Mandy's Thu Blog: What Mess Are You Leaving Behind for Your Kids?

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU GET HIT BY A BUS? That is the question answered by my guest today. Abby Schneiderman is the author of IN CASE YOU GET HIT BY A BUS: How To Organize Your Life Now For When You're Not Around Later and as I am literally going through this right now with my mother-in-law I am keenly interested in this step-by-step guide to organizing your life to make things easy when your children are grief struck from your passing. By the book by clicking here!

WHAT TYPE OF NEWS COVERAGE WAS THERE OF THE ANTIFA TYPES BURNING FLAGS DOWNTOWN? I love the comments from people in the Fox 31 story where a guy is genuinely confused about why people were protesting now that Trump is gone. I added that last part, but read it here to see what I mean. Watch the story here.

CBS couldn't be bothered to even explain who the protesters were, and if you were expecting Trump supporters to show up you are left with the impression it was Trump supporters who burned a flag and were arrested on weapons charges. As far as I can tell from their website, 9News didn't even know there were protesters downtown. I am wondering if NOW we're going to do something about the people in Portland and Seattle as well. Portland saw yet another riot yesterday as well. Here is video from what the television stations say were "peaceful protests but a flag got burned too"

I'M HERE BECAUSE I DIDN'T WIN POWERBALL But Mega Millions is Friday so..... Someone won a whole bunch of money in Maryland.

I THOUGHT THIS SAME THING OF YESTERDAY'S INAUGURATION Why do we treat our politicians like gods and then get mad when they act like them? Yesterday's Inauguration was small, quiet, dignified and appropriate and proves that we need to ratchet back the pomp and circumstance in all the others. But it's not just the overkill at the inauguration, it's the Cult of the Presidency that is genuinely sickening to me. From

The cult of the imperial U.S. presidency has come to feel like a national religion in the last decade and change. Whoever assumes the executive title also inherits icon status: There were Obama "HOPE" t-shirts, Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats, along with bumper stickers, flags, and Catholicism-inspired prayer candles featuring pols in saintly postures. Cries of "My president!" have become commonplace among a certain subset of online political types, sending a queasy message that whoever holds the office is a paladin worthy of hero-worship.
That obsession is decidedly unhealthy. The Founders intended the president to be a political figurehead and a government manager, checked in both roles by the people. "[T]he first thing [the Constitutional Convention] had to discuss was if there would be one chief executive or more than one chief executive" said historian Ray Raphael in a 2017 interview. "People were very suspicious of anything that would resemble monarchical rule." Expecting a president to be something like a king is not only an improper elevation of the role, it is also, as Trump proved to countless industries and individuals, a very risky betting proposition.

A thousand times this. Many of the SAME people who loudly mocked the Cult of Obama couldn't wait to join the Cult of Trump. Neither is something to aspire to. You can't hold someone accountable for misdeeds if you're wearing a t-shirt with their face on it EVERY day or deifying them regularly. Stop it. These people are not worthy or your worship. None of them are.

BIDEN WANTS AMNESTY WITHOUT ENFORCEMENT And if this move picks up ONE Republican vote I will immediately change my party affiliation. We have to deal with DACA and the people living in our country illegally, but I am 100% against any kind of path to legalization unless we do SOMETHING to insure we don't get another influx of people coming here illegally. Period. Biden is proposing to do just that. Give legal status while doing nothing to prevent a new wave. Congress has to do something and I don't know if they can get it done with such a thin majority in the Senate. I'm not sure most Americans want a path to citizenship without security on the southern border first.

AMANDA GORMAN WAS THE STAR OF THE INAUGURATION For a 22 year old to stand in front of millions and deliver a beautiful poem is a feat unto itself, but she did so SPECTACULARLY. Her poem was one of unity and repair and I loved it. I'm glad she's getting attention, she is a credit to her generation.

TWITTER IS BEING SUED FOR NOT REMOVING CHILD PORN IMAGES FROM THEIR SITE And this is when stuff is gonna get GOOD. I talked yesterday with Christian Toto about Section 230 and how Twitter and Facebook are hiding behind those statutes and the Good Samaritan clause as excuses to ban conservative content. They can't "edit" their platforms and be protected from legal liability if they aren't consistent in how they do it, which they are not. Now a 17 year old student who was blackmailed into providing pornographic images of himself at the age of 13 which were then posted to Twitter is suing. He reached out to Twitter and was told the graphic child pornography images DID NOT VIOLATE COMMUNITY STANDARDS. Now he's suing and I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end for Section 230 protections for Twitter. Which would destroy them, by the way.

UNIONS ARE NOW SHIFTING THEIR TONE ON VACCINES Because they pushed HARD to get union workers included early in vaccination schedules but now are working to prevent companies from mandating their workers get a vaccine. I have an easy work around for this. If you choose NOT to be vaccinated and then come down with covid, you don't get paid sick leave. Of course the unions will scream and fight against this, but it's all about choice. You don't HAVE to, but you can't expect to be paid if you get it while not getting a vaccine. Just a thought.

YES, MAKING MORE MONEY DOES CORRELATE WITH HAPPINESS And this doesn't cap out at the often quoted figure of $75,000. A new study from the Wharton Business school using app technology to randomly check with people about their happiness found that people who make more money ARE happier and they are happier most of the time. Financial security is a big deal and goes a long way towards happiness.

IF THIS RADIO THING DOESN'T WORK OUT I'M BECOMING A PANDA NANNY Because seriously who doesn't want this job?



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