Mandy's Thu Blog: Thirsty Thursday with Wines for Easter and Passover!

THIRSTY THURSDAY IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG And we've got wines for Passover from Israel and wines for Easter and some great suggestions for dinner on those holidays. Find an excellent blog post about all the wines we're trying here and find out more about the food we are tasting by clicking here. Find out more about The Wine Yogi by clicking here!

HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT GRANT'S NEW PODCAST YET? It's really, really uplifting and inspiring and it's about happiness. Listen to the latest episode here.

THE ENGLEWOOD CITY COUNCIL HAS LOST ITS COMMUNIST And I don't think they are broken up about John Stone tendering his resignation after people found out he's a horrible person online and spreads tons of hate and nastiness. It was all there BEFORE the election, but lazy voters just noticed it. And now he's gone.

THE POLIS MEAT OUT DAY HAS CREATED A FOOFERAW And it's not crazy the way that cattle producers are reacting. They have already seen how the Polis admin treated the oil and gas industry, so why shouldn't they start to fight back immediately rather than waiting for their industry to be destroyed? We already know Polis appointed a crazy vegan activist to a board that oversees livestock production and we know that the First Gentleman is an animal rights activist vegan and he certainly has the Governor's ear. Counties all over the state are ANGRY and planning Meat Ins to compete with the Meat Out event. This is different than when Hick declared a similar day for all the reasons I listed above. Read about the lame ass letter the Ag Commissioner sent out here.

WE WERE TALKING ABOUT THE WOODY ALLEN DOCUMENTARY YESTERDAY And I saw this article today and I'm merely including it to remind people that documentary makers ALL have an agenda. ALL of them. But when the testimony of another child from the household that directly undermines the agenda doesn't get included, they make it easy to see what the agenda is.

NINE REASONS THE DEMOCRATS LATEST GUN CONTROL SCHEME IS UNNECESSARY And if you are one of those non-gun owners who like the sound of "common sense gun laws" I'd love for you to read this column. In it, it describes the laws that are CURRENTLY on the books and the ways that the new laws would simply be more of the same. And they would do nothing to stop the kind of crimes the Democrats love to talk about in order to convince people they need more gun control.

BUT THE GUN BILLS AREN'T AS BAD AS HR 1 Which is a complete takeover of federal elections nationwide. There is a LOT in this bill to hate, but lowering the voting age to 16 is not one of them, as that amendment failed in the House. I don't understand how the same Democrats who want to infantilize adults in the Obamacare bill now wants to make them responsible adults for voting purposes. Well I KNOW why, because they are easy to manipulate, but whatev. Here's a good editorial on why HR 1 needs to die.

OBESITY AND COVID ARE A DEADLY COMBINATION And a new study says that a vast majority of covid deaths have occurred in countries where a majority of people are overweight or obese. This is not shocking and a BIG reason why death rates in the US have been so high. Another reason to try to take off those extra pounds we're all carrying around.



I SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS JEANNE ROBERTSON VIDEO ALREADY Because I made Dave watch it. Never send a man to the grocery store.


CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH IS IN CRISIS BECAUSE OF ISOLATION And the data is in and it's not good. Mental health issues are skyrocketing because of isolation and lockdown and a pediatrician has written about it here.

GEORGIA TRIES TO END THE SCOURGE OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME And this line in the article from CNN is making me laugh:

If enacted. it would mean that Peach State residents would not longer need to prepare for "springing forward" or "falling back" each year. But they would also miss that extra hour of daylight each day between March and October.

Got that? If they don't move the clocks, they won't get another hour of sunlight. This is so, so dumb. It seems that Georgia may do it and I'm hoping that Colorado will someday follow suit.

MALLARD FILLMORE HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR BEING MEAN TO PRESIDENT BIDEN I won't claim to read many comics anymore (they just aren't that funny) but this story if yet another example of how we don't have to worry about government stifling speech because corporations will do it for us. Gannet made the decision to cancel the right leaning comic Mallard Fillmore over two strips criticizing President Biden's decision to allow biological males to destroy women's sports. Apparently pointing out that transgender men have a hopelessly unfair advantage over biological women is beyond the pale. This real issue is that Gannet owns and has destroyed many newspapers.

AOC SAYS ANOTHER DUMB THING AND CONSERVATIVES CORRECT HER...AGAIN This time it's about comparing the need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour to what McDonald's workers in Denmark make. Except Denmark doesn't have a minimum wage. So there's that.



A LITTLE MORE INFO ON CHINA'S RARE EARTHS STRATEGY What are rare earth metals? We need them for things like cell phones and green technology. China has a LOT of them. So do we. Read this for more about the current situation.

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