Mandy's Fri Blog: My Computer Ate My Blog This Morning

HAVE YOU EVER ACCIDENTALLY HIT SOME RANDOM KEY COMBINATION AND EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER DISAPPEARED? Yeah. That happened this morning. So this blog is a pale imitation of what it was.

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2 Dave and Mike will discuss Coming 2 America and Snowden. I watched neither. This reviewer liked Coming 2 America.

THE BIG QUESTION OF THE DAY IS UP AT 1 And if you want copy of the Book of Questions we use, you can buy it here.

WE HAVE A SUPER SECRET GUEST AT 12:30 And you're a fan of the show you won't want to miss HER visit with us from far, far away. Shhhhh.

PRESIDENT BIDEN GAVE A SPEECH LAST NIGHT And if there is one thing Joe Biden does well, it's empathy. I thought the first five minutes of the speech were so depressing I wanted to kill myself but the rest of it was fine. I don't for a second believe a word of that "unity" talk because his actions have been anything but. Watch it here if you'd like.

EVEN LEFT LEANERS HATE THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH BILL BEING PUSHED BY KERRY DONOVAN This column continues to sound the alarm about this stupid bill designed to create a government panel to determine fact from fiction in media. I sure hope Ms. Donovan backs down from this CLEARLY unconstitutional mess.

DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS TREAT THEIR STAFF SO POORLY THEY STARTED A UNION And I stand by that headline because ZERO Republican staffers were there for the launch of the Political Workers Guild. This new union is designed to grow the size of government by making temporary staffers permanent and raising wages for entry level work to ridiculous levels. Result? My prediction is far fewer staffers doing far more of the work. But hey, you guys, go for it!

MARCO RUBIO TELLS AMAZON TO ASK THEIR IDEOLOGICAL BREATHREN FOR HELP BECAUSE HE'S NOT GIVING IT It seems Amazon, whose profits soared during the pandemic and made owner Jeff Bezos's fortune go over $200 billion, doesn't want to pay warehouse workers more in Alabama so the workers are threatening to unionize. Amazon came to GOP lawmakers for help, and Marco Rubio was so incensed he wrote this column. He's right, let them ask Democrats to stop this unionization plan. Remember, Amazon is now into banning books that don't fit the company belief structure.

DID THE SHUTDOWNS SAVE LIVES? NOPE. And an analysis done a year out shows clearly that they weren't worth the cost overall in terms of their value in saving lives.

NURSING HOME REGULATIONS ARE FINALLY BEING LOOSENED UP As a vast majority of residents and staff have been vaccinated now. Read this for more.

SCUMBAG CUOMO, EMMY WINNER, MAY NOT SURVIVE AFTER ALL As New York Democrats are calling for an impeachment investigation into Cuomo's SIX complaints of sexually inappropriate or harassing behavior. This is separate from the investigation being headed by the Attorney General. So we have a ton of Democrats investigating one of their own. Color me skeptical about whether or not he is found guilty of anything by this bunch. In related news, AOC and Jerry Nadler are also demanding Cuomo step down.

CUTEST HOCKEY FIGHT EVER And I'm not sure they realize they aren't supposed to fight with their own team. Here is the description for the video on YouTube:

Two six-year-old Mites have some fun at practice at Glacier Ice and Snow Arena. "One warrior is unceremoniously dumped to the ice by an alleged ally. He slashes his assailant on the ankle, rises, turns, and lets loose an animalistic swat with his arm. They glare at each other as billowing rage blankets the rink. Suddenly, the aggrieved player sheds his mitts, drops his stick and prepares to seek his vengeance ... ... Until his mommy tells him to stop, that is." (PuckDaddy Yahoo! Sports Blog)




A GEORGETOWN PROFESSOR IS FIRED FOR COMMENTS ABOUT BLACK STUDENTS AND CLASS RANKINGS And I agree that her comments were unprompted and uncalled for, but I have a question. Are they true? If so, why? As in, if black students are consistently at the bottom of "her" classes why is that? Is it because she judges them more harshly than her white students? If so, total racism. But if they simply don't perform as well, shouldn't Georgetown want to know why? I think that's worth a conversation for no other purpose than to figure out how to help students break this pattern if there is one. But instead of asking questions she has been fired. I'm not saying she shouldn't have been fired, I'm just saying there should be a bigger conversation about this, don't you think?

THE RAZZIE NOMINEES ARE OUT And the only one of these movies I've even seen is Hillbilly Elegy for which Glenn Close was nominated. That is a crap nomination, as Glenn Close NAILED the role she was set to play as MawMaw. The issue is critics don't know anyone like MawMaw so they believe Close was overacting a stereotype. They are wrong. She NAILED IT. Read the rest here.

A WACKADOODLE SCHOOL IN NEW YORK SAYS USING WORDS LIKE MOM AND DAD ARE OUT And I just can't even with this stuff anymore. Read about it here, because I'm sure our school systems will race to adopt this garbage soon.

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