Broncos Pick up $7 Million Option for Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at Levi's Stadium (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Arguably the best defensive player in Broncos history Von Miller isn’t going anywhere as the team is picking up the $7 Million option on Super Bowl 50 MVP.

The team just isn’t ready to part "The Vonster" who is currently set to make $18.5 Million this season, and count $22.5 Million against the reduced salary cap. This move ensures that Miller will almost certainly play for the Broncos in 2021, but at what exact number is still remains the biggest question. The team can afford to just pay him the agreed to salary for the final year for his once record setting contract, and that may be what they are prepared to do.

The Broncos reached out to Miller's agent Joby Branion last week about a re-structuring of the contract, but that was rebuffed. So an extension to remain in Denver will remain an option until it's not and in-part how the season plays out will certainly determine if Miller wants to finish his career in The Mile High City, and if the Broncos want the same.

Miller was the 2nd overall pick out of Texas A&M in the 2011 Draft, and the first draft pick President of Football Operations John Elway ever made. All Miller did was live up to the selection, making 8 Pro Bowls in his 10 seasons in Orange & Blue, as well as being named 1st Team All-Pro 3 times. He's also the organizations' all-time leader in sacks with 106 in the regular season, as well as 6.5 in the post-season, In fact, his sack per game average of .79 is only behind Hall of Famer Reggie White, the Steelers T.J. Watt and fellow Aggie, Myles Garrett of the Browns.

In an Instagram Post this morning, it sure looks like Miller wants to be in Denver a long, long time...

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