Mandy's Fri Blog: Big Questions and Dear Comrades!

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MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY And we're going to talk about Dear Comrades!, which I think needs to be shown on every college campus in America. I loved this movie, Dave, not so much. We'll see what Mike thinks at 2. See it on Hulu.

WOULD YOU UNDERGO CANCER TREATMENT AT 97? And please don't think this is an indictment of Bob Dole's choice to do so when he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer at the age of 97. But DANG, cancer treatment is no joke. I thought about it last night and I don't think I would. I'd spend my remaining days enjoying my family or driving around the country or something. I know he's tough, but I'll be shocked if he survives the chemo.

THE LEGISLATURE IS TRYING TO MAKE HEALTH BOARDS EVEN MORE UNACCOUNTABLE We've had a year of public health board shutting down businesses and killing livelihoods, and unlike in Weld county, where the health board is made up of elected county commissioners, we have ZERO recourse. And now the Legislature is trying to dictate who can and can't serve on these boards. I don't care who cares on the boards if they are an advisory board that guides elected officials in making decisions, but we've given them TREMENDOUS power now and I want to be able to express my disdain at the ballot box if I disagree. This bill must die.

NOW THE TEACHERS UNIONS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW BADLY SCHOOLS HAVE FAILED YOUR KIDS And of course it's not the fault of the teachers who have had to scramble and figure out online teaching in the past year, but we need to know HOW FAR BEHIND our kids have fallen. Yet, the teacher's unions are leading the way in STOPPING the standardized testing that may show us. Why? It's not like these scores are going to go on the kids "permanent record" and prevent them from living happy and productive lives. I'll tell you the reason; they don't want to have to go back in the classroom and they know parents will howl louder if they find out their kids have lost a full year of productive learning. I'm not a huge fan of standardized testing but it's the only thing we can do to figure out where we are.

DOUGCO SCHOOLS DEAL WITH CHARGES OF RACISM And this is very disappointing to me as a DougCo parent. I have to believe the former Superintendent (who I did NOT care for, policy-wise) and former Chief Academic Officer when they say they experienced incidences of racism while working here; this is very disheartening. I hope the Board answers for this in some way, as ultimately they worked closely with said Superintendent. And I'd like to see some place where examples of racist activity are shared. Parents need to know if someone in their kids school is writing the N-word on a bathroom wall so they can talk to their kids.


HE ONLY LIKES MOMMY WHEN SHE GIVES HIM COOKIES We've all been there kid, we've all been there.

KENDRICK CASTILLO HAS MADE IT TO MARS The young man who selflessly gave his life to stop a shooter at STEM School in Highlands Ranch had his name included on the Perseverance rover that just landed on Mars. Read more of this sad and beautiful gesture here.

BIDEN IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL MAY HELP RE FOCUS REPUBLICANS On what they need to focus on, which is stopping Biden's agenda. His big plan is really a rehash of the Gang of Eight immigration bill that failed in 2008. Amnesty with no real southern border security. Republicans had a chance to deal with the one part of immigration reform that enjoys broad support but couldn't get it done because Democrats are hell bent on not securing the southern border. Now Dems will push a steaming crap sandwich and I'm fine with it because it might snap Republicans out of their inner battles and bring them together to stop this bill. To be clear, I am not against an immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship, but it's a non starter without significant border protections to prevent us from being here again in 20 years.

AND BIDEN IS CREATING A NEW CRISIS AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER AS WE SPEAK Say what you will about Trump's policies, they greatly reduced the number of people trying to break into our country. With his promise to end deportations, Biden has already created a rush at the border that requires the creation of tent cities. Where are the dramatic photos of AOC at these new camps?

THE WAR FOR RARE EARTHS IS THE NEW WAR FOR OIL And in this case, it's not the Middle East that holds the upper hand, it's China. China has the majority of rare earths production right now, and rare earths are needed for everything from smartphones to airplanes. This is definitely something very important to watch, as China is "reviewing" it's rare earth export policy now. What's super ironic is they want to ban the export of the technology they use to mine and refine rare earths, which is rich since they steal technology from everyone else.

WE MADE A FRANKENFERRET! At a Fish and Wildlife Service black-footed ferret breeding facility in Fort Collins, Colorado a new ferret kit is "holding her own". Why is she special? Because she's a clone of a ferret that died in 1988! This story is cool and super creepy at the same time.

THE CITY OF MADISON WISCONSIN IS TRYING TO MAKE SEGREGATION COOL AGAIN And they've created a Police Civilian Oversight Board that bans white people from serving on it. Yep. Check it here.

THIS PARTIALLY EXPLAINED WHY WE GOT HIT SO HARD BY COVID...WE'RE FAT And note I say "we're" not "you're" because I fight this fight along with the rest of you. A whopping 70% of Americans are overweight, and 42% are obese. This is not good news and probably why we've had so many covid deaths, as obesity is a big comorbidity factor in covid complication. We have to right this ship and the Standard American Diet is not going to help us do it. If you have no idea where to start, buy this book.

WE LOVE OUR PETS! And many of us have thrown ourselves into harm's way to save them and say we wouldn't think twice before doing so.

SOME STATES ARE ENDING MASK MANDATES And it will be interesting to see how the covid numbers in Montana and Iowa respond to this decision. Florida still doesn't have a mask mandate. Just saying


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