law that says only the state can make such laws. Good news until Boulderite Jared Polis tries to pass it at the state level. Read a full explanation here.

IT HAS BEEN SIXTEEN DAYS SINCE TEXAS DROPPED THE MASK MANDATE AND OPENED EVERYTHING UP And according to the covid tracker that I check often, cases are still going down. Weird.

THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS HIDING INFORMATION ABOUT THE BORDER CRISIS IT CREATED And you can read more from NBC News about the 'gag order" levied on Border Patrol folks about how many people are trying to break into the country. The media is not allowed to tour the facilities and all media questions are sent to DC for approval. Here is a fun line it must have KILLED them to include:

At the height of the Trump administration’s child separation policy in June 2018, it allowed media to tour facilities where separated children were held.

When does AOC head down to take another staged photo of her crying? I'm waiting.



AS DEMOCRATS MOVE TO MAKE IT EASIER TO CHEAT AT ELECTIONS, THE PEOPLE DISAGREE A new poll shows that a whopping 75% of Americans favor laws that require identification be shown before you vote. Think about how divided we are and that number is simply remarkable. One must think that those opposed do so because they figure it will help their team or that black people are too dumb and backwards to have an id. Watch this for more on that notion.

WELP CAPTAIN AMERICA IS GAY NOW And honestly I don't give a rat's ass about this story but here we are. Marvel has introduced the first gay, teen Captain America in a long line of Captain Americas. Oh, and he also fights for the runaways and unhoused among us. This comic is so woke it's only sold first thing in the morning.

THE VERY IMPORTANT JOHN KERRY IS TOO GOOD FOR WEARING A MASK And he got busted on an airplane with his mask dangling around his face. Remember when Ted Cruz was photographed without a mask on an airplane? I sure hope we get the same level of coverage as this. I'm sure he's vaccinated, but WE'RE SUPPOSED TO WEAR MASKS FOREVER AND EVER.

21 STATES ARE SUING BIDEN OVER THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE And this is going to be very interesting to watch. They are arguing that Biden overstepped his constitutional bounds when he used an Executive Order to stop the pipeline. On a cursory reading, they are right.h

SHOULD WE JUST STOP WITH THE AWARDS SHOWS ALREADY? John Stossel has a great piece about woke awards shows and it has me thinking that maybe the time for such awards has passed. If they are no longer about merit but about forced diversity, are they worth it? Let's just give all the film makers and actors and actresses Participation Awards and call it a day.

DAN BONGINO IS TAKING OVER RUSH'S SPOT ON CUMULUS STATIONS And I'm sure Cumulus is happy to have the chance to control all the ad revenue in each show rather than kicking it back to Premiere, Rush's syndicator. No word yet on who will get Rush's old slot via Premiere. More on Bongino here.

NEED TO PROVE CONSENT? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT At least in Australia where they are trying to figure out a way to prove that two people who had sex with each other did so with full consent. Not romantic, but if I were a dude, I would TOTALLY do this. I know women are assaulted and that is horrible, but men are falsely accused too and need the same protection. Read more here.

AND NOW DAVE'S DAILY PARROT VIDEO I love pandas, he loves singing birds.


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