Mandy's Thu Blog: Medical Myths and Thirsty Thursday!

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WHY ARE WE SO WILLING TO BELIEVE MEDICAL BS? I've got an author on today with a fascinating new book called Viral BS: Medical Myths and Why We Fall for Them. The book outlines many, many things people believe about health and why she thinks they are hokum. I know she's a doctor but I think she's wrong about some of the things she's calling BS on. We shall discuss with author Seema Yasmin today at 1. Buy the book here!

IT'S THIRSTY THURSDAY WITH THE WINE YOGI! You may not know this but the Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso is not only a highly trained sommelier, but also trained yogi and a trained chef. So she is back today to talk about fabulous Valentine's Dinner ideas for you and your sweetie and beverage pairings to go with. She joins me at 2pm, read more about today by clicking here.

THE NEXT TAKING IT FOR GRANTED PODCAST IS LIVE! And you really should listen to Grant's new podcast about happiness. Find it by clicking here and don't forget to download and subscribe!

CU BOULDER SHOWED IT'S ANTI-FREE SPEECH COLORS And it was bound to happen sooner or later when a Visiting Conservative Scholar said something somewhere that someone disagreed with. In this case is Professor John Eastman who did the talking, but he did it at the Trump rally in DC on January 6th. I've met Professor Eastman and he's a nice, if quirky, man. He is passionate about the Constitution and his speech was about areas where he believed the Constitution was violated in the election process. Read his letter of resignation to his longtime college Chapman University to understand the arguments he was making. John Eastman is not Rudy Giuliani or Lin Wood. He is a principled man trying to protect our nation the way the Constitution intended. What CU-Boulder has done is shameful and embarrassing and casts a long shadow over their claims of academic freedom. To be clear, John Eastman did not incite violence, or urge people to storm the Capitol or participate in the riot. Thusly I'd ask CU-Boulder if they would have been so harsh with him if there had not been a riot on that day. My guess is no, which should indicate how politically motivated this entire enterprise really is. Read more here.

WITHOUT CHARTERS EVEN FEWER POOR STUDENTS COULD ACCESS HIGH QUALITY SCHOOLS A new report about access to quality schools in Colorado is out and it's good news for charter schools and the students who attend them. In many areas charter schools provide the ONLY access to quality schooling for students. The issue here isn't charter schools, it's why traditional public schools don't try to emulate them.

THE COLORADO MAGAZINE LIMIT HAS EFFECTIVELY BANNED MANY HANDGUNS FROM BEING SOLD IN COLORADO And my friend and favorite rabble rouser Jon Caldara has written about it here. The Democrats said the magazine ban would not ban guns, but that's the effect anyway. Jon tried to buy numerous handguns with standard magazines only to find out they can't be sold in Colorado because of the magazine limit. The magazine limit is stupid and based on our skyrocketing murder rates, did absolutely nothing to curtail gun crime.

BAD MOVIES WITH GREAT PERFORMANCES Christian Toto writes about this odd phenomena where a movie overall is just not good but one performance makes it worthwhile. In this he talks about Robin Williams in the movie "Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent".

THE TWO BIGGEST PROBLEMS WITH SCHOOLS RIGHT NOW: COVID AND TEACHERS UNIONS If your kids are not back in school full time, even after the CDC has explicitly told teachers they NEED to be back in school and it's safe, blame the teachers unions. These too powerful organizations have shown time and time again they don't give a crap about kids, they only care about themselves and yet they are being allowed to control whether or not kids return to the classroom. Full stop.


DAVE GOT A VACCINE SHOT TODAY! And boy howdy do we owe a big thank you to emailer Tori for this one. Now that Dave has his I'm going to share the info she sent us in an email with YOU:

SCL Health is the one place I know that one can actually schedule a Covid appointment after having created a profile. Appointments are available to sign up. No wait to hear from the provider. Creating a profile is necessary at After the health profile is created at SCL Health is created, one can create an appointment and find an appointment (generally available/multiple locations/times/dates) next and go from there. My husband and I were both able to get appointments two weeks ago and will be able t get our second vaccines on 2/9. One needs to have full Medicare/medical insurance information/...vaccine is free, admin is not and will be charged) to complete the paperwork).
 It is best if people who are eligible can go in pairs bc it makes the best use of personnel/tine resources. Second doses are scheduled after the first dose has been administered.
If appointments aren’t readily availability when the profile is created, one needs to check back back early in the week or daily and there will be an abundance. of appointments. I signed up with my health provider (twice) and also with Safeway. Dave definitely needs to check out SCL Health. I shared this info with my Kiwanis club last Wednesday and 10 people were able to get appointments within a couple of days.

Thanks for sharing, Tori!

THE MILITARY IS TAKING A 60 DAY PAUSE TO ROOT OUT WHITE SUPREMACISTS OR SOMETHING I need to hear from my military folks on this one. It is my understanding from numerous people I have served with that at least in the Army, there is no room for racial BS. You need the soldier next to you to have your back and racial animus has no space in that equation. Now we see that the new Secretary of Defense, who is a black Army vet himself, demanding a pause to all operations while they address white supremacism and extremism in the military. Guys and girls who have served, what's the deal?

IT'S TIME TO BE REAL ABOUT HOMELESS CAMPS And the Denver Gazette wrote an excellent column about it here.

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