Mandy's Tue Blog: I've Got Two Times the Mayors!

TWO MAYORS ARE BETTER THAN ONE SO I'VE GOT TWO First up is Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman. He recently spent a week living on the streets in the metro area and has written about it here. He's on at 12:30 to talk about it.

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON TODAY At 1:05. We're talking demonstrations downtown and vaccine rollout in the metro.

DEMS ARE HELL BENT ON ACCUSING LAUREN BOEBERT OF CONSPIRING WITH RIOTERS And another member of Congress has repeated what she says emphatically is a lie on television. This time it's Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee saying she lead a large group on a tour of the Capitol building in the days leading up to the election. She AGAIN says this is a lie and that she did not give any tours before the riots. If someone does something horrible to her like a gunman did to Steve Scalise, do we hold them responsible for incitement? Just curious.

BEN SASSE IS 100% RIGHT ABOUT Q ANON IN THIS COLUMN THAT IS THREE YEARS TOO LATE And though I agree with him wholeheartedly that the Republican party needs to loudly and constantly condemn this QAnon BS once and for all. If you believe that QAnon is really a highly placed military official and that Trump is leading a secret fight against the Deep State you need to ask yourself why you are willing to believe a nameless, faceless entity that could very well be the Russians? Then snap out of it.

DOCTORS HAVE FIGURED OUT WHAT ORDER THE RONA SYMPTOMS APPEAR And of course everyone is different but this is good to know if you get the sniffles and wonder if it's the Rona. I know I have. Check this out for more.

Y'ALL, THESE PEOPLE WHO STORMED THE CAPITOL ARE JUST...TOUCHED I watched a bunch of the video that ProPublica grabbed during the Capitol Riot and some of it is shocking and horrifying and disgusting and some of it is just pathetic. Pathetic in the sense that there was no plan, these people broke into the US Capitol building with NO PLAN TO DO ANYTHING and then can be seen wandering around like morons taking selfies. But then there are the geniuses like this woman. She stole a laptop out of Nancy Pelosi's office to sell to the Russians. Get that? Luckily for national security or something her deal fell through. And now she's going to go to prison because she believed some anonymous idiot on the internet. Aside from the savages caught on tape beating other people with American flag poles and other items, these people are just idiots who made a stunningly bad choice that likely will ruin their lives. The savages deserve long terms in prison.

A DEFENSE OF UNITY FROM...BILL MAHER? The longtime liberal libertarian who I often disagree with did his best to bring people together by reminding people that you can live with people you disagree with. Of course he's insulting to Trump voters at the same time. There is some foul language, so you have been warned.

IF YOU WONDERED HOW BAD ONLINE SCHOOL IS REALLY GOING, READ THIS And I'm not saying this article applies to your school or your child but as it's written by a teacher teaching during the pandemic, it's a must read. From grade inflation to allowing cheating to students barely having to show up to pass, we are failing this kids in ways that have nothing to do with what they are supposed to be learning. This is going to have disastrous long term effects I'm afraid. Boy I hope I'm wrong.

TOO MANY WORKERS AT LONG TERM CARE FACILITIES ARE VACCINE HESITANT And these are the people who have daily contact with the most vulnerable people among us. In some facilities less than 50% of workers were either getting or willing to get the vaccine. Why? They tend to be people who are NOT medical clinicians so perhaps they are not as educated about this vaccine. I think if you're going to work with the most vulnerable you have a duty to do all to protect them. Period.

SHOULD POLICE OFFICERS BE SCREENED FOR RACIAL BIAS? The suggestion is to screen applicants to the police academy BEFORE they are hired using a single issue polygraph test. The issue would be whether or not potential officers had ever ACTED on thoughts of racial bias, not that they have ever had a moment of bias. This line from the article I think says it best:

"We figure we would talk to the candidates about sensitive issues like prejudices. We’ve all said and done things we are not proud of, but have we ever acted on them?" said Robert Moore, retired FBI supervisory special agent.

My worry is that questions will be manipulated by non-polygraph pros to elicit responses that would eliminate most people from service. I'd like to know more about this before deciding how I feel about it.

BIDEN WILL BEGIN HIS RULING BY FIAT ON DAY ONE And has already released a bunch of ambitious and likely un-Constitutional topics for his Executive Orders. I sure hope all those people who cheered Trump using Executive Orders to get stuff done feel the same way about Biden using them. Repeat after me, using Executive Orders as an end run around Congress is wrong no matter who does it. Period. We'll see what he comes up with but here is a list of what's expected.

BIDEN'S WORDS BRING A HUGE CARAVAN OF PEOPLE TRYING TO BREAK INTO THE COUNTRY Weird how the migrant caravans stopped when Trump simply refused to let people break into the southern border. Now that's he almost out of office, we have a new caravan, thousands of migrants strong, making their way to break into the country. They say Biden's promise to suspend deportations is their chance to make it to the US. From the article:

"He’s gonna help all of us," the migrant said of President-elect Joe Biden. "He’s giving us 100 days to get to the U.S." to get legal status and "get a better life for our kids and family."

Well done, President Elect Biden, you have a new humanitarian crisis at the border incited by your words. I sure hope the media holds him responsible.

THERE WAS NO CHRISTMAS COVID SURGE IN COLORADO AND DEATHS HAVE PLUMMETED But more importantly is that the Denver Gazette is holding the state of Colorado to task for it's horrid modeling, none of which has been remotely accurate. As they give us the good news about deaths being at their lowest rate since May of last year, they also remind us of how badly our modelers missed this. From the story:

The Gazette reported last week that a Dec. 4 report by the state’s COVID modelers warned that the death toll could rise to 7,650 unless there was a significant drop in transmission and improved social distancing, a daunting prospect given the upcoming holidays.
An earlier model, from late October, was even more dire and predicted deaths in the ballpark of 17,500. But a preliminary death toll released last week indicated that 3,588 deaths were directly caused by COVID in 2020

Not even close. If you haven't subscribed to the Denver Gazette, you really should.

WHEN A NASCAR DRIVER PRANKS A CAR SALESMAN Go Jeff Gordon go. This is awesome.

I'M OBSESSED WITH SPEED SHOOTING RIGHT NOW And nobody is better than speed shooter Jerry Miculek. He reminds me of my dad SO MUCH in this video.


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