Mandy's Thu Blog: Please Tell Me I'm Right and Joke Day!

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT AT 2 As we welcome back our man Charles Harrington Elster to answer all of your word or grammar questions. Get them ready or email me at with yours.

THE DEATH OF HUMOR AND JOKES MUST BE DEFEATED If you missed this great column by Joseph Epstein about the Death of Humor you should read it, for the three jokes he shares if for nothing else. Do people tell jokes anymore? I feel like the answer is no, and that's a shame. So in the 1pm hour, I want to hear your SAFE FOR THE RADIO jokes. And make them good ones.

WE DIDN'T TALK ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY BUT IT'S VERY IMPORTANT So I'm sharing it again today. From yesterday's blog:

EVEN UNION SUPPORTERS ARE GETTING SICK OF THE TEACHERS UNIONS And of all the scare mongering going on by such unions. Let me be perfectly clear, if you voted for Biden, you voted to let the teacher's unions decide every aspect of your children's education, including whether or not they will be allowed back in school. So if you're mad about your kids sitting in front of a screen for a YEAR, blame them. This column is written by a guy who admits he's a big supporter of the unions, even as he takes them to task for keepings schools closed.

CNN IS FACT CHECKING AND MAKING EXCUSES FOR BIDEN'S BLUNDERS YESTERDAY And I'm sure they would have treated Trump the exact same way. Ha, that cracked me up. Here is an example of the coverage Trump got at a similar time in his Presidency. Note how many of the things CNN labeled as "misleading" turned out to accurate via the Mueller Report. Not only does CNN note Biden's egregious errors, they go on to explain them away as simple mistakes. Can you imagine if Trump had said that killed a journalist like Khashoggi was just a "different cultural norm"?? You really need to read both of these and just marvel at the obsequience Can you imagine if Trump had said that killed a journalist like Khashoggi was just a "different cultural norm"?? You really need to read both of these and just marvel at the slavish way they are treating our new President. It's mind blowing and pathetic on CNN's part.

BIGGEST STORY FROM THE TOWN HALL: RAPE IS JUST A CULTURAL NORM TO BIDEN Because the President of the United States said this about China imprisoning, re educating, and gang raping Chinese Muslim Uyghurs:

Got that? China arresting political opponents in Hong Kong is just a differing cultural norm. China saber rattling and taking over Taiwan is just a cultural norm. China RAPING IMPRISONED WOMEN is just a differing cultural norm. Got it, Joe. Got it.

THREE LEFTY ICONS COLLAPSE AT THE SAME TIME And National Review does a bit of dancing on their freshly dug graves. Dug by themselves, of course. Andrew Cuomo, The Lincoln Project and Governor Gavin Newsom are all officially knocked off their left wing pedestals. I must say I'm enjoying knowing that all those Democrats who sent donations to the Lincoln Project are now finding out they just made those aholes rich. Heh.

WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE TEXAS POWER SITUATION? IT DEPENDS ON WHO YOU ASK It is FASCINATING to watch everyone outside Texas to stake a position on why Texas still has hundreds of thousands of customers in the dark right now. I've been waiting for the dust to settle to see what's really going on. Greenies want you to believe that windmills are saving people right now, while a man who works for a Texas based energy think tank says not so fast. So where does the truth lie? That the companies who have a monopoly on power in Texas did a lousy job preparing for this and should be held to account. Period. Texas gets 20% of it's energy from renewables, but not during the winter, not ever. Wind is only expected to make up 10% of Texas power supplies in the winter. Why is that? Because renewable energy is unreliable energy, and that is the real story here, along with the fact that ERCOT doesn't store any natural gas for times like this when demand exceeds capacity. This demonstrates that though renewables are a great idea, WHEN THEY WORK, they do not, and can not work all the time. Thus, we are a long way off from 100% renewable energy. The Wall Street Journal has the most factual information in one place here. Also, don't forget that the past two summers have seen rolling blackouts ALL SUMMER LONG in California and there was nary a peep of criticism in the national press. Just saying.

PLEASE STOP BEING UGLY TO RESTAURANT AND RETAIL WORKERS I can't even believe I have to say this, but STOP blaming the workers at retail and restaurant establishments for enforcing covid rules. It is NOT their fault and they must comply or lose their livelihoods. Read here for more. And if you see someone doing this, please consider intervening.

DAVE NEEDS A FUNNY PARROT So he will stop sending me videos like this one.


WHY ARE WE TAUGHT NOT TO SPEAK ILL OF THE DEAD? This column tries to answer this question, but for me, I've always thought it's because they simply are no longer able to defend themselves. That's enough, isn't it?

PROGESSIVE POLITICS HAVE REPLACED LEARNING IN CHICAGO And if you think teachers being more sensitive is going to help third graders get to grade level in reading and math, you are a special kind of stupid. Public schools are a perfect example of government failure. Read more here.

PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING A FRIEND TRAPPED IN PAIN BY SOCIALIZED MEDICINE If you missed the story of my friend Michelle, living in the UK with a gallbladder that desperately needs to be removed while she can't even get a consult with an NHS surgeon, read about it here. After the early success of this campaign, she called the private hospital yesterday to see when she could get a consult with their surgeon and got ONE FOR TODAY. Please help her afford this surgery, it would mean the world to me. Plus share the story to anyone who thinks socialized medicine is a good idea. PLEASE. She sent me this photo to share with you today:

Rox at Doc

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