Mandy's Fri Blog: Executive Orders, Hillbilly Elegy and a Really Big ?


MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2 And I actually watched the movie Hillibilly Elegy and boy am I glad I did. We'll talk about that today at 2 with Mike.

WHAT IS TODAY'S REALLY BIG QUESTION? As we do on Friday's we're going to pull another question from Gregory Stock's The Book of Questions. Buy it here if you'd like.

RIP HANK AARON You'll always be the real home run leader to me. Read more here.

WE'RE TALKING BIDEN EXECUTIVE ORDERS TODAY As he signed 20 Executive Orders on his first day in office, many of them simply undoing Trump's Executive Orders, which is why ruling via Executive Order is stupid and needs to stop. So far, he's rolled back the travel ban from terrorist nations who hate us who happen to be Muslim, he's stopped the building of the border wall while stopping deportations (so expect more migrant caravans), he's added Critical Race Theory back to government training programs, he's giving federal funds back to Sanctuary cities, he repealed the order that agencies who want to create new rules had to get rid of two old ones, he added illegal immigrants back to apportionment after the census, he rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, allowed boys who identify as girls to take over women's sports, and today he's expected to create a $15 minimum wage for Federal Workers and expand Food Stamp benefits. It's like Obama 2.0 immediately. I can't wait to see what all this stuff does to economic growth. Can't wait.

DO WE NEED TO REJOIN THE PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT? WE'RE DOING JUST FINE WITHOUT IT Since we bailed on the Paris Climate Accord I bet the US has been creating more and more carbon emissions, amiright? I am wrong, we've been REDUCING our carbon emissions without it. But I bet all the other nations are cleaning our carbon reduction butts, amiright? Wrong again, they aren't reducing their emissions AT ALL. Read more here.

MY FRIEND KELLY WRITES ABOUT THE FEAR ALL CONSERVATIVES HAVE OF LOSING IT ALL I wish I didn't so wholeheartedly agree with this column, but it's 100% accurate and needs to be discussed. I am #sorrynomore and will not be cowed into silence anymore. Not that I was cowed much before.

HOW DO YOU REIMAGINE POLICING WITHOUT POLICE INPUT? That is exactly what is happening in Denver right now, as the law enforcement members of the Reimagine Policing and Public Safety Task Force have no QUIT the task force. Why? Because they were not allowed to give input or insight into what policing is actually like to the group of citizens who seem to believe cops are the problem. Read this quote from the story:

Davis, a pastor, did send a statement to task force members establishing guidelines for how law enforcement officials were to interact with their fellow group members, saying he was trying to establish boundaries between police and members of the task force who have been traumatized and victimized by officers in the past. The statement included anonymous criticism of Robinson by group members, including one who said that when faced with hard questions, Robinson was quick to characterize police as people who suffer daily hardships.

Got that? Police are not allowed to be people who suffer daily hardships. And you have people on this "task force" who have been "traumatized and victimized" whose voices are encouraged, but the police are not allowed one. I've said it MANY times before...when progressives say "we need to have a conversation" what they actually mean is "sit down and shut up so I can talk". Every. Single. Time.

THIS PITKIN COUNTY RESTAURANT LAWSUIT HAS LEGS And the attorney representing the restaurants who are fighting the indoor dining ban in Pitkin County has written a great column outlining how arbitrary this restaurant ban has been. It's a good article, read it here. He simply points out that these bans and shutdowns are NOT based on science, which they are NOT. I sure hope this judge forces the Department of Health to present actual evidence, if they have any, that we can all see.

DOUGCO PARENTS HAVE HAD ENOUGH And there is talk of a recall of School Board members who are blatantly ignoring the throngs of parents demanding a return to in-person school for their children. Normally I'd say just wait until the regular election, but three of these jokers just got elected to four year terms. I'll keep you posted on how this is going.

ELDERLY PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN NORWAY AFTER GETTING THE COVID VACCINE And this doesn't mean the vaccine isn't safe, it's that we need to make sure we aren't giving it to people who may have underlying conditions that are dangerous. So far, in the US, there have been 21 cases of severe reactions to the vaccine out of 1.9 million doses given. Sucks if you are one of the 21 but regular vaccines have far more serious complications than this statistically. Keep an eye on this story.

THE BABYLON BEE'S SATIRE IS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE TO HOME ON THIS ONE But DANG they are funny. Read about the new cheerleading uniforms for Biden's press corps here.

OR IS IT SATIRE? MOST AMERICANS THINK THE MEDIA CARES MORE ABOUT THEIR AGENDA THAN THE NEWS This is not new. Trust in the media has been hovering in the 40s for over a decade, and now it's even worse. Nearly 60% of respondents think the press is more concerned with supporting their political ideology than delivering the news in a fair and balanced way.


PRESIDENT BIDEN ALREADY UNHAPPY WITH PRESS QUESTIONS And the problem here is obviously that the reporter didn't fawn about how awesome Biden was before he asked his question. From

CAN WE REVERSE BRAIN AGING BY STOPPING INFLAMMATION? More and more illnesses are being linked back to unhealthy inflammation in our bodies. Now scientists are trying to figure out how to turn off the thing that causes inflammation in our brains that leads to age related cognitive decline. They are just working with mice now, but the science happening around how we age is super cool right now.

MICROSOFT IS BRINGING DEAD RELATIVES BACK TO VIRTUAL LIFE At least they have patented the tech to do so. Sort of creepy but could give people comfort. I'll pass. It's not really them.

A MOST EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY HOLLYWOOD DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE I slapped down 20 bucks to see Uncle Tom when it first came out and it is worth every penny. The documentary about black life in America, specifically conservative black life in America, should be seen by everyone. If you haven't seen it, it's on Amazon Prime and Walmart online now. This article points out that this documentary, which is the HIGHEST rated documentary on IMDB, has been completely ignored by Hollywood because it doesn't fit their narrative. Not only does it not fit their narrative, it blows it up. So it must be stopped.




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