Mandy's Thu Blog: One More Short Show and Librarians Love Censorship Now!

BASEBALL AT ONE, YOU KNOW THE DRILL So it's a speed show today

BROOMFIELD LIBRARIANS LOVE HITLER AND HATE DR. SEUSS As the Broomfield Library has decided to remove six Dr. Seuss books from their roster over outdated racist imagery. Just so you know, they are still offering multiple copies of Adolph Hitler's masterpiece Mein Kampf so if you'd like to learn why hating Jewish people is good, you can go check that out. The Communist Manifesto is still available as well. So I am left to assume that they are SO OFFENDED by a picture of a black person dressed in native garb that the book had to be banned, but they are giving their stamp of approval to books that directly lead the murder and starvation of millions of people. The Adventures of Huck Finn with the N word so prominently a part of it is still available now too. What's truly pathetic is that librarians USED to be at the forefront of fighting censorship. Not anymore, now they would rather virtue signal so people will think they are special. If I were a Broomfield resident, I would be raising holy hell about this group of busybodies choosing which hate to feature and which hate to get rid of. Force the issue. Find something wrong with EVERY book. Do it.

BUT CENSORSHIP IS ALL THE RAGE IN COLORADO THESE DAYS What with Senator Kerry Donovan hell bent on becoming the next Dolores Umbridge so she can tell us what is and is not true. If you've not heard about SB 21 (and if you read the blog you have), it's a doozy. It would allow Colorado to create a Ministry of Truth where a small group of people get to be the deciders on what is and is not true on social media. Let me tell you the effect this legislation would have. Facebook, Twitter and any other platform they are targeting will simply shut off their service in Colorado. It's not a difficult thing to do at all, we do it with the Rockies games on streaming. They will just shut it off. Watch, you'll see. This is a great column on the Left's desire to silence anything and anyone they find undesirable.

YES, COLORADO'S ECONOMY CAN RECOVER JUST FINE WITH SPENDING TAX DOLLARS I was reading this article on the $700 million that our Governor is going to dole out in the hopes that we will forget he ruined the economy with his overreach in the last year when this jumped out at me:

“This stimulus package represents a carefully calculated effort to provide targeted relief to those that need it the most because simply put, Colorado can’t recover economically unless we invest in the long-term health of our communities across Colorado,” said Senate President Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo.

I'm calling BS on this statement. The economy will recover just fine without government intervention, just get out of the way, open things up and let us get back to work. Or better yet, give us that money back in a tax rebate! Let US figure out how to spend that money instead of you guys doling it out to your pet projects.

IN SUPPORT OF STATE TESTING THIS YEAR I know that testing for kids is a sore subject. I see it as a necessary evil. We MUST know how our children are doing, and this year that is more important than ever. If you listen to the teacher's unions, you would think that subjecting kids to standardized testing this year is just a bridge too far because of the disrupted nature of the school year. That is PRECISELY WHY we need standardized tests this year. We can't begin to address the academic failures if we don't even know what they are. I don't care if the scores aren't used for anything more than assessment purposes and schools should not be penalized for poor performance on these tests, but they must happen. Read more here.

NOW WE KNOW MASSIVE PROTESTS AND POSITIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DON'T SPREAD THE RONA And that headline is steeped in sarcasm. The headline on this story wants you to know that the illegal immigrants POURING across the border who are testing positive for coronavirus are NOT the problem, and yet, the article clearly says they are. But the HEADLINE is all you need, amiright?

THE AP IS SOFT PEDDLING THE BIDEN FACT CHECKS We all know that Donald Trump was fact checked more than any human being alive. And the AP fact check had no problem saying something was "not true" when they fact checked him. With Biden, it's a softer sell, with phrases like "the claim is off base" when Biden claimed 1.5 MILLION more people had been vaccinated Saturday than had actually been given the vaccine. Can you imagine how that would have been rated had Trump said it?

RAND PAUL ASKS WHERE ARE THE FEMINISTS WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS? Isn't it weird how essentially everyone is worried about protecting the feelings of boys who believe they are girls and yet ignoring ALL THE OTHER GIRLS who are totally marginalized in sports so those boys identifying as girls get their way.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE, YOU'RE JUST SCARED And my girl Mel Robbins has some advice for you. I LOVE HER.

MR. ROGERS THOUGHTS FARTS WERE FUNNY And he often unfurled one at a stuffy social event just to liven things up. I knew he was one of us.

HERE'S SOME DUMB DOCTOR ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THE ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY TIME CHANGE So you can hopefully not be one of those who gets into a car accident or has a heart attack at disproportionate rates right after, follow this advice.

WHEN THOSE WHO DECIDE TO CANCEL ARE WRONG, WHO WILL STOP THEM? Helen Raleigh tries to in this column about Scotland's relabeling of Adam Smith's grave with "context" about his "oppressive" past. It seems a small group tasked with what historical monuments should be removed or explained has decided that because Smith argued that free labor was more profitable than slave labor, that makes him an oppressor. It takes a truly ill informed and simplistic view to determine that if you know anything about Adam Smith's entire body of work. Helen explains clearly here how wrong they are. This is just another prime example of the people being given this power to cancel truly do not deserve the power they have been granted. It's no better than ill informed citizens renaming schools in San Fran. It must be fought wherever it rears it's ugly head.

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