Mandy's Wed Blog: Christian Toto Talking Big Tech Censorship

CONGRATULATIONS TO PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN And Vice President Kamala Harris. A new era has begun. More importantly, the Trump era is over. Hopefully forever.

CHRISTIAN TOTO COVERS HOLLYWOOD AND SO MUCH MORE In his excellent columns on his excellent website which you can find here. Today he's on at 1pm to discuss Big Tech censorship but we're also talking about Hollywood embracing political violence and now doing nothing while conservative voices are being silenced. Scratch that, they are CELEBRRATING conservative voices being silenced. You don't want to miss this.

THERE IS NEW TAKING IT FOR GRANTED PODCAST UP TODAY! And if you haven't heard Grant's new podcast about happiness, make this the day! He interviews comedian Chris Fairbanks today. Download and subscribe to help him grow! Here it is on Iheart. Join the Facebook group by clicking here.

JON CALDARA WRITES ABOUT BIG TECH CANCELLING CONSERVATIVES HERE TOO And in my mind this might be a good thing that will lead to the regulation of the internet as a utility, something I would have never supported but am strongly leaning towards now. I don't see how, when they control the flow of information the way they do, that we can't force them to do so evenhandedly since they refuse to do so themselves. I'll use the most hated Fairness Doctrine to explain why I feel this way. Jon's column does a nice job arguing for some sort of regulation even if he doesn't call for it explicitly.

IT SHOULD BE EASY TO ACCESS GOVERNMENT RECORDS And Ari Armstrong does a great job in his new column explaining how it's become impossible for reporters trying to hold those in power accountable because the government is abusing the Open Records Act. Read it here and I'm going to try to get him on the show to discuss it.

ASPEN RESTAURANTS HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO FIGHT RED LEVEL RESTRICTIONS IN COURT And we've already seen what happened here, where judges just put a rubber stamp on Health Department edicts. Now Aspen has until tomorrow to respond to the temporary restraining order that would keep restaurants from being closed to indoor dining, as they have been since last Sunday at midnight. The restaurants are arguing that decisions are being made without regard to actual scientific data, none of which shows that shutting down restaurants DIRECTLY causes cases to go down. I sure hope they use Sweden as an example. I'm watching this case because it could be a really big deal.

XCEL ENERGY WANTS YOU TO PAY FOR STUFF IT SHOULD PAY FOR ITSELF And in this case it's wildfire mitigation around it's power lines in Colorado. The company, which made $7.9 BILLION in gross profit in fiscal 2020 (1.4 billion on gross profits, a 14% increase year over year), wants to raise rates on everyone to cover the $589.7 million over five years to do the stuff they need to be doing anyway. I sure wish people would pay attention to this stuff as much as they pay attention to the Presidential election. They are worried about their OWN liability should a wildfire break out. I'd say that's on them to mitigate from their massive profits, don't you?

NEED TO VENT? CALL THE SCREAM LINE And the scream line is an actual phone number you can call to...well...scream. That's it, that's the story. I'm not sure why you need to call someone to just scream, but you do you.

A LAID OFF 32 YEAR OLD DENVER MAN BRINGS JOY TO OLDER FOLKS WITH PEANUTS I LOVE this story so much! Wesley Morgan got laid off from his job and his boredom decided to bring joy to older folks who might be lonely by sending them cards and letters from his vast collection of Peanuts stationary and cards. This is such a lovely story!

TRUMP PARDONS LIL WAYNE BUT LEAVES HIS SUPPORTERS TO FACE JAIL TIME The now former President left the Americans who stormed the Capitol on his behalf flapping in the wind, while still finding time to pardon rapper Lil' Wayne for his crimes. Some of the folks now facing federal charges met with Trump's team to ask for a pardon but obviously he doesn't care enough about them to issue one. Why anyone still supports this man is beyond me.

WANT TO SHOW YOUR VIRTUE DOUBLY WELL? MASK UP TWICE! I can't even with this. A Denver area doctor is encouraging people to wear not just one mask but TWO masks at the SAME time. Yup. Why don't you tie a plastic bag around your head to keep ALL germs out? That would work too!

I COULD USE A COOL ALMOST BILLION, COULDN'T YOU? We have our (very remote) chance in a couple of days as the Mega Millions jackpot is $970 MILLION bucks. The cash payout is just $716 million. I could squeak by on that, I think. I'd have to start couponing.





HARVARD TARGETS TRUMP SUPPORTER AND KICKS HER OFF ADVISORY BOARD And for a University that allegedly believes it's motto of Veritas this should be embarrassing. And yet, I'm sure it's not. They kicked graduate Rep. Elise Stefanik off the advisory board for the Harvard Kennedy School because she objected to the certification of Electors. Now students want Harvard to rescind her degree, along with the degrees of other graduates they disagree with. Why anyone would sacrifice to send their kid to Harvard at this point is beyond me.

THE PALESTINIANS WON'T ALLOW ISRAEL TO HELP THEM VACCINATE THEIR PEOPLE Israel is at the front of the pack when it comes to vaccinating it's people. They have inoculated a fifth of their population already and have offered to share with the Palestinian Authority. The PA has declined their help and say they are going to get their OWN vaccines from Russia. Mmmkay. Just don't blame Israel when covid rips through Gaza.

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