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MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIE TODAY AT 2 And once again, I didn't watch either of the movies. But Dave and Mike shall discuss them today at 1.

TEACHERS UNION IN AURORA BLOCKS MONEY FROM EDUCATION REFORMERS When I say there is bipartisan support for school choice and charter schools in particular, I mean it. There is an organization called Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) that believes school choice is good for students, especially minority students, and they support them in the face of overwhelming opposition from the teachers unions. Now in Aurora the union has made a move that will shut down the reform movement effectively. The Aurora Education Association is refusing to support/fund any candidate who also takes money from DFER. This is devastating because unions spend a CRAP TON of money on behalf of their candidates, which is why the control School Boards, which is why your kids are still out of school. School choice is an issue that needs to be on the top of every Republicans mind, as this is an issue that Republicans and majority of minority voters agree on. From the second article:

But the voting bloc of minority parents already proved themselves consequential in the 2018 election, likely providing the winning margin for Republican Ron DeSantis in a tight race for governor of Florida. Andrew Gillum, the African-American Democrat running for governor, campaigned against a program that gives 100,000 low-income students access to private schools of their choice, through scholarships funded by corporate tax credits. Black women were twice as likely to vote for DeSantis as for the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Many likely feared losing vital access to educational opportunities for their children.

DENVER IS GIVING OUT LOTS OF TICKETS BECAUSE THE DMV IS SWAMPED And a backlog has created a situation where a LOT of people are driving around with expired plates because people simply can't GET their new plates because the DMV is so backed up. And right after the DMV sent out a message asking cities to use good judgment giving out tickets, Denver wrote almost 3,000 tickets in THREE DAYS for expired plates. They are using the DMV's logjam to pad their coffers. They are voiding the most recent round, but if you got an expired tag ticket in Denver because the DMV is a mess, PLEASE FIGHT IT.


CAN WELD'S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GOVERNOR BE SAVED? They may need counseling after this column by Weld County Commissioner Scott James on Facebook. He calls out Jared Polis for only paying attention to the needs of Weld county when some other lover comes sniffing around. Read it here.

GOVERNOR POLIS ONLY COUNTS LIBERALS AS GAY PEOPLE NOW If you're a conservative gay person please note that the Governor is happy to erase your identity as he did Richard Grenell, the ACTUAL first openly gay member of a Presidential Cabinet. Polis went out of his way to congratulate Pete Buttigieg on being the first openly gay cabinet member even though he's not. So Polis is either totally ignorant or just doesn't think Grenell and his husband are gay enough.

THE CDC HAS LOTS OF EDICTS BEFORE YOUR SUPER BOWL PARTY And this is the same organization that told us to not have Christmas and Thanksgiving so take it for what it's worth. Find out more if you'd like, click here, but the long and short is that they want you to stay home alone wrapped in bubble wrap.

SHOULD WE HAVE THE DAY OFF AFTER THE SUPER BOWL? People always want a free day off and now there is a movement to make the day after the Super Bowl a federal holiday. This is a dumb, dumb idea and I do love a day off. There is a petition about it right now.

DEMOCRATS MAKE A CHOICE THAT WILL BITE THEM IN THE BUTT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER As much as Democrats want to crow about having Congress and the White House, they wouldn't if Donald Trump hadn't screwed us all over by saying the Georgia election was stolen from him. They were not given a "mandate" in this last election. Now they have taken unprecedented action against GOP nutbar Marjorie Thomas Greene and removed her from her committee assignments. They did so while expressing no worry that Republicans can do the same thing because there are NO Democrats as bad as MGT. Mmmkay. This column reminds us otherwise.

EVEN THE WASHINGTON POST SAYS BIDEN'S BIPARTISAN TALK WAS GARBAGE And I was hopeful FOR ONE DAY, but that's long gone now as Biden has trashed so much of what is important to Republicans, even though he is well within his right to do so (again, ruling via Exec Order is DUMB every time it's tried). The Washington Post, in its reporting on the covid stimulus that was rammed through along party lines last night, admits Biden never meant it.

Despite Biden’s campaign promises of unity and bipartisanship, now that Democrats control both chambers of Congress and the White House they appeared ready to leave Republicans behind. Republican senators accused Democrats of hypocrisy and argued that, after already devoting $4 trillion to fighting the pandemic, including $900 billion in December, there was no need to spend another $2 trillion on what they termed a wish-list of liberal priorities.
The Senate passage of the budget resolution moves the “budget reconciliation” process along, allowing Biden’s relief bill to pass the Senate with a simple-majority vote, instead of the 60 normally required. That allows Democrats to move forward with no GOP votes if necessary, although Democrats and Biden officials insist that they hope Republicans will join them.
Biden’s efforts to craft a bipartisan deal have been minimal, however. He met Monday evening with 10 Senate Republicans after they offered a $618 billion counterproposal, but the White House never indicated willingness to move off Biden’s $1.9 trillion top-line or seriously consider a bipartisan compromise.

Long story short, he never meant it and Republicans can go pound sand.

A BATTLEFIELD PUP GETS A NEW HOME I love this story so much.

EXPERTS ARE BAFFLED BY THE VIRUS DOING WHAT THE VIRUS IS GONNA DO Since March of last year, a dude named Ivor Cummins has been talking about the behavior of viruses historically. He's shown chart after chart showing a big bump and a little bump in virus behavior, with differences in where the big bump occurs. Watch this:

Now the experts who have thrown us into masks and lockdowns are SHOCKED that the virus numbers are collapsing. Perhaps they should take a page from past pandemics and realize that all they have done is just for show because the virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do.

YOU NEED LIVE PANDA CAM 24/7 You're welcome.

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