Mandy's Fri Blog: Are We Watching the Beginning of a Totalitarian State?

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THE BIG QUESTION OF THE DAY Our Friday tradition is to ask a deep philosophical question in the 1pm hour. Today is not different, so get your thinking caps on. Buy the Book of Questions by clicking here.

ARE WE SEEING THE BEGINNING OF A TOTALITARIAN STATE? I am shocked that I am writing that and meaning it but here we are. Noted liberal Naomi Wolf has written extensively about the Ten Steps to Fascism and she says we are in step 10 right now. Read her article on this here. She was on Tucker Carlson recently and you can see that here. The long and short of it is that we have allowed our Constitutional Rights to be stripped away by government because of Coronavirus. At the same time, we have fences around the houses of Government in DC and Capitol Police on high alert in the name of protecting government during the State of the Union Address. Oh, and the President just dropped bombs on Syria without Congressional approval but I guess it's cool because Democrats are doing it now.

YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENT TONE IN THE COVERAGE ON THAT SYRIA STORY Read the story from today's New York Times about Biden bombing Syria and you get this:

Using a carefully calibrated approach, the president hopes to restrain Iran’s regional militia allies without undercutting efforts to reach a new nuclear deal.

Now read the coverage of Trump targeting Iran's architect of terror:

Suleimani was planning attacks on Americans across the region, leading to an airstrike in Baghdad, the Pentagon statement said. Iran’s supreme leader called for vengeance.

That is the topline for both stories. You can imagine the Biden story goes to great lengths to paint this as strategic mastery of the sort we've never seen before. The Trump article lays out why the guy they killed was a bad dude and how we prepared for retaliatory strikes. Strikes which didn't really come until Biden was POTUS. But the Times left that out. Shameful.

I'M ALL FOR A LESS TRUMPY VERSION OF TRUMPISM If Trumpism is the best part of the Donald Trump's Administration, which put Americans first and tried to insure immigrants are here legally, then mark me down for Trumpism. But I can't and won't ever vote for Donald Trump again. Full stop. I will not put my stamp of approval on the man, but I will support any person who adopts his policies without the nastiness. This column argues that less Trumpy Trumpism could see the GOP forward. I agree.

JEFFCO IS BEGINNING TO GET IT'S LIFE BACK FROM COVID RESTRICTIONS They went to Level Blue this morning at 6am, which means gyms and restaurants can let more people in and last call is midnight. Denver just missed getting the same. Check your county here.

IS 30 MILLION LARGER THAN 2 BILLION? Depends on who you ask. The Capitol Riots of January 6th are going to end up costing taxpayers $30 million. That's awful, to be sure, but the riots after the death of George Floyd cost $2 BILLION dollars. I'll just leave that right there.

HASBRO DEGENDERS A VEGETABLE And though I think it's just dumb and a solution in search of a problem, we needn't freak out about it. Who among us hasn't ended up with a Potato Head that looked like a cross dressing cowboy in full lipstick anyway? Anyone? Just me then.

RAND PAUL TAKES ON BIDEN'S ASSISTANT HEALTH SECRETARY And he went right for the question I have, which is does she support the government deciding to allow mutilating surgery over the objection of the parents? Watch this entire exchange. Just watch it.

LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE APPLIED TO GET PAID TO MOVE TO ARKANSAS Like over 26,000 of them. The city in the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas is paying 10 grand to remote workers who move there. They just announced the first 25 recipients. A lot of people are going to be disappointed it seems, but then, they don't have to live in Arkansas so WINNING. (Just kidding, some of Arkansas is lovely. Some of it.)

THIS LIST OF CUTEST DOG BREEDS IS JACKED UP They have Saint Bernards in the 9 spot, which is unconscionable. They are obviously #1!

ANDREW CUOMO IS A SCUMBAG AND A LIAR And his world seems to be starting to unravel nicely. On top of lying about how many senior citizens he sent to nursing homes to infect and kill other seniors, he's also been accused of acting like another famous New Yorker. A former aide has written a long article about the sexual harassment she endured while working for Andrew Cuomo. She ended up quitting two years ago, about the time Democrats were giving the red carpet treatment to Christine Blasey Ford (Believe All Women!) but waited until NOW to tell her story. Though I'm glad she came forward now, it seems that she probably agrees with Cuomo's politics and not Kavanaugh's so she kept quiet until Cuomo was weakened and Trump was gone. That kind of political protection happens ALL THE TIME and it's truly sickening to me. On both sides of the aisle.

THE VACCINE IS GOING TO HELP BRING THE END OF THIS PANDEMIC I said yesterday that now that we have the vaccine, it will always get credit for ending the pandemic. I'm fine with that. I don't care who or what gets the credit, I just want this over. So here is a great study that says if we want life back to normal, get the dang vaccine. There you go.

THE CASE AGAINST REPARATIONS FROM LARRY ELDER And he's much smarter than I am so just go read his column.





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