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THE ROCKIES TAKE OVER AT 12:55 So I've got to get lots of stuff jammed into an hour. Challenge. Accepted.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE TURNING ON THEIR CHARTER SCHOOLS And they are beginning to make noises about becoming more involved in the renewal process for charter schools, which is usually handled using a clearly defined formula by staff. Now we have three things that happened at a recent meeting that should give the parents of the 21,000 charter school students in Denver a cold chill. Read this for more, and yes, Tay Anderson is shooting his mouth off again while not holding district run schools to the same account.

THE PAUSE ACT NEEDS TO DIE And this is the horrible ballot initiative that would in one fell swoop end cattle and lamb production in Colorado. I am not being dramatic. Please nicely tell those who may be collecting signatures that you would never sign on to make food more expensive in Colorado. This is a very touching column about that very issue.

HECK YES COLLEGE STUDENTS CAN SUE OVER FREE SPEECH ZONES And this is a BIG DEAL. For years now, colleges and universities would work to limit the free speech of students with stupid and arbitrary "free speech zones" which had to be reserved and other such nonsense. When students pushed back and sued, the colleges would change the rules and then argue that they fixed it so the case was moot and shouldn't go forward. Now the Supreme Court has declared that students only show nominal damages to move the case forward. This ends Press and Retreat style policies that have allowed the heckler's veto to determine free speech rules on college campuses. This is a BIG, BIG deal. BIG. It really puts colleges and universities on notice when it comes to speech on campus.

ANDREW CUOMO LIKELY KILLED SPECIAL NEEDS FOLKS TOO And that order STILL STANDS TODAY as it was never rescinded. What does it mean that Governor Andrew Cuomo, Emmy Winner, forced residential facilities for developmental disabled folks to take covid patients? He likely killed a bunch of them too.

A VICIOUS DOG LIVED IN THE WHITE HOUSE BUT DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, K? Just imagine with me, for just one minute, that Donald Trump had a dog in the White House (remember, he was criticized for NOT having a dog) which bit a member of his security team so badly that the dog had to be removed from the White House. Can you imagine the coverage??? Well don't look for such coverage now that the very same thing has happened with one of Biden's dogs. No word on how the bitten security agent is, but Jen Psaki is managing to laugh things off about it with Mika so it's all good.

TRUMP INHERITED A CRISIS AT THE BORDER AND FIXED IT, NOW BIDEN HAS BROKEN IT AGAIN And you would think THOUSANDS of unaccompanied minors flooding across the southern border would be a BIG news story, right? I went to the New York Times and it's not on the front page of their paper today, or even on the front page of the US section. Hmmm, so weird. Here is a news article outlining what is happening there. Do you think we should send the Times an email to alert them? Read this from the Sun:

The growing number of unaccompanied children is just one element of an escalating problem at the border. Border agents encountered a migrant at the border about 78,000 times in January — more than double the rate at the same time a year ago and higher than in any January in a decade.

But I'm sure it will be fine. The head of DHS, who just last week denied there was a humanitarian crisis at the border, is now asking for volunteers to help with the humanitarian crisis at the border his boss created.

THE CDC IS ALLOWING SOME PEOPLE TO GO MASKLESS WITH OTHER PEOPLE And I am not going to lie, I have not had ONE guest wear a mask inside my house this entire pandemic. The only exceptions are workers and technicians I don't know who have been in my house. But many people are not as loosy goosey as I am and now the CDC is giving out guidelines for gathering or something. I don't really care what they say.

WELP, MY TRIP TO THE JAPAN OLYMPICS IS CANCELLED Okay, okay, I wasn't REALLY going to the Japan games, but they are happening this summer with NO foreign fans in the stands. We'll see how this turns out. No word yet on how many Japanese fans will be allowed, though this would give the Japanese athletes a cheering section when no other athletes get one.

TEACHERS UNION IN LA WARNS TEACHERS TO NOT POST ABOUT THEIR HYPOCRISY And of course I'm talking about posting pictures from far flung destinations during spring break. In a private Facebook group of the LA teachers union, they posted this:

But they care about your students. They really, really care.


I WANT A BEER DRINKING BIRD Because seriously why not?


DENVER ART MUSEUM IS MAKING SOME MOVES THAT WILL LEAVE AN IMPRESSION And this is a GREAT article about some of the very cool things happening at the museum right now, specifically the addition of some gorgeous French art and more. Read it here.

DENVER RESTAURANTS GET SOME LAST CALL RELIEF As the county's numbers have fallen low enough to let them stay open late and have more people. It's too late for SO MANY restaurants so let's support these that are left!

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