Mandy's Wed Blog: No, You Can't Give Minority Biz Owners Special Treatment

THE GOVERNOR MAY HAVE GOTTEN TOO FANCY WITH COVID RELIEF And rather than ask businesses of all sorts if they needed help, he carved out a special program JUST for minority businesses. While a nice gesture, is it legal? One local non-minority business owner is crying foul and I've got Glenn Roper with the Pacific Legal Foundation on today to discuss a lawsuit they have filed on his behalf. He joins me at 1.

HEY GUESS WHAT? GRANT'S GOT A NEW PODCAST OUT TODAY! His newest episode is with an ultra marathoner who is also a long distance open water swimmer. She is insane, if you ask me. Check it out here!

REMEMBER WHEN JUDGES STOPPED THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S IMMIGRATION ORDERS? And Democrats cheered? I'm guessing they won't be cheering a Federal Judge in Texas who has issued an indefinite stay on President Biden's new immigration orders stopping deportations for 100 days. Heh. This should be super fun to watch. Especially because Democrats said they would consider impeachment if Trump told federal agencies to ignore the order. Heh.

SATIRE: THE GOVERNOR CREATES GOON SQUADS TO ENFORCE HIS EDICTS And I hate saying that this is satire right up front, but you wouldn't believe how humorless some lefties are these days and they simply don't get it. The Oyster writes about the Safety Squad here.

WHEN RENEWABLES FAIL, IT COSTS RATE PAYERS A WHOLE LOT MORE TO BACK THEM UP And much like Texas saw it's renewables fail, we saw ours fail during our crazy cold and snow last week. Why didn't we lose power? Because Xcel bought very expensive (because of market demand) and very reliable energy that was produced by oil and gas. Read more here.

YOUNG BLACK MEN ARE KILLING EACH OTHER AT AN ALARMING RATE And in this article, they mention guns over and over again, but they don't mention any cultural norms that could be behind the disproportionate rate of young black men that die by homicide. It gives the gruesome stats that include the most alarming one that is Black men between the ages of 15-34 make up 37% of gun homicides. They make up 2% of the total population. The report does not even dip it's toe into the fact that a vast majority of these young black men are murdered by OTHER young black men. And yet, this report is about the gun, not the culture of violence that makes gun use okay. This is not okay on any level.

SO IT WAS ERCOT WHO CONSPIRED TO GOUGE TEXANS Yesterday I had the story of how the Department of Energy gave a waiver that would allow power plants to operate at full capacity during the storm last week. I blamed the DoE for jacking up the price to $1500 per Mwh. Now we know that ERCOT made that caveat in their initial ask. Why? Who knows and only Texans can decide what to do with ERCOT, though multiple members, who all live out of state, have already resigned from the board. I sure hope someone asks them why they put the price so high during a horrible storm and why they underestimated things so badly. Unlike the news media, I can admit when I was wrong.

A MAYOR IN NEW YORK ABOLISHES HIS POLICE FORCE IN GQ MAGAZINE At least he rolled out his plan to GQ BEFORE he rolled it out to...say...the Police in his town of Ithaca. This is not going to go well and just goes to show that this politician, like so many politicians, cares more about getting the press coverage than bringing all the stakeholders together. He wants to replace the police with armed "public safety" officers and mental health pros for non-violent calls. What is the definition of a public safety officer? I don't know, maybe I should pick up the magazine to see.

THE FDA IS GIVING THE GO-AHEAD TO THE JOHNSON & JOHNSON VACCINE And they say it is 66% effective at stopping moderate or serious cases of covid. That's not as good as Pfizer or Moderna, but this is a traditional vaccine similar to the pneumonia vaccine for those hesitant to go with the new mRNA technology.

THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE IN REAL LIFE Don't act like you didn't think about doing this when you were a kid just to see.


PUPPIES LOVE BABIES At least this one does.

THE HATEFUL NEERA TANDEN'S NOMINATION IS ON HOLD And it was put there by the committee overseeing her confirmation to be head of the Office of Management and Budget. Why? She has been VERY active on Twitter in the past and said some really horrible things about Republicans and even Progressives. Even Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia says he's not comfortable with her because of her overt and nasty partisanship. And since the Democrats have done nothing but complain about Trump's twitter nastiness, they've got balls to even nominate her in the first place.

THE SO-CALLED WOMEN'S EQUALITY BILL IS A NIGHTMARE FOR WOMEN Because it ERASES our womanhood to replace it with whatever someone decides they want to be. It prevents the separation of sexes in locker rooms or restrooms and allows man who decide they are women to compete in women's sports. This is a nightmare if it gets passed, which I fully expect it to pass the House.

BRIT HUME IS RIGHT ABOUT DR. FAUCI And frankly, we've been saying this for months. Dr. Fauci may know disease, but he doesn't know about the economy, or the impact of lockdowns on children, or anything else Britt Hume goes on about here. I think the public's love affair with Fauci is coming to a close. I know it ended for me a long, LONG time ago. He should be an ADVISOR not the DECISION maker. And we should be getting advice from other experts too.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY HAS SOME REAL AHOLES IN THE FACULTY And they are the kind of aholes who apparently can't win an argument so they must stop any speech they can't argue against. This column by Dr. Scott Atlas, Niall Ferguson and Victor Davis Hanson about the harassment and slander they have to deal with because of their work with the Hoover Institute is not surprising at all.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FLU IN COLORADO? It disappeared this year. Why? They say all the covid precautions and whatnot, but I can't help but wonder if there is more to this, like those flu numbers are being caught up on covid numbers. Has anyone been tested for the flu AND Covid the same day? What did it show? I'm genuinely curious and TOTALLY just speculating here.

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