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WE DON'T TALK A LOT OF SPORTS ON THIS SHOW But I am a baseball fan through and through and the Rockies made a move so dumb that sports writers can't stop hurling insults at the ownership and GM in columns like this one and this one and this one. This move, more than anything, says that when Dick Monfort looked me in the eye and said he just wanted to win, he was lying. Or he WANTS to win, he just doesn't want to spend the money to do it. Or he doesn't recognize what everyone in the league knows, which is that Jeff Bridich and his team can't recognize good talent unless if falls in their lap, at which time they will let it succeed and then trade it away. I've been a fan of a team whose stadium is full only of the opposing teams fans (looking at you Tampa Bay) and it's frankly sucks. It sucks to be a fan when the owners of your team have no desire to do the things that need to be done to be a contender. I hate this move so very much and I'm not sure what to do with it other than know when I go to see the Rockies or watch them on tv I have to moderate my own hopes of winning like the Monforts must do every year.

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SOMEONE EDITED THE MONFORT BROTHERS WIKI PAGE And I grabbed this before someone changed it back. Heh. It says this currently:

Charles K. Monfort (born October 30, 1959) and Richard L. Monfort (born April 27, 1954) are unfortunately the primary owners of the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team.[1]Both grew up in Greeley, Colorado and are sons to Kenneth Monfort; previous owner of Monfort of Colorado, Inc. a Clown University and distributing company that was acquired by ConAgra Foods in 1987.[2]Dick Monfort is managing general partner, chairman and chief executive officer, while Charlie Monfort is the team's other general partner and clown.

YES, THERE WAS OTHER NEWS TOO And here it is, through my veil of depression.

THE GOVERNOR GOT HIS VACCINATION BEFORE 71 YEAR OLD DAVE THE INTREPID DID And he already HAD Covid, which according to my friend and scientist and Congressman Thomas Massie, says doesn't do ANYTHING for someone who has already HAD Covid. But Governor Jared Polis jumped to the front of the line anyway. Sharyl Attkisson is covering the fact that none of the drug companies making this vaccine are promising anything for people who have already had Covid. Massie called the CDC about this very thing and recorded the phone calls. From this story:

On a December 16th call, CDC’s Captain Amanda Cohn seemed to agree that people who’ve had coronavirus shouldn’t rush to get vaccinated.
Dr. Cohn: People who have had disease, given that there's limited doses right now, we're, we are suggesting that those people wait.
Rep. Massie: Right.
On the call, CDC’s Dr. Cohn thanked Massie for flagging their mistaken claim that vaccines were proven to work for people who’ve had coronavirus.
Dr. Amanda Cohn: I think we read that thing so many times that when, you know, we just skipped right over it. We know we can't be perfect, we know we're gonna miss things. You will forever after be known in our office as “Eagle-Eyed Man.”
Rep. Massie: They said, “Thank you for finding the mistake. We're going to fix this.” And I thought, “Well, okay, problem solved. This is how government works.”
But it didn’t quite turn out that way.
Two days later, the same Dr. Cohn who’d promised a fix, joined other CDC doctors in repeating the false information, this time in an online session for medical professionals. They claimed studies show people who’ve had coronavirus do benefit from the vaccine.
Dr. Amanda Cohn (CDC video): “So Sara Oliver, what, should people who’ve had Covid-19 be vaccinated and should they be vaccinated now?”
Dr. Sara Oliver (CDC video): “...Data from both clinical trials suggests that people with prior infection are still likely to benefit from vaccination.”

"Most experts" are just making crap up and seeing if it sticks. And now our Governor, who already had Covid, jumped ahead of everyone else like Dave who hasn't to get his shot that likely won't do ANYTHING. But I'm sure we should believe the experts anyway.

CLIMATE SCIENCE MUST RIGHT THE SHIP WHEN IT COMES TO IT'S OWN SCIENCE And I read this column by Professor Roger Pielke, Jr. of the University of Colorado Department of Environmental Studies when it came out but I was on vacation so I didn't discuss it with you. In it, Professor Pielke, who is no climate change denier, makes a compelling indictment of climate science relying on clearly outdated information to continue to try to scare people into accepting draconian measures to stop what they make to be out-of-control greenhouse gas emissions based on old information that has been proven wrong by new information. Read an article about the article by clicking here but click through in the story to read the original thing, it's worth your time.

TODAY'S PANDA VIDEO IS STRAIGHT FROM THE DC ZOO where they had snow and the pandas loved it!

LET'S PICK APART SECTION 230 FOR A HOT MINUTE And this column does an excellent job dissecting a law which needs to go RIGHT NOW. What is Section 230? It's the section Big Tech relies on to protect them from liability for things posted on their platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Now that Twitter has taken to removing people entirely from their platform because they disagree with them politically (the case of Ron Paul is a fine example of this, he never advocated any violence of any sort) it's time to remove the protections if they aren't applied equally. This column makes the case that if the protections are as broad as Big Tech says they are, they are essentially engaging in state approved censorship, which IS a clear violation of our free speech protections. Read more here.

OREGON DECRIMINALIZES ALL DRUGS And moves to a treatment based approach to drug abuse. What I find odd in this article about how criminalizing drug use doesn't work is that they used an example of a woman who got clean while in prison. Oregon will now issue a $100 fine, which will be waived if the user agrees to treatment. So what happens when the same people are given $100 fine after $100 fine while staying addicts and not paying those fines? Just asking. But hey Oregon, you do you!

TONY BENNET HAS ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE And I want to make a joke about him not remembering where he left his heart but that would be inappropriate. He is opening up about his diagnosis and at the age of 94 I'm glad he is. I wish him nothing but the best going forward.

ACTIVISTS INVADE AND TAKE OVER A WASHINGTON HOTEL Demanding that the hotels provide free housing for the homeless or something. They were armed with batons and hatchets and gas masks as they took over the hotel before police got the situation under control and arrested 12 people. Weird that CNN didn't see fit to even mention this story on their website.

GREEDY DEMOCRAT VOTERS MAD BIDEN HASN'T DELIVERED THEIR TWO GRAND And over the weekend the hashtag #Bidenlies trended quite a bit. The voters he bought in Georgia with promises of two grand if he won are now miffed because they delivered their bought votes and now he isn't paying up. Nice to know they realize that politicians lie all the time and they got had.

THE ANTI-TRUMP LINCOLN PROJECT'S FOUNDER IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG BUT THAT'S NOT SURPRISING The team behind the Lincoln Project has always been shady af to me. They've been pretending to be Republicans when it actuality they were just angry attention seekers who lined their own pockets with the money sent by Democrats. Now we know that in addition to pretending to be a Republican John Weaver has also been pretending to be straight. At least to his wife and children while he sent lewd text messages to young guys asking for sex and stuff. Gross. If you're gay, be gay, no one gives a crap who you sleep with anymore. Now the Project is disavowing the founder, who apparently a lot of people knew was a creep.

DEFUNDING POLICE IS A BAD IDEA AND THIS STUDY SHOWS IT One of the authors of a study on two New Jersey cities who faced rapid reductions in the size of their police forces because of budget issues says not to compare this to the Defund the Police movement, but how can we not? Newark and Jersey City each faced tough choices back in 2008 because of budget issues. Jersey City found the money to not lay off cops. Newark did not. Their subsequent crime rates went in a very different direction. We know that many of the cities who are demanding police be defunded have seen huge increases in crime this past year, but I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Denver saw a 51% increase in murders last year.

THIS POLL PRETTY MUCH DRIVES A STAKE THROUGH THE NOTION OF UNITY and any hopes to achieve unity in the US. When the two parties are so firmly divided on the value of government and personal responsibility we are toast. Read it here, but it's depressing as hell.


THIS GIRL IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL And very funny. Here's her best moments.

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