Mandy's Tue Blog: The Future and a Funny Lady!

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LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE WITH THOMAS FREY Our man on the future Thomas Frey is on today at 1 to discuss all kinds of cool future stuff. Find out more about Thomas or have him speak at or help your company by clicking here.

JEANNE ROBERTSON IS ONE FUNNY DAME And she's coming to Colorado Springs for a LIVE IN PERSON show soon! I adore this woman and you will too. Buy her tickets to her October 31st, 3pm show in Colorado Springs by clicking here. Use the presale code koalaugh21 to buy them today.

WOW, WOW, WOW, THIS AUDIENCE NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME Today I wrote this on my Facebook page about the GoFundMe for my friend Michelle:

“We’ll just do a GoFundMe and pay for it ourselves!”

I said confidently to my friend Michelle. She was in agony suffering from a massive gallstone attack and had just found out that in the National Health Service in Belfast where she lives it could take more than a YEAR to get the surgery scheduled to take out her gallbladder. She was spending her days in bed, taking opioids that were doing little to ease her pain. As soon as I said those words I began to worry that I would let her down by even trying. When she asked how we would raise almost $11,000 for her to have the surgery at a private hospital in Ireland I confidently said,

“My listeners will help. They are amazing.”

But honestly, I still had my doubts. But you did it. YOU did it. God did it. Yesterday a kind soul who is a man of Christ and follower of God donated about 3000 Pounds Sterling to get us to the goal. I burst into tears when I saw it. Michelle is in contact with the private hospital TODAY to get her gallbladder out asap.I asked the man if I may share the email he sent me when I sent him a thank you note yesterday and he said yes, though he wants to remain anonymous. This is what it said:

I am so glad that she can receive her treatment! I will be praying for a successful outcome and that she has a full and complete recovery.
One my favorite pastors - Andy Stanley - mentioned in a sermon - “do for the one what you’d like to do for the many”!
Jesus said it well in Matthew 7:12 - “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
I believe God had me listen at the right time so that I could help Michelle - to God be the glory - blessings

God is at work when we are all doing other things. I am so tired of people speaking negatively of people of faith when little miracles happen like this every single day. I am so grateful to everyone who dipped into their wallets and donated, and thankful to all of you who put up with me sharing her story. I’ll have her on the show once she gets her gallbladder out and isn’t in pain anymore. To God be the glory indeed. Thank you all, so, so much. I am overcome by it all.

BLACK HISTORY IS ONLY ABOUT LIBERAL BLACK HISTORY AT AMAZON Isn't it weird how Amazon, DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH, decided to boot the Clarence Thomas documentary from it's queue? Well they did. And isn't the word queue odd?

WHY IS POLIS JACKING AROUND RESTAURANTS? The simple answer is because he can, amiright? After telling the Colorado Restaurant Association that restaurant workers would be given the same priority as grocery store workers, he pulled the old switcheroo and pushed them back. Why? Because he can. This column also takes him to task for the arbitrary limits on capacity that are killing restaurants right now. I sure hope they remember this during election time.

A CALIFORNIA TEACHERS UNION REP IS A TOTAL HYPOCRITE As he's been working VERY hard to keep teachers out of schools in California he's had plenty of free time to do so because he drops his two year old off at a private pre school every day before he goes to work. Read more about this hypocritical scumbag here.

I WILL NOT READ THEM WITH A FOX, I WILL NOT READ THEM IN A BOX It was sure to happen at some point. Dr. Seuss is under fire from horrible aholes who are mad that more of his completely fake characters most of which are not human aren't minorities. And some of those Aholes work at the Dr. Seuss Foundation. Six of his books which contain "vaguely" racial imagery are being pulled. So let's make sure all kids know the man who has taught millions of kids to read is now horrible and must be stopped. I can't even with this. I just can't.


THIS CONDOR HAS A PAL And condors kind of freak me out because they are HUGE but this is kind of cool.

A VOLUNTEER MADE A WEBSITE THE STATE COULDN'T SEEM TO GET DONE And it's a one stop place to find appointments for vaccines in Colorado. Just go here and follow the easy instructions. Read about how it came about by clicking here.

THIS IS GENIUS BY ROYAL CARIBBEAN AND A MARKER OF THINGS TO COME Royal Caribbean has launched the first vaccine passport shot across the bow by announcing a "Fully Vaccinated" cruise leaving out of Israel this May. They promise that all workers and cruisers over the age of 16 will be fully vaccinated. I bet they fill this thing up in a hot minute. This is genius.

YET ANOTHER WOMAN HAS ACCUSED SCUMBAG ANDREW CUOMO OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT And the floodgates seem to be opening a little wider. I honestly have very little sympathy for any Democrat in New York politics because apparently this is the worst kept secret in New York. And frankly, these women covered for him because he was a Democrat. When is that going to not be okay anymore? One more woman has now come forward.

OKAY MATURE DATERS, HOW ACCURATE IS THIS? This list from AARP says Denver is the #2 city in the country for mature daters. I must know if you "mature" daters out there agree.

THE SOFT BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS COMES TO MATH And John McWhorter writes about the notion that because black children underperform in math, it must be racist. Or the way we teach it is racist. And it must be changed in order to help black children because they can't do math. Or something. The point is it should not be racist to expect black children to be able to do math and to suggest it is is actually far more racist. Read more here but your head will explode.

A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS AGREE CANCEL CULTURE IS DANGEROUS And it is. The threat of losing your entire livelihood and being effectively ostracized for a comment is very powerful and stifles dissent beautifully. It is why so many in the old Soviet Politburo went along to get along, lest their heads be chopped off if they popped up. If I were the timid type I would have been taken aback by the Twitter mob released by sniveling coward Kyle Clark, but alas, I am battle hardened already. Most people are not. And the threat of cancel culture makes it very easy for group think to become mob think and then bad stuff happens. Just ask the people who followed the Q rabbit hole with their peers how that worked out. Now we know that a pretty big majority of Americans think cancel culture is dangerous and the others were just too scared to say so.

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