Mandy's Thu Blog: A New Book on China and Star Fired for Denigrating Nazis

HELEN RALEIGH KNOWS WHAT COMMUNIST CHINA IS REALLY LIKE Because she grew up in it before immigrating to the US and becoming a citizen. Her new book Backlash: How China's Aggression Has Backfired is out and she's on at 1 to talk about it. Buy the book by clicking here!

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HELEN'S BOOK IS HAPPENING NOW WITH THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION As the WHO finished it's "in depth" investigation of the Coronavirus out break in about five minutes, I don't put much stock into their claim that it WASN'T China's fault, NOT AT ALL. This story is patently ridiculous, as some WHO clown who has given a crap ton of money to the lab where coronavirus was likely created, he can go pound sand. We shall discuss.

GINA CARANO GOT FIRED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH And if you are a Mandalorian fan you may miss her when the series picks up again, as she's been fired. LucasFilms sent out this statement on her firing:

“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

So what did she say? You may think she said Jews have "hypnotized the world" and lived in an "evil" country in Israel, but you'd be wrong, that came from a member of Congress. She said this:

Nothing in that post can be construed as "denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities" unless you are concerned about the feelings of people who killed Jews. This is just a flimsy excuse to fire her because she is a conservative. Period, full stop. In doing so, they proved the point of this Instagram post, no? Christian Toto has written about this previously here and he's joining me at 2 to discuss.

THE SYSTEMATIC DEATH OF FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA This is a GREAT column about how some are CHEERING the death of free speech in America. Urging it on. Our protected speech is unique in the world. Even in the "free" nations of Europe there are considerable restrictions on speech. From the column:

Today, in America, we see an increased and often casually overt effort by the ruling powers of government to likewise control, if not popularize the narrative by stifling voices of dissent. This repression of dissent finds blind and willing collusion among the so-called American free press that today appears to voluntarily help control the narrative, spinning a version of truth that supports the ruling political power’s agenda.
To voice words of criticism of policy or political ideals of the ruling power, to disagree with any perspective, or to express dissent against the system today, that person who fails to see the world as the narrative says we should see it finds himself or herself branded despicable, deplorable, labeled with insults such as bully, Nazi, bigot, racist, domestic terrorist and worse. All for simply uttering dissent against those in power who now control the public agenda and narrative.

You really need to read the rest of it. Find it here.

RTD IS GIVING POLIS' FRIENDS THEIR TRAIN TO DENVER And this is an ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE. Poor people have seen their bus lines eliminated, entire cities have seen the service they are paying for cut, but rich people in Boulder are the ones who get their way. This is insane on every level and a perfect example of government being used in ways that are just dumb by people with influence. Too bad the City of Parker didn't have dinner with the Governor, maybe they would still have a bus.

JUST FOR FUN, I CHECKED OUT THE TAX RETURNS OF THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE From 2019. Amazingly, the Foundation paid out a majority of it's donations in salaries, benefits, and travel this year. Perhaps that's because donations have fallen through the floor. One must wonder why they have $300 MILLION in assets just sitting there when there are so many people to help, amiright??? Donations went from almost $109 million on 2015 down to $29 million this year. I wonder why that is? Could it be because donors are no longer trying to suck up and curry favor with the Clintons because they have no power? I'm sure that's not it. Check the numbers out for yourself here.

I NEED THIS PICK ME UP TODAY So we are revisiting Talking Animals. You're welcome!

DENVER MART IS DONE And they sent a letter to all their vendors letting them know the building was in receivership and would be sold soon to pay off debts to their lender. It's the end of an era and Jared Polis' Covid restrictions killed it.

A THIRD OF AMERICANS ARE SKEPTICAL OF THE COVID VACCINE And I'm honestly surprised it's not higher. That translates to many of them saying they won't get the vaccine at all, but some are just waiting to see if people who have already gotten it have issues. I think by the time everything fun says you have to have a covid shot to participate they will overcome their fears.

THE SULTAN OF SMUT IS DEAD In an era of cancel culture of people being fired for exercising their Free Speech rights, this almost seems quaint to recall the days when Larry Flynt was the biggest defender of free speech. But since he's dead, we can all talk about what a great guy he was for bringing smut to our homes or something. Let's also remember that Flynt's Barely Legal magazines have been tied to the sex trafficking of underage girls. But you wouldn't know that from reading the glowing obits running today. He was gross.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS OWN THE WHITE HOUSE And have already forced the Biden Administration to break a promise they made during the campaign to get schools open again in the first hundred days he was in office. So what does that look like? Read this from the Wall Street Journal:

“His goal that he set is to have the majority of schools, so more than 50 percent, open by day 100 of his presidency and that means some teaching in classrooms,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday. “So at least one day a week.”

Is one day a week "open" to you? That's ridiculous and he's being forced to change because teacher's unions don't give two craps about students falling behind, falling into depression, losing A YEAR of quality instruction and that goes double for poor children. THEY. DON'T. CARE. ABOUT. KIDS. OR. SCIENCE. And they own our new President because his wife is one of them (she's a doctor, you know). The heads of the teachers unions managed to muster up the courage to visit the White House 36 hours after Biden's Inauguration but the classroom is TOO SCARY for them. Effing cowards and losers all of them.

SYTEMIC RACISM IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY And one far more dangerous that any idiocy that QAnon puts out. This column deconstructs real data to demonstrate the fallacy of racism being the cause of Black Americans ills. It's very good and you should read it before this guy is cancelled.

MY FRIEND KELLY IS WAITING FOR BABY GOATS AND YOU CAN WATCH THEM BE BORN! All you have to do is subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

THIS LITTLE GIRL LOVES HER GARBAGE MAN And he loves seeing her too. Kids are the best until life ruins them.


AND NOW THE GUY WHO DECIDES PACKAGING FOR FOODS I laughed very hard at this today but I've always suspected he was drunk.

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