Mandy's Wed Blog: The Stimulus Checks are a Meme and We're All Doomed

WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MEAT TODAY WITH TRAVIS STOVALL And I talked to to him early in the pandemic when his company was trying to figure out how to sell meat direct to consumers. I thought in light of this Saturday's upcoming Meat In we could check in and see how they have managed this year. Find out more about Travis and buy some meat by going to their Facebook page here!

THE WAY PEOPLE ARE ACTING ABOUT THIS STIMULUS CHECK IS SUPER DEPRESSING And I get that there are a LOT of people who have suffered mightily during this pandemic, but if you look at social media right now, you see a lot of people just obsessing over their FREE money so they can go to the mall. We are officially in the Bread and Circuses stage of society. No one is even ASKING who is going to pay this money back, or how they are going to pay this money back, or what happens if we CAN'T pay this money back. Everyone is walking around with their hands out with an "I deserve it" attitude because we have all had to put with government shutting down our lives for the last year. Our National Debt hit $28 TRILLION on March 1st. Our debt-to-GDP ratio is currently about 130%, and traditionally when it hits 77% economic growth slows down. By 2037 we will spend more on interest payments than we spend on education, infrastructure and research and development in total. This is a nightmare and y'all are acting like this money fell out of the sky. You dumb, dumb people. You are ruining your children and grandchildren's lives with your greedy foolishness.

IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR VACCINE! And now pretty much everyone everywhere should be able to get one according to this CNN story, but not in Colorado where you have to be on the Magic List of People Eligible to get a vaccine or something. The Vaccine Spotter website to make appointments is here.

PLEASE DON'T LET ANYONE COW YOU INTO SILENCE WHEN FIGHTING BACK AGAINST CRITICAL RACE THEORY GARBAGE I've talked about this endlessly it seems but this story out of Virginia really lets you know what's coming. It seems a Facebook group of parents and teachers in the Loudon County school district is plotting to "out" and destroy any parent who dares to speak up against this toxic stew of victim based ideology, OR go after parents they deem insufficiently supportive of the curriculum. This is horrible but if we don't fight it, it will only get worse. There is never ENOUGH for these people. NEVER.

IF YOU'RE THINKING OF TRAVELLING INTERNATIONALLY, YOU MAY NEED A VACCINE PASSPORT And this is going to be a thing so get ready. The Wall Street Journal has a good article on the thinking of nations around the world anxious to get international travel and tourism going again. From the article:

Cyprus and Greece, which have intermittently closed their borders to most tourists, have said they would start to welcome British visitors without restrictions if they can show proof of having received their two-dose vaccination. Both are reopening to U.K. visitors from early and mid-May, respectively. In Iceland, the government is allowing any incoming vaccinated traveler to bypass Covid-19 health-screening protocols.
China on Tuesday said it was easing travel restrictions for vaccinated foreigners. Chinese embassies in the U.S., Italy, India, the Philippines and other locations plan to offer “visa facilitation” to foreign applicants who can certify they have been vaccinated. Travelers are still subject to a negative Covid-19 test and quarantine, and there is another catch: The only vaccination that qualifies is one made by China. Those are hard to find in much of the West.
As part of its plan to ease post-pandemic travel, British Airways—the largest carrier owned byInternational Consolidated Airlines GroupSA—will allow passengers to upload evidence of inoculation and negative Covid-19 tests when they make a booking on its website. By reviewing the health documentation uploaded by passengers, British Airways can verify the passenger’s documents are in order, much like airlines already do for various visa requirements for travelers.

This is why I'm getting the vaccine. I want to be able to do the things I want to do where and when I want to do them.

BIDEN THROWS SCUMBAG CUOMO UNDER THE BUS And I'm sure he does so because he knows the media will NEVER come after HIM for being a creep. He says if the accusations against Cuomo are true he should resign AND be prosecuted. Mmkay, I'll believe it when I see it.

PICK UP THE PACE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE OF COVID And it's not necessarily because slow walkers are overweight. A new study showed that people who walk slow are more likely to die of covid. Even normal weight people. So pick up the pace and outwalk covid!

HEY LOOK, YOU CAN RE OPEN SCHOOLS WITHOUT THEM BECOMING SUPER SPREADERS But don't expect the fact that Florida schools have been open all year without a huge problem stop the teacher's unions from fighting it elsewhere. From the Wall Street Journal:

The state was one of the earliest to resume in-person instruction in August, following an executive order by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran that directed districts to provide families the option of classroom learning five days a week or risk losing funding. The mandate triggered out cry among some teachers and parents who considered it risky, and drew unsuccessful lawsuits aimed at blocking it.
In the seven months since, Florida schools have avoided major outbreaks of Covid-19 and maintained case rates lower than those in the wider community. Mr. Corcoran said 80% of students in Florida are now attending -person full- or part-time.

It's not been perfect, but it's been better than having kids not in school.

WHY HASN'T PRESIDENT BIDEN HELD A PRESS CONFERENCE? He's gone longer than the previous Presidents of the last hundred years before having a press conference and the press is wondering why. I think it's a valid question and puts even more pressure on his first one, which is now scheduled for next week.


THIS GANG VIOLENCE IS OUT OF CONTROL Who knew birds were so mean and tough?

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH ST. PATRICK'S DAY ANYWAY? Is it as big a deal in Ireland as it is here? (No) How did it get started? Read this for more.

HERE ARE THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS But does anyone care? Read them here if you'd like.

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