Mandy's Tue Blog: Let's Talk about the Future with Thomas Frey!

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OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS BACK! And I am going to ask him about GM's concept flying car because he tells me I'm not going to have one any time soon. We'll have a free ranging discussion about all things FUTURE. If you want Thomas' help figuring out the future of your industry or have him speak, click here!

HAVE WE HAD OUR FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH ALIENS? One prominent astrophysicist says YES and he's written a book about it. Read more here, but I'm going with his take. What's especially interesting is his criticism of science today and the scientists who make it all about them rather than science (Fauci I'm looking at you). It's a continuation on the theme of the column by Professor Roger Pielke, Jr I shared yesterday. Science is broken and it must be fixed.

WE CAN STOP WITH THE DEEP CLEANING OF SURFACES TO PREVENT COVID Because studies have shown that surfaces are not remotely a big spreader of covid. Read more here.

MITCH MCCONNELL LEARNED HIS LESSON WITH TRUMP And he is no longer suffering fools in the Republican party. He issued a three line statement that was CLEARLY directed at Republican loon Marjorie Taylor Greene. The statement simply said this:

“Somebody who’s suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged, and that the Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s airplane is not living in reality,” McConnell said in a statement first shared with The Hill. “This has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party.”

There is no room in the GOP for the nonsense of QAnon, or Alex Jones, or any other crackpot peddling garbage conspiracy theories. Fun conspiracy theories are a whole different ballgame. I'm guessing McConnell is already working behind the scenes to primary Taylor Greene. He needs to. She needs to go.

SPEAKING OF CONSPIRACY THEORIES, SOME LEAD TO VACCINE DESTRUCTION BY A DELUDED MAN I am often entertained by what I perceive to be ludicrous conspiracy theories that are easily disproven, like that the Earth is flat, but I will defend someone's right to be wrong all day. But when conspiracy theories lead to the destruction of property (like we saw at the US Capitol) or the destruction of vaccines intended for people who want them, I draw the line. The pharmacist in Wisconsin who destroyed Covid vaccines because he thought they were being used to microchip people is a true conspiracy theory junkie. I'd love to know more about why people are so willing to believe such nonsense.

WELD COUNTY, WYOMING MIGHT BE A THING SOMEDAY As residents of Weld County, who have had enough of our Governor destroying their livelihoods, are trying to get a measure on the ballot that would open the discussion about Weld County becoming part of Wyoming. It's certainly not a done deal, but it sure will be interesting to watch this.

THE PYTHON PROBLEM IN THE EVERGLADES IS GOING TO THE DOGS And I mean that literally. The python invasion is SERIOUS and having a horrible impact on native species in one of the most ecologically fragile ecosystems in the US. But now they have a tool that is not only effective, it's cute and cuddly too. Labrador Retrievers to the rescue! Read more here.


GET PAID TO GO ON VACATION? YES PLEASE. There is a tiny catch, you can only go to little Santa Maria, California to get a $100 Visa Gift card to be used on your visit. I'm game.

IT WAS A GOOD FOUR WEEK RUN FOR CNN BUT IT'S OVER NOW CNN had it's best month in YEARS in January, besting their competitors in coveted demos for the month. Those ratings now that Trump is gone for them to rail about? Fell straight back to Earth. Ratings for all news channels fell, and Fox News has not even begun to right the ship at their network. The ratings dropped out for Fox in January and the only show to regain ANY steam (and that's very little steam, btw) is Tucker Carlson, one of the few hosts to not go all in on the stolen election narrative. Hannity has been hit hardest.

2020 WAS A RECORD YEAR FOR VIOLENT CRIME Not in the total number, we can thank the 90s for that, but in the INCREASE year over year in violent crime. A new study checked out 34 cities in the US and found that murders rose 30% year over year, which is unprecedented in the modern era. Other violent crimes also dramatically increased. But I'm sure we should defund the police, amiright?

A COOL STORY ABOUT MUMMY TONGUES And I mean it's a story about mummy tongues. Cool part is they are made of gold.

MCDONALDS IS PAYING EMPLOYEES TO GET THE VACCINE And they are the first major corporation to offer an incentive to get the vaccine. They are giving employees four hours of paid time off to go get the shot. This is how you do it.

WANT A FRIEND TO TALK TO? This parrot can help.


YOU CAN WATCH THE DICK MONFORT-JEFF BRIDICH PRESS CONFERENCE HERE But I promise it will make you mad. After watching this, it seems to me that Dick Monfort chose Jeff Bridich over Nolan Arenado and that is such a horse sh*t decision it's infuriating.

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