Mandy's Wed Blog: School Choice and Being a Happy Sober Person

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SO YOU WERE GONNA STOP DRINKING THIS YEAR 2020 was a pretty horrific year and if you or someone you love began to drink more because of it, you're not alone. A study last fall showed that alcohol consumption had increased DRAMATICALLY last year, with 40% of women saying they were drinking much more. For some people, quitting isn't an issue, but if you are not "some people" and need help you really want to tune in for today's 1pm hour with Go Sober. They are an alcohol treatment program that is EXTREMELY effective and we will talk to founder Greg Hoffman and some of the folks who have successfully gotten their lives back because of this program. Find out more about Go Sober by clicking here.

THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS COMING FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS And I don't say that lightly, but he has already indicated he wants new rules about charter schools to make sure they teach the same critical race theory garbage and don't discipline their kids the same way traditional public schools do. He also wants to ban federal dollars from being used at for-profit charters schools, I'm guessing so they can use that tax money to pay for abortions. If you wonder if charters work, that should tell you everything you need to know because if they didn't work, they would just be shut down. But they DO WORK, and they work with very little governmental control and that makes teacher's unions angry and we all know Jill Biden (she's a doctor you know) LOVES teacher's unions so they have her ear and by extension, the Presidents. I've got a parent who wrote a column last week for School Choice Week to argue that charters and school choice are incredibly helpful and necessary for students to be able to get an education that works for them. Will Johnson joins me at 2 to discuss. Read his column here.

THE DATA IS IN THE DEMOCRATIC SENATE IS DONALD TRUMP'S FAULT And we know this because over 752,000 voters didn't show up for the Senate runoff electon, a majority of them white and from the rural areas that went for Trump. The dropoff was most significant in Northwast Georgia and Southeast Georgia where Trump held rallies leading up the election. You know who did turnout? Young minority voters. The Covid bill the Senate shoved through yesterday with all it's pork and garbage for Democratic causes is a thing because Donald Trump whined like a bitchy baby and voters believed him. I hate him more now than I did before. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He doesn't care about this country because if he did he would have campaigned to get those people elected. He only cares about himself.

THE ASTRA ZENECA VACCINE STOPS TRANSMISSION OF COVID And this is a more traditional style vaccine that is being given in the UK right now, as it was developed at Oxford (a friend of mine's 86 year old mum-in-law got this one). Researchers say it not only prevents serious illness but also prevents transmission, which is great. Does this mean if I wait to get this vaccine I can stop with the stupid mask already? I would think so.

WYOMING SAYS WELD COUNTY WYOMING SOUNDS GOOD TO THEM I didn't know that April and Marty had spoken to Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon yesterday morning when I did my blog about the movement to secede from Colorado and join Wyoming. The Governor is all about welcoming the oil and gas rich county to his state, which is an interesting wrinkle for the movement. Now that our Governor has totally stifled Weld's ability to get it's oil and gas, and with it stifled the tax dollars out of Weld, maybe our Governor will consider letting the cowboys go. And with it a huge block of Republican voters. We'll see how this unfolds.

THIS MAN IS OUT OF WORK BECAUSE OF JOE BIDEN And no one seems to care when it's an oil and gas worker. Read his letter here.

THE TOWN OF PARKER IS TRYING TO LEAVE RTD And they absolutely should, as the TWO routes that ran from Parker into Denver were cut months ago and very few people avail themselves of the expensive personal service RTD offers. The interesting part is that the legislation that allows municipalities to opt IN to RTD offers no way to get OUT of RTD. So essentially, RTD is Hotel California.

HAD A YARD SALE? YOU'RE PROBABLY A CRIMINAL At least by Colorado law. You are supposed to collect and remit sales tax to the state for EVERY sale you make. My daughter sold some toys to a neighbor kid and now she's a felon by Colorado tax law standards. Ari Armstrong writes about it here.

DAVE IS NOT ALONE IN HIS VACCINE FRUSTRATION This story from CBS4 demonstrates how many seniors have been frustrated by a system that just isn't working for them.

AMAZON STOLE TIPS FROM IT'S FLEX DRIVERS But in this case the FTC stepped in and is forcing them to pay over $61 million in back tips to those drivers they lied to and shorted. I wonder if the person who decided to do this will be punished at all? They probably just needed the money because of covid. That was a joke.

THE GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS ARE OUT AND NETFLIX IS KING At least of the nominations. I care less about this this year than in others but if you're so inclined you can check them out here.

JOHN STOSSEL IS TAKING ON SOCIALISM In a series of videos on YouTube. Watch and share it!


SOMETIMES A STORY JUST GETS TO YOU And this is one of those times. It's a honking dog.

I'M SURE THE MEDIA WILL BEGIN SINGING THE PRAISES OF GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS ANY DAY NOW As the media slobbered all over Governor Andrew Cuomo as he took action that killed 9,000 seniors in his state, they were attacking Governor Ron DeSantis on a daily basis. Well now that we are moving towards the end of the winter surge, how do the two states compare? Spoiler Alert: DeSantis was right and Cuomo was dead ass wrong.

I CALL BS ON DR. FAUCI AND DOUBLE MASKING Mostly because he had the nerve to say this:

“The CDC is looking at doing a study of seeing whether or not two masks might be better than one,” he said. “It makes common sense that you would think — and the reason they don’t recommend it right now, it’s a science-based organization, the CDC, they make recommendations based on data and science, so that’s why they’re going to look at that particular issue.”

We know this is a lie exposed by Congressman Thomas Massie, who discovered that the vaccine does NOTHING for people who have had covid and yet the CDC is still recommending people get it anyway. You can read more of the double mask garbage here if you want.


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