Mandy's Mon Blog: A Twitter Fight I'm Not Backing Down From and Baseball!

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WE'VE GOT BASEBALL TODAY AT 12:55 So it's going to be a quick show but the blog will always be here for you.

I STARTED A TWITTER STORM LAST NIGHT AND I'M REALLY GLAD I DID, because it's about single parenthood. It started with this Tweet I sent out in response to Tay Anderson announcing he was going to be a father. Tay Anderson is on the Denver School Board and he's 23 or 24 years old. So I sent him this:

I sent this because data shows conclusively that kids from intact homes do better in school, are less likely to drop out or use drugs and less likely to get pregnant in their teens. Find research here and here and here and here but if you Google it you will be shocked at HOW MUCH research there is on this subject. And overwhelmingly kids from intact families have an easier path to success than kids from single parent households. Of course there are very successful people who grew up in single parent homes, of course there are. But ask them if they would have preferred to have two parents who put the family and their children first instead of a single parent and what do you think they would say? Parenting is hard...REALLY hard and doing it with a partner is far easier than not. But when Kyle Clark saw my tweet, he had to make a snarky comment based on what he decided my intention was (spoiler alert, I lean right so he assumed it was EVIL) and his minions came at me. I used the Twitter mob to engage in conversation with people about kids doing better coming from intact homes. I think I may have gotten some of them to think for a minute about it. But I will not back down on this issue because it matters so much. Kids deserve our very best efforts and to deny that those best efforts are intact homes with two loving parents denies the foundation of Western Civilization. Families are the building blocks of society. We have broken them badly. We need to talk about how to fix that for the next generation. And I'm not backing down because someone who takes criticism of single parenthood as a criticism of their own parents of themselves can't be my concern. The kids they are raising or will raise deserve better than they got. Period. By the way, I have said the SAME THING to members of my own family when they ended up unmarried and pregnant. Why? Because it's accurate and gives the babies the best chance to succeed.

SCUMBAG CUOMO IS RUNNING FOR COVER NOW THAT HE'S BEEN ACCUSED TWICE And he's been accused for the second time by a woman with a LOT of hard evidence to back up her claim that the Governor hit on her in his office and suggested an affair of sorts. After trying to choose who was going to investigate himself, he's now backed down and is letting the Attorney General appoint an independent investigator into the claims of these two women. I keep waiting for the rest of the women to pop up. We'll see what happens now.

LAZY VOTERS ELECTED A COMMUNIST ANARCHO-SOCIALIST IN ENGLEWOOD AND ARE NOW SURPRISED Social media makes it easy to check on what someone is really like, but you have to take the time to check it. Many Democrat voters lazily did not and now they are surprised that one of their own is not a nice person on social media and regularly threatens to "BBQ" the ribs of people he doesn't like. I have no sympathy for Dems with buyers remorse on this loser now.

BEING FAT MAY COME IN HANDY WHEN IT COMES TO VACCINE DISTRIBUTION Of course if you are obese you have a much higher chance of ending up in the hospital if you get covid so there is that. But some are not happy that beginning in about the third week of March obese people will be able to get a vaccine before restaurant workers of normal weight. I get the frustration, but if obese people are 74% more likely to end up in the ICU, they need the shot first. The problem is that the Central Planners of the Polis Politburo are doing a lousy job just getting this shot to people who want it. Restaurant workers are right to be upset, but not at fat people, at the government for the garbage way they are rolling this out.

AND RESTAURANT OWNERS SAY THEY WERE LIED TO About restaurant workers being classified the same way grocery store workers are when it comes to when they can get vaccinated. Herr Polis released his updated schedule last Friday and restaurant workers were nowhere to be seen. Maybe it's because Polis doesn't go to restaurants or care much about allowing these workers to earn a living?

WE ARE GETTING THERE ON MICHELLE'S GALLBLADDER REMOVAL IN THE UK And if you don't know the saga of my friend Michelle trying to get her gallbladder out in the "free" NHS healthcare system, please go here and read all about it. Share the story with anyone who thinks socialized medicine is what we have now (speedy service) only free. Nothing could be further from the truth. YOU GUYS have donated almost 4800 Pounds Sterling (it's in pounds so I can distribute it directly to her husband in Ireland) and we need 8000 pounds so she can get her gallbladder out in March of THIS YEAR rather than next year. She spent yesterday crying from the pain. Please consider helping her and sharing this message as a cautionary tale. HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN



THE GOVERNOR'S VEGAN OVERTURE FALLS FLAT IN CATTLE COUNTRY And I've got a guest coming on about this soon but this column shows how deeply angry the farmers and ranchers are in this state over a proclamation that takes its wording directly from people who want to put them out of business. Read more here.

CHINA CHARGES PRO DEMOCRACY ADVOCATES WITH SUBVERSION BUT IT'S JUST A DIFFERING NORM As our President ramps up the heat on Saudi Arabia for killing a journalist, he does nothing to China as they arrest people who were organizing and participating in a Legislative Council election. They face life in prison for attempting to create a majority to stymie Chinese interference in Hong Kong. LIFE IN PRISON. But I'm sure it's just a differing norm, like imprisoning and raping Uyghurs.

IRAN TELLS BIDEN TO GO POUND SAND And that the US must drop the sanctions before they will come to the negotiating table with the US and its European partners. I'm guessing Biden will send a plane full of cash in 3...2...1...

THIS IS A NERDY COLUMN THAT EXPLAINS WHY THE NEW BIDEN COSTS OF CARBON ESTIMATES ARE TOTALLY WRONG And I'm not going to try and explain this column by Roger Pielke, Jr for fear of making a fool of myself, but suffice to say, the science the Biden Administration used to come up with it's Social Cost of Carbon is outdated and hopelessly wrong. Read the details here.

DENVER IS GOING TO SPEND $100 MILLION TO SPRUCE UP THE 16TH STREET MALL But not one mention of crime and homeless people on the street leaves me thinking they may not understand why people don't want to go there in the first place. It's not because the sidewalks are too small. But I'm sure this will be awesome!

WE MUST STOP THE SCOURGE OF BANNED BOLOGNA AT THE BORDER! And this story is no baloney as people keep getting caught trying to smuggle banned bologna into the US.

I MENTIONED SUBSTACK THE OTHER DAY AND NOW IT'S BEEN ATTACKED And if you don't know what Substack is, you should check it out. Journalists who are tired of being told which stories to cover or how they should be covered have left traditional media and started their own gigs on Substack. The reporting is VERY GOOD from what I've seen so far, even if I disagree with the tone or assumptions in the articles. I follow Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald who both left "respected" publications because of behind the scenes machinations. This Taibbi piece on the criticism of Substack points out something important. The Gate Keepers don't like having their control disrupted. Find your own favorite writers by searching around the entire site here.

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