Mandy's Mon Blog: A Menachem Begin Movie and Black Mothers Want Voices

A NEW DOCUMENTARY BRINGS MENACHEM BEGIN TO LIFE And I've got the filmmakers behind Upheaval: The Journey of Menachem Begin which is the first English language biographical documentary about Begin. I've got Executive Director Rob Schwartz and Director Jonathan Gruber at 1 to discuss. I think this is especially timely as all the deals struck between Israel and its neighbors have just been glossed over. Watch the trailer and see it by clicking here. You can see the entire line up for the Jewish Film Festival by clicking here.

THESE WOMEN DON'T WANT THEIR CHILDREN FORGOTTEN We've talked about this in the past year, but only in passing because the time was not then to focus on all the black children (most of them boys) killed by violence in the black community. There is now a group of people, lead by women whose children were murdered by other civilians in their communities, and its mission is to bring together law enforcement and community partners to support solutions to senseless violence with community-based intervention. I am speaking with Robert Woodson, the Founder of the Woodson Center which is organizing this movement. He's on at 2pm. Find out more about Voices of Black Mothers by clicking here. They are all about pushing back against the Defund the Police movement. Find out more about The Woodson Center by clicking here.

BOULDER CITY COUNCIL MEMBER COMPARES JEWS TO PRAIRIE DOGS And then she doubled down on the analogy saying essentially that she views prairie dogs as equal to human beings overall. Let's get real, I love prairie dogs. The way they pop their little heads up to say hi, how can you not love that??? However, I recognize that they are a nuisance animal who carry bubonic plague on their fleas so I'm reasonable. Boulder City Council member Mirabai Nagle sent out a postcard using the Nazi analogy in reference to a city-approved plan to gas the prairie dogs on city owned property. And then she tried to say it was taken out of context. When do we stop using the Holocaust as a punchline?

POLIS WIDENS THE URBAN-RURAL DIVIDE AGAIN The Governor isn't that interested in hearing from people from the ENTIRE state, at least when it comes to state boards. From appointing a known animal activist to the Ag Board to now replacing representation of Eastern Colorado farmers from the Water Conservation Board, he simply doesn't care what the farmers think. Or at least that's how it seems. If you're not from the Front Range, he doesn't want to hear from you.

PROBLEMS WITH THE POLICE REFORM BILL NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF There is nothing worse than a vague law. It's doesn't matter what the law is about, if it is open to too much interpretation it can mean disaster, as it will be applied unequally. That is just one of the issues with the Police reform bill rushed through the Legislature last year. Now municipalities are asking the State to fix it. We'll see if the Legislature realizes how badly this bill muddies the waters.



HEY LOOK, ANOTHER CHARTER SCHOOL HAS BEEN OPEN SINCE AUGUST! These are in Aurora and in the Springs. This story is not unusual or unique to the charter school system, and does raise the question: why can charter schools stay open when traditional public schools beholden to the teacher's union can't? I hinted at the answer in that last bit of info.

THE EVOLUTION OF VALENTINE'S DAY The Holderness Family nails it. Where are you in your relationship?

TROLL LEVEL 1000 ON THIS BILL As the GOP is pushing back on the Democrats going after their crazy members, they unveiled a bill to go after a Democrat crazy member, Ilhan Omar. It seems that Omar, who many believe married her brother in an immigration scam, has funneled 70% of her campaign donations to her new, non-brother husband. Hmmm, imagine if the Republicans did this. The new bill is called the OMAR act and is designed to prevent members of Congress from paying their family members to do jobs for them. We'll see if the Dems give it a hearing or just continue to cover for their more Anti-Semitic member.

1984 IS ALIVE AND WELL IN PROGRESSIVE CIRCLES It's crazy to me that people promoting a new "Reality Czar" either haven't read 1984 or simply think it does not apply to them even though they are doing EXACTLY what George Orwell saw coming all those years ago. Read this, though it is very depressing.

THE BIDEN STIMULUS ISN'T JUSTIFIED BY CURRENT ECONOMIC CONDITIONS Do we really need another $1.9 TRILLION dollars in economic relief? This column says an unequivocal NO and it's right.

RIP GEORGE SCHULTZ The former Secretary of State died Saturday at the age of 100. This is a lovely WSJ editorial to remind us all of his accomplishments in bringing the Cold War to and end.

SO THERE WERE NO FANS IN THE STANDS, BUT SOME ON THE FIELD YESTERDAY It was a marketing stunt by a guy with a YouTube channel.

A NEW BOOK DISHES THE DIRT ON TV'S BIGGEST ANCHORS And I've heard so many stories like this about LOCAL tv news anchors who think they are Mike Wallace that this is not surprising at all. Read more here.

NATCHEZ WANTS YOU! If you're a remote worker willing to move there for a year, that is. And if you do that, they will fork over about $6000. Read more here, but be warned, I've been to Natchez and the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife for nine months out of the year. And Lord the BUGS. SO. MANY. BUGS.

RAND PAUL IS PUSHING IMPEACHMENT...OF CHUCK SCHUMER And does so to point out the stupidity of the entire impeachment sham that is about to begin. He rightly points out that NOTHING is being done about Democratic calls for violence and uses Chuck Schumer's own incendiary language to make his point. The only difference between Schumer issuing threats to Supreme Court Justices and what Trump did is that none of Schumer's supporters like him enough to do anything.

AND NOW, PANDAS WANT TO BE HELD WHILE THEY EAT, IS THAT SO WRONG??? Thanks to listener Adam for sending this one.

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