Mandy's Fri Blog: A Cautionary School Tale and Beef is a Hot Button Issue

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2 And I watched nothing so Mike and Dave can talk about Lupin on Netflix. We will also talk about Turner Classic Movies trying to thread the needle by doing shows to give context to movies that today's audiences may find offensive. Read more about that here.

THE REALLY BIG QUESTION AT 1 We have a philosophical conversation every Friday at 1 and today is no different. If you'd like to buy a copy of the book we use, buy it here.

DO BEEF PRODUCERS HAVE A REASON TO BEEF WITH THE GOVERNOR? The answer is yes and I was going to discuss it yesterday but the toilet seat issue took over. Today then.

THIS STORY IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH EDUCATION IN ONE STORY And it starts with a kid in Baltimore, a SENIOR at a Baltimore High School, finding out that the 2.5 credits he earned over FOUR YEARS is not enough to graduate. He's missed 272 days of school in that time, failed all but three classes and his mother is MAD that no one told her he was failing. She assumed because he was being promoted that meant he was passing. Now she is complaining to the news media about how badly her son has been treated and how it's the schools fault for passing him along without the proper credits. She is right about that last part. But she is to blame, he is to blame, the school is to blame and the school district is to blame. There are zero winners in this group of losers. But the story goes out of it's way to tell us she's a single mother who works three jobs so we aren't supposed to blame her. Too bad, lady, I am. By the way, if this public high school were a charter school it would have already been closed, as its graduation rate is 48% and less than 5% of its student body can read or do math proficiently. This is criminal. They are stealing money allegedly to educate children and THOSE are the results??? By the way, this young man is ranked 62 out of 100 students in his class so you can only imagine what the other kids are up to.

REALLY GREAT NEWS OUT OF ISRAEL ABOUT THE PFIZER VACCINE Out of 4.7 MILLION people who have gotten the Pfizer vaccine there have been 153 cases of serious side effects. That is STUNNINGLY good news on this extremely effective vaccine. Read about those side effects, which include anaphylaxis and Bell's Palsy, here.

PROGRESSIVE ACADEMICS SHOW HOW AUTHORITARIAN THEY ARE A new survey shows a majority of graduate level professors and doctoral students support discriminating against professors who are conservative. From the Washington Beacon:

Research from the Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology released Monday shows that conservative professors and graduate students are "guaranteed" to face discrimination in academia. University of London politics professor Eric Kaufmann conducted the study, which he says is the first to focus on how academic authoritarianism threatens conservatives on campus.
Kaufmann analyzed eight surveys of graduate-level professors and doctoral students, the majority of whom said they would not oppose discriminating against their right-leaning peers in some form. Ten percent of academics support outright cancelling or firing conservative professors who express their views.

Though there is nothing surprising in this article, it is disheartening to see people whose academic freedom is protected by tenure be so willing to strip that from anyone who disagrees with them. Maybe it IS time to do away with tenure and see how they like it?

THIS IS A GOOD EXPLAINER OF THE DIFFERENT VACCINES AND HOW THEY WORK As I'm getting a LOT of email from people telling me that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses DNA and people are worried about it somehow changing THEIR DNA, I want to point out that would require a whole lot more DNA than you are getting from this shot. The J & J vaccine is the same tech that has been in use for a long time in the pneumonia shots. Read the explanation here.

COMING TO AMERICA 2 IS OUT THIS WEEKEND And I love the original movie so very much. Do we need this movie? And DAMN, Eddie Murphy just does not age.

NORTH FACE SHOULD BE RED FACED AFTER SOME VIRTUE POSTURING So The North Face made a BIG deal about turning down an order for some company jackets for a company that produces oil and gas because they didn't align with their "values". The Oil and Gas industry has taken this in stride by giving North Face and award for being such a great customer of petroleum to make pretty much every product they sell. Plus it was pointed out that North Face is building a new hangar in Centennial for their private plane. I freaking LOVE this.

YES, CHARGING PEOPLE COOPERATING WITH AVALANCHE INVESTIGATIONS IS A BAD IDEA When two snowboarders were charged with damaging equipment after they cooperated with the Avalanche investigators I said it was a very bad idea because it would prevent other people from even REPORTING avalanches in the first place. Now our Attorney General agrees with me. Seems he should be working to change the law if he doesn't like it, as he is a Democrat who knows all the other Democrats who makes such laws.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GOVERNOR AND FIRST GENTLEMAN Although I assumed the two were already married and not just shacking up. Now the two longtime partners are engaged. What a gift to give to their children by showing them how important lasting commitment is. No word on when they will be married.

WHERE ARE ALL THE BELIEVE ALL WOMEN CHICK GROUPS NOW? Remember when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had to deal with 30 year old uncorroborated accusations that he groped a girl when he was in high school? Remember how Emily's List and Planned Parenthood and other left wing chick organizations said it deserved a thorough and fair and transparent investigation before we jump to conclusions? Yeah, me neither but that's what they are doing to Andrew Cuomo, who has three women, one with TONS of people and evidence to back her up accusing him of being a creep. Color me surprised. Not really.


AS OF THIS MORNING THEY WERE STILL ON EBAY But news reports say that Ebay is going to delist the six Dr. Seuss books that the Seuss Foundation has decided to stop publishing. I checked today and they were still there, as were copies of Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto. Just saying.

A NEW STUDY SAYS WEARING TWO MASKS DOESN'T DO ANYTHING But since this is another computer modeled, lab done study, I don't care. I only care about the gold standard of studies, the randomized, controlled study. Only ONE exists from Denmark and it says wearing a mask does nothing to prevent you from getting covid. But you can read this study done by a supercomputer here if you'd like.

THERE ARE SOME REALLY COOL FILMS READY TO COME OUT THIS YEAR And you can see a bunch of them by clicking here. I want Bond and Black Widow and the new kung fu movie! f

FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, PRESIDENT BIDEN, FOLLOW THE SCIENCE So when the President Biden calls the Governors of states who are choosing to open back up "Neanderthals" for doing so, it must mean he thinks Neanderthals are hella smart. Because they ARE following the science. Read this article about what we know about coronavirus and masks and other stuff. Just do it.


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