Mandy's Fri Blog: Congressman Ken Buck and Mike Rosen at the Movies!

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK AT 12:35 TO TALK IMPEACHMENT He is already on record as saying he thinks impeachment is a bad idea so we'll see what else he has to say about it.

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY AT 2 And we're talking Wonder Woman 84, which I fell asleep ten minutes into last night and something else I can't remember.

WHAT WILL TODAY'S REALLY BIG QUESTION BE? We do this every Friday at 1 and I like it. Deep thought from the The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock which you can buy here. I just found out they have a Book of Questions for Kids! I just ordered it and can't wait to bust it out with Q.

A NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDY SHOWS LOCKDOWNS DO NOT WORK Any better than less restrictive, less economically destructive means of virus control. What works best? Social distancing. Read more here.


FOX NEWS SEEMS TO BE IN TROUBLE But I think there is a rational reason for their ratings nosedive and it's that people that some of their hosts told that the election was stolen, are mad. They don't want to watch anything related to the impeachment because they think it's stupid and it makes them feel stupid for supporting Trump. So they are tuned out. We'll see if they come back when Trump leaves office and Fox News pivots back to the Oppo Network. I'm guessing it will, unless the hosts in question *coughHannitycough* turned them off completely. That being said they got crushed by CNN and MSNBC on impeachment day.

MEMBERS OF CONGRESS STILL BEHAVING LIKE INCITING VIOLENCE IS OKAY And Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert is not taking it lying down. She was accused on MSNBC of leading a group of insurrectionists on a tour of the Capitol Building the day before the riots. That lead to her office being besieged with death threats and other threats of harm and it's simply not true. She issued this scathing letter directed at Rep. Patrick Maloney, the guy who decided that lying about her on tv in the current heated climate was a good idea. What they are doing to her because of her insistence on self protection is a harbinger of how they want to treat every law abiding gun owner. Pay attention.

IS THE SENATE GOING TO ACQUIT TRUMP? We all knew if the first impeachment, which was purely political on shaky grounds, that the Senate would not convict Donald Trump. HOWEVER this time around is MUCH different. Many Senators are simply not talking about how they will vote, or hedging and saying they will wait to see what evidence is presented. I have a feeling many of them have already realized how toxic the Trump brand has become and are trying to figure out a way to vote yes without losing his supporters permanently or hoping the whole thing goes away on January 20th.

RESEARCHERS THINK THEY FIGURED OUT IRRITABLE BOWEL SYDROME And if you suffer with IBS this is GREAT news. I did about 15 years with IBS until I met a doctor who used Vitamin C and pro and prebiotics to get me squared away. Now researchers believe that IBS is an allergic reaction that is kicked in by bad gut bacteria. Just taking an antihistamine seems to help. That may help with the symptoms, but gut health is key here. That's where the pre and probiotics come in and I still take them most days.

AN UNHEALTHY GUT MAY BE THE REASON SOME PEOPLE HAVE LONG TERM ISSUES FROM COVID Gut health is key here, again. We've heard stories of people struggling to recover from a bout of covid while others bounce back quickly. Why? Researchers have found that those with long term covid share a common gut issue, and that is they don't have good gut bacteria. If you've taken away nothing from this covid pandemic, take this. Take Vitamin D, make sure your gut health is good and maintain a healthy weight. There you go.

WHY ARE NEW ELECTRONICS IMPOSSIBLE TO REPAIR? The short answer? Because the companies want us to buy new ones. We used to be able to replace a battery on a phone, but not anymore. Have you even thought about trying to repair a flat screen tv? It costs more to repair it than it does to buy a new one sometimes (my last tv purchase was just this situation). We are creating a TON of unnecessary electronic waste, which is full of heavy metals and toxic stuff, simply because companies want us to buy more. How do we fix this? One movement is trying.

DANCE DAD IS FROM DENVER!! I'm going to find him and get him on the show.


THIS BIG BROTHER IS A GOOD BIG BROTHER And he does so by giving her cooties.

WE LOVE PIZZA! It's official, the world's favorite thing to order out is pizza. Because it's the perfect take out food, that's why.

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