Mandy's Tue Blog: Being a Better You and Steve Moore on Bidenomics


OUR FITNESS GURU MICHELLE ZELLNER JOINS ME AT 1 And we are going to spend the next year once a month talking about how YOU can be the BEST YOU you can be. Today we're talking about getting real about where you really are in your health and fitness. As we age we think we are in better shape than we really are, so Michelle has some tips to properly evaluate where you are at this very moment. Find out more about Michelle or have her come to your business or group by clicking here.

STEVE MOORE IS BACK TO TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMY And Bidenomics is not looking good right now, as many economists think that a huge stimulus like the one Biden is working on would actually damage the recovery. I'm guessing Steve agrees. He's on at 2 today. You can read his latest newsletter and subscribe to it for FREE by clicking here.

THE GROUP LIVING SCAM IS ON IN DENVER The City Council ignored the will of the people last night and changed the housing codes in Denver to allow unrelated people to share a house. Why is this bad? Because the reasons given by to the Council for the zoning change were not truthful. It's not about affordable housing, it's about drug and alcohol treatment facilities and halfway houses for those transitioning from prison back into society. Though I recognize the need for such places to exist, I've lived near one before and the cops were there ALL THE TIME and it was very chaotic and I would never want one in my neighborhood without recourse to rescind those licenses. That last part is very important, because if the owners of such facilities were responsible for the actions of the people who lived there, it might be LESS chaotic and normal. But City Council approved it anyway.

THERE ARE MORE FRAUDULENT UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS THAT REAL ONES IN COLORADO And this sucks for people who need unemployment benefits but doesn't surprise me at all. Free money? Sure. I got an email from a guy who just found out from the IRS that his dead wife got unemployment benefits last year. Nice, huh? They have paid out 6 million but have caught 91 million before they were paid. Scammers suck balls. That is all.

DEAR JEFFCO PARENTS, SOME OF THE PEOPLE TEACHING YOUR KIDS ARE IRRATIONAL DINGBATS As a bunch of JeffCo teachers rushed to the National Western Building hoping to get a vaccine when some were left over. Except they were jumping out of cars on 70 to run to the building like they were being chased. One dude in his bathrobe according to this story. This is just embarrassing.

THE SUPERBOWL RATINGS SUCK And this is after a season of crappy ratings (for the NFL anyway). Now a marquee matchup of two of the best quarterbacks playing, one being the best of all times, didn't bring folks back to the Super Bowl, which saw it's lowest ratings since the 1990s. Why? Go woke, go broke. There is a good segment of sports fans who simply got tired of being lectured by men who make WAY MORE MONEY they do about their "white privilege". So they found other things to do.

OH, YEAH, THERE'S AN IMPEACHMENT HAPPENING TODAY And as I am in the "unconstitutional" camp, I'm not even going to discuss it. Unless there is some new, damning evidence there is a zero percent chance Trump is convicted so why waste my time and yours when we really don't care?

DEMS ARE PUSHING A LABOR LAW THAT COULD KILL UBER AND UBER EATS And any other delivery service that uses contract employees. The Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, who I guarantee doesn't have Uber on her phone, believe that this would help gig workers and make it easier to unionize them (which I think is the long term goal here) but if California is any example, it will just kill freelancing for people who enjoy the freedom of such a gig. If the bill it was modeled on from Cali is any indication, it will kill ride sharing, delivery services and more. Just to give unions a chance to pad their pockets.

I FEEL THIS WAY WHEN I GET THE HICCUPS SOMETIMES TOO, PUP This little guy has the hiccups and he's not happy about it.

AND RYAN LONG PREACHES AT THE CHURCH OF WOKE And I'm amazed that he's not been banned yet. Enjoy until then!

CONSERVATIVES HAVE TO TAKE BACK CULTURE And this is something that has been brewing for a LONG LONG time but has to be done. This article with Andrew Klavan does a brilliant job of laying out the path, we just have to take it. We MUST take it.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID YOU BETTER BE TOUGH: GORILLA GLUE EDITION Some dumbass woman ran out of hair spray and decided that Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive was a fine alternative. Until a MONTH LATER she couldn't get the glue off her head and had to go to the ER. Now she says she's thinking of suing the glue maker. If she wins a dime I'm moving to another country and staying there.

WHEN A MAN'S GOTTA PEE, A MAN'S GOTTA PEE But when a tennis player in the Australian Open needed to pee DURING his set, he was denied by the line judge. His response was rather entertaining. He peed between sets, as an fyi.

MLB RE-UPS SEVEN INNING DOUBLE HEADERS And they also re-upped having a runner on 2nd if a game goes to extra innings. This past year was the first year in a long time we didn't have a 15 inning game, which I must say I don't mind seeing go away. Give me 12, max. I'm tired after that.


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