Mandy Mon Blog: Election Integrity and Finding Your Why!

PROTECTING SMALL BUSINESS FROM PANDEMIC SHUTDOWNS I've got Colorado State Senator Rob Woodward on at 1pm to talk about two bills he has put forth. One is designed to protect small business from being shut down when big, corporate stores are NOT. The second bill is designed to add some security to mail in ballots that require a signature of a witness because of the infirmity of the voter. The bills are SB 21-05 and SB 21-10 respectively.

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS BACK AND WE'RE TALKING ABOUT YOUR WHY AND PACKAGING In our journey to help you be the BEST you possible, I've got fitness guru Michelle Zellner on to talk about how to get motivated to make the changes you may need to make. We're also discussing how to read packaging and why you can't trust the MARKETING on the front of the package. Label readers unite! Find out more about Michelle, or buy her two EXCELLENT books by clicking here. Want to join her You Revolution University? Click here!

PEOPLE KEEP ASKING ME IF I'M GETTING THE COVID VACCINE Chuck and I talked about it this weekend and we are BOTH getting it asap. This is not convince you to take it, but I believe the data coming out of Israel is more than sufficient to demonstrate the safety of the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine (which is very similar). As the Johnson & Johnson vaccine relies on older, tested technology, I already assumed it is safe. Here is an article on how many fully vaccinated people have gotten coronavirus in Israel, and it's a very, very small number.

YES, THE 1.9 TRILLION DOLLAR DEMOCRATIC WISH LIST SPENDING BILL IS TRUMP'S FAULT And I tweeted this out this weekend and got IMMEDIATE pushback. Trump delivered the Senate to the Democrats. In this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution it outlines how depressed Republican voter turnout in the areas Trump held rallies was. Republicans in those areas said things like this:

Trump’s message that the election was stolen discouraged voters such as Craig Roland, a 61-year-old Rome resident. Roland said he didn’t believe his vote would count.
“What good would it have done to vote? They have votes that got changed,” Roland said. “I don’t know if I’ll ever vote again.”

I'll go over these numbers again today.

THE MEAT IN EVENTS ARE COMING TOGETHER! And if you've got info about a Meat In event to push back against the Governor's Meat Out day, I've got one in Eaton for you, find out the details here. I'm gathering them up for a big blog post about it the week before so if you know of something, send it along!

AND RANCHING IS COMPETELY UNDER ATTACK IN COLORADO And it's not just the Governor supporting a Meat Out Day. It's ballot initiatives like the PAUSE Act which overreach dramatically and make simply animal husbandry practices into sexual deviancy. This is what happens when people who THINK they know about livestock production create bills without REALLY KNOWING about livestock production try to regulate the industry. It makes it impossible to artificially inseminate livestock, or use the method used forever to confirm a pregnancy. It eliminates many export markets with it's restrictions on how young an animal can be when it's slaughtered and would eliminate the lamb industry in Colorado ENTIRELY. This is garbage.

WHAT'S HAPPENED TO OIL PRICES SINCE THE ELECTION? If you've filled up your tank lately, you already know. But click here to see a handy chart if you'd like. Why? Because OPEC tightened supply. Now that we've signaled that our President would rather rely on foreign oil than have us be energy independent there is no reason for OPEC to not tighten supply. Well done, President Biden! Well done! You've given the same country you are talking tough about a windfall because of your energy policy.

PRESIDENT BIDEN IS GIVING TEHRAN MONEY AGAIN This time in the form of money frozen in Iraqi banks that the US has agreed to release to the terror backing government. Now, when Iranian backed militias fire rockets at our soldiers they will have perhaps been paid for with that money. Well done, President Biden! What did we get in exchange? Nothing. Not a thing. NOTHING.

IF YOU'VE EVER WONDERED HOW QUICKLY THINGS CAN GO SOUTH FOR COPS Watch this video. Just when you wonder if anything is going to happen, it does.

SO HOW HAS SWEDEN REALLY DONE? Please, please, please watch this video. Sweden has done the right thing and the numbers are bearing that out.

RELYING ON THE STANDARD COVID ADVICE REQUIRES BELIEVING IN IMPOSSIBLE THINGS And this blog post breaks it down faster and better than any other coverage I have seen. Read it here.

UNINFORMED LITTLETON CITY COUNCIL MAKES NEW LAWS FOR STORES THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT and I'm just going on this quote in the story from Page Two Colorado:

During discussion prior to passing the ordinance, Councilwoman Kelly Milliman, speaking to the issues faced by Old Steel said, “To me a gun is a gun is a gun. Whether it was manufactured in the 1940 or 50s versus 2020 or 2021, it’s still a weapon that can be used to harm another individual, so I would support an ordinance that goes across the board, no exceptions.”

So we at least know Councilwoman Milliman is uninformed about the different natures of firearms. If they need them locked up in a more secure fashion, why not allow the gun stores to suggest an answer? Maybe sliding steel doors that roll in front of the long arms each night? Surely there is a capitalist solution here that would keep them from being put out of business?

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE DONE BEING CAGED UP And two stories from this weekend indicate HOW done they are. First, we have the MASSIVE party at CU-Boulder which resulted in cars being tipped over and cops being hurt. Then we have a street racing event on Saturday night that shut down I-225. Let me just say I don't excuse any of this behavior but it certainly seems that a year of being told to stay home has caught up with us.

NOW THAT MORE WOMEN HAVE ACCUSED SCUMBAG ANDREW CUOMO There are Democrats in New York calling for him to resign. Which he will NOT do according to him. We shall see.

WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW THAT YOU ARE VACCINATED? IT DEPENDS ON WHO YOU ASK And you can read the differing opinions here.

HERE IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE MEGHAN AND HARRY INTERVIEW LAST NIGHT And I don't really care, didn't watch it and won't. Because whining about not understanding what being a part of the Royal family is before signing on is just stupid. And frankly, I don't buy it. Read about it here.

WHAT DOES BOILING WATER DO AT -41 DEGREES? Fun fact, I did the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit and -41c is also -41F.


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