Mandy's Thu Blog: People Voted From Fake Addresses and Diorama Hell

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IT'S A GRAB BAG KIND OF DAY ON THE SHOW But I've got some super fun stuff for you and some stuff that will make your head explode. Like this:

YOU WANT YOUR $1400 BUCKS BUT FEDERAL WORKER WANT THEIR 21 GRAND We've talked about the giant Democrat payoff that they are calling a stimulus bill but this one is new for me. It seems that as Nancy Pelosi tries to paint Republicans as heartless for not passing her bloated and pork filled bill by telling Americans that the GOP is stopping the $1400 that Joe Biden promised (well he promised 2 grand but whatev shut up and be happy with what they gave you), but what she isn't telling you is that in this bill is a slush fund for federal workers to tap into if they have to stay home and take care of their kids while their kids are home from school. Why are they home from school? The teacher's unions don't want to go back to work and they have the President's ear. But now, federal workers will be able to get $1400 PER WEEK for a total of FIFTEEN WEEKS. So you are supposed to be happy with your one time $1400 payment while federal workers who are part of the politburo get TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND dollars to stay home with their kids. But I'm sure you're cool with it. Here is another list of the nonsense in the bill.

APPEASEMENT DOESN'T WORK EVERY TIME IT'S TRIED And now we're back to a strategy of appeasement with Iran from the Biden Administration. Rather than building on the coalition of natural enemies to Iran in the Middle East, Biden is giving Saudi Arabia crap and giving Iran whatever it wants as long as the PROMISE to slow down the development of nuclear weapons. Cliff May reminds us how wrong this strategy is in this column.

WHY DO KIDS HAVE TO MAKE DIORAMAS??? We just suffered through yet another diorama project. Since some schools are out, I thought I'd ask teachers WHY??? WHY do we have to have dioramas??? It's torture when your kid isn't artistically inclined.

STEVEN CROWDER IS DOING THE WORK INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS AREN'T INTERESTED IN Namely finding people who voted from completely fabricated addresses. He did a video on it here:

And then he posted on Twitter where he got flagged and suspended. He did not take that lying down. He took on Twitter on their own platform.

Is this the beginning of the real battle? We'll see.

THIS MADE ME LAUGH ENTIRELY TOO HARD YESTERDAY And so I'm sharing it with you now. For no apparent reason, someone made the Queen do this.

XCEL'S CLEAN ENERGY PLAN PUTS RATEPAYERS ON THE HOOK FOR 8 BILLION DOLLARS Because Xcel is committing to getting Colorado to 100% renewable energy by 2050. No word yet on exactly how they plan to insure that our power stays on when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. But what we do know is that Xcel isn't going to pay for the changes itself, they will all be passed from them to us. But I'm sure it will be fine, right? Just ask Texas!

THE NO PLACE FOR HATE PROGRAM IS WORKING TO PRODUCE LITTLE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS And it's being taught in Douglas County Schools RIGHT NOW. The requirements to be a part of the NPFH program include students signing a pledge, turning over discipline issues to the Anti-Defamation League and urges children to move beyond kindness to become activists to rally for liberal causes. It's hot garbage and induces anxiety and hopelessness in the children forced to sit through this drivel. You've been warned, you should probably check and see if this is being taught to your kid too.

PRESIDENT BIDEN IS CALLING OUT SAUDI ARABIA FOR KILLING A JOURNALIST Even though it was probably just a "differing norm", like the Chinese imprisoning and gang raping women in Uyghur concentration camps, amiright? The report was generated by the CIA in 2018 but not released by the Trump Administration. To be clear, I can't stand the Saudi regime and am glad we are calling them to account. I'm just curious why one dead journalist is more important than countless women raped on a daily basis, the imprisonment of political opponents and re-education camps. Oh, wait, the Chinese who gave Hunter a crap ton of money did that stuff. My bad.

HOW DO WE ACCOMODATE TRANS ATHLETES AND PROTECT WOMEN'S SPORTS? This is a real sticking point for many people, and one that is rooted in biological fact. This article does a great job both offering solutions that can protect women's sports for biological women while allowing transgender women, who have a biological advantage that has been demonstrated over and over again, to compete. The solution? Have all men's sports be considered "open" categories. Let them compete against men. I wonder how this is going to be received by the sorts of advocates who believe that women should just have to learn to lose? And yes, they are out there. Read more here.

TRAVELERS SAY THEY WOULD GIVE UP SEX TO BE ABLE TO HIT THE ROAD AGAIN And you guys, C'MON. Just take a damn trip. Go somewhere. Do it. Don't be among the 35% of Americans who say they would give up sex FOR A YEAR just to be able to travel again. Seriously, just GO.

HOW MUCH IS HOUSEWORK WORTH? WE HAVE AN INSULTING ANSWER FROM CHINA And I realize their economy is not as developed as ours, but $4 a DAY seems a bit ridiculous. Or maybe I should just try to hire someone here for $4 a day to clean my house? The case was groundbreaking in China, as it forced the courts to reckon with the value of "woman's work" in China during a divorce hearing.

JAPANESE SCIENTISTS CAN CHANGE YOUR BRAIN AND MAKE YOU MORE CONFIDENT Well that's what they are working towards anyway. It's really kind of cool and uses neurofeedback to reward your brain when it focuses on positive memories or something. Not gonna lie, I don't understand this fully, but maybe it can help people with anxiety and PTSD.

THE PETRI DISH THAT IS ISRAEL SHOWS THE PFIZER VACCINE WORKS EXTREMELY WELL And this is how Israel got so many doses, they promised extensive follow up with their people. And now we know that after the second dose, the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective, which means if you have it, there is a 95% chance you won't get coronavirus. And this is real world use, not lab use. And allegedly this is the gold standard of tests, unless it shows masks don't work then it's garbage.


IT'S A PANDA BREAKOUT! Or maybe not.

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