Mandy's Wed Blog: A DougCo Recall and Restaurants Need Relief!

THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD IS WAS FACING A RECALL And I've got the man behind it on the show at 1pm. Why are they facing a recall? Because they have ignored the wishes of parents in favor of the teacher's unions who don't even have collective bargaining power in DougCo. The school board has tried to stop the recall by getting kids back in the classroom and I've got Nate Ormond the man behind to talk about why they suspended the recall effort. Find out more about it by clicking here.

RESTAURANTS NEED RELIEF And just as Texas Governor Greg Abbott opens up his state allowing businesses who want to be open to be open, we don't have such freedom here in Colorado. I've got the owner of one of Denver's most iconic restaurants The Fort on today to discuss how the arbitrary limits have crippled her massive space that could safely seat many more. She joins me at 2pm. Find out more about The Fort by clicking here!

STEVE MOORE JOINS ME AT 2:30 For a quick hit about US Treasury Bond volatility. What does it mean when we have to raise rates to get people to buy US Treasuries? We shall discuss.

JON CALDARA IS A PIECE OF EXCREMENT But don't ask me, just ask Governor Jared Polis' appointee Ellen Kessler, who took umbrage with a column my pal Jon wrote about the legislature trying to ban pet stores from selling puppies. Seems Ms. Kessler, an animal rights activist that Polis appointed to the board that oversees livestock production, didn't appreciate Jon's approach and fired off an email about it. In it she called Mr. Caldara a "piece of sh*t" and asks "how DARE he armchair quarterback the First Gentleman". How DARE he second guess an unelected official who is trying to destroy several major industries including cattle ranching and pet store sales? Of course Jon is wearing this like a badge of honor, as he should. Read his column here to find out if he can indeed "tell his ass from a hole in the ground.
The Denver Gazette even did an editorial about it here.

SENATOR KERRY DONOVAN IS TRYING TO CREATE A MINISTRY OF TRUTH FOR COLORADO And honestly this is no place for Colorado to go. The Bill says it's going to regulate companies who do business online in Colorado by creating a commission that in part decides if tech platforms:

The division shall investigate and the commission may hold hearings on claims filed with the division alleging that a digital communications platform has allowed a person to engage in one or more unfair or discriminatory digital communications practices on the platform, which:

Include practices that promote hate speech; undermine election integrity; disseminate intentional disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news; or authorize, encourage, or carry out violations of users' privacy; and
May include business, political, or social practices that are conducted in a manner that a person aggrieved by the practices can demonstrate are unfair or discriminatory to the aggrieved person. Such practices, if done in an unfair or discriminatory manner, might include:
Practices that target users for purposes of collecting and disseminating users' personal data, including users' sensitive data;
Profiling users based on their personal data collected;
Selling or authorizing others to use users' personal data to provide location-based advertising or targeted advertising; or ! Using facial recognition software and other tracking technology.

Honestly, if I'm Facebook or Twitter or anyone else and Colorado passes this bill I just turn off service to Colorado. Period. So if you like social media platforms you probably don't want this bill.

NOW WOKE CULTURE IS UNDER ATTACK...FINALLY... AT THE NEW YORK TIMES And it's in the form of a column by Bret Stephens about the incident at Smith College that introduced Critical Race Theory to the school. It started when a Black woman accused a janitor and a campus security guard of harassing her while all she was doing was "eating while black". Of course there is MUCH more to the story that the Times got around to reporting TWO YEARS later after a woman publicly resigned after being harassed for being white. Stephens writes about the real story, but more importantly about how stupid and crazy the Woke Left has gotten. He is right. Glad he finally noticed.

WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE US DEBT MARKET? Read this for more, but things are very unstable currently and we should probably keep and eye on this. What's the issue? I'm not sure but I can get someone on who can help with that.

THE LEFT IS PURSUING THEIR OWN CULTURAL REVOLUTION And this is a GREAT column comparing the cancelling of Dr. Seuss books with the Chinese Cultural evolution which purged China of anything that might remind people they are more than part of the collective. It's sad and true.

IF AIRPORTS HAD TO FOLLOW BIDEN'S RULES FOR SCHOOLS THEY WOULD ALL BE SHUT DOWN And you can watch the interview with Tucker Carlson by clicking here.


STOP WASTING TIME WORRYING This spoke to me today.

HERE ARE ALL THOSE TIMES SCUMBAG ANDREW CUOMO TOLD OTHERS ACCUSED TO RESIGN and GOD I love the long memory of the internet. Here is a story from the Post reminding everyone of those times when Governor #metoo told other pols accused of sexual harassment to resign.

EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN AS YOU AGE And significantly so. Get off the recliner and get moving so your brain will stay sharp!

WHY ARE THE NATIONAL GUARD STILL AT THE CAPITOL BUILDING? The real answer is that we need to have constant reminders of the chaos wreaked by Trump supporters on January 6th. The official reason is here and not very convincing.

NEERA TANDEN IS OUT, XAVIER BECERRA IS NEXT At least the GOP knocked out the awful partisan hack Neera Tanden, as she withdrew her name from consideration yesterday after it became apparent she would not get approval from the Senate. Now the GOP is setting their sights on Xavier Becerra, another partisan hack whose greatest hits include suing nuns to force them to offer birth control.

ARIZONA THINKS YOUR BABY IS RACIST Yep, they do. At three months old even. They have a handy chart so you can watch the racism of your children develop in real time. I'd laugh but this is being pushed by the Department of Education in Arizona.




THERE IS DRAMA AROUND THE WOODY ALLEN DOC FROM HBO And it has to do with the concept of the Fair Use Doctrine, which you should get ready to hear more about as people who don't understand such things steal works from other people in their podcasts. HBO DOES know better and they used a lot of the audio book of Woody Allen's autobiography WITHOUT his or the publishing house's permission. That is a BIG no no and now the publisher is giving notice that they intend to sue.

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