Mandy's Wed Blog: The "Patriots" Who Stormed the Capitol Are In Big Trouble

WE PICKED A FINE TIME TO DO DRY JANUARY But if you are on the wagon right now, I've got some mocktails with The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso today at 2. We're trying some of the booze free fake boozes today and will have a full report. She even did a blog post for you!

GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS LIVE!!! And I would consider it a personal favor if you'd give it a listen and subscribe. I've only heard the first episode and it is GREAT and inspiring! Click here to reach it on the Iheart App or check your favorite streaming site to see if it's there.

CLIFF MAY IS WORRIED ABOUT THE REPUBLIC And as a guy who spends a lot of time monitoring totalitarian dictatorships he has a lot to say about how America is being perceived around the world. He's got a column here and he's on at 1 to discuss.

TODAY'S SUPER FUN EMAIL FROM A TRUMP SUPPORTER I am not putting this here so you guys can feel sorry for me. I've gotten emails like this my entire career and they have no effect on me emotionally at this point. I'm putting it here in the hopes that any rational people who are still clinging to fantasy that Trump won this election will realize who they are still aligned with. If this is okay with you, please don't listen anymore. If you didn't hear yesterday's show, I did NOT call Trump supporters Nazis at any point in any way. We talked about a video by Arnold Schwarzenegger where HE CALLED them Nazis and I said it was a dumb comparison. You can check the podcast if you don't believe me. Here is the email:

From: L******z <l*****>
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 6:34 PM
To: Connell, Mandy <>
Subject:[EXTERNAL] Today's comments
I just want to say first off that I used to enjoy listening to your show but after today, I am disgusted and offended over what you said about Trump supporters! How dare you compare MAGA supporters to Nazi's!!! You are an obviously confused commie bitch! Democrats are the NAZI's and maybe you'll realize that someday! There may have been a few "bad actors" there with ANTIFA but THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE THAT WERE THERE ARE FREEDOM LOVING, AMERICA LOVING PATRIOTS! YOU ARE A COMMIE C*NT and I hope you get fired!!!

According to the name on the email address, this is a woman. She seems nice.

Since I wrote this this morning I got a reply to my SCATHING response to this email and this is what it said in it's entirety:

Well if that's not what you than I apologize. I was very angry....I was told by a family member that that is what you said.

She didn't even check to see if it was true. No wonder she thinks Trump won.

THE MOB WHO STORMED THE CAPITOL IS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR SEDITION And the Department of Justice has launched hundreds of investigations into the people who broke into the building and fought with police. Many of them are going to be charged with sedition. I'm glad. Now do the people who stormed a police station next. The press conference yesterday outlined just how bad things were during the attack. Real pipe bombs were set outside the headquarters of the RNC and DNC, "patriots" engaged in combat with police, media members were physically attacked and more. If you are still idolizing these people you are wrong. Period. They are thugs and criminals. Period.

OUR STATE UNEMPLOYMENT FUND IS IN THE RED And in one year we've gone from 1.2 BILLION in the fund to a deficit. This is the direct result of Governor Jared Polis' policies concerning Covid. We'll see how the state figures this one when we already know Coloradans won't vote to raise their own taxes. This should be fun.

GUY BENSON RIPS TO SHREDS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE CAPITOL LAST WEEK And makes the case for and against impeachment in this column. He takes no prisoners and I agree with everything he says here. This is my favorite part:

What about the argument that impeachment is needed here as a punitive act, to make an important point? And what about this valid question: If inciting -- I use that word in the colloquial sense, not the legal one -- a violent mob to disrupt the electoral vote count isn't worthy of an impeachment, what is? I have no snappy or persuasive counterpoints to offer, aside from merely sharing my sense that a harsh (and almost certainly more bipartisan) resolution of censure may be the better course of action under the circumstances, even as I fully agree that the presidential conduct in question is impeachable. As I wrestle with this, I'd direct you to this, this, this, this, and this-- divergent views that have influenced my thinking on this matter. What about the matter of officially voting to prevent Trump from holding high office in the future? My concern is that this step would be seen as more politically-motivated than anything else by many of his supporters -- arising, they'd say, from Democratic fear and Republican self-interest. Truthfully, if the Republican Party and its electorate are demented enough to re-nominate this man in 2024, they should be permitted to self-immolate. That's their choice to make.

I DON'T DO MORAL RELATIVISM AND THE GOP CAN'T EITHER And this column from the Wall Street Journal explains how and why we can't fall into the trap (one I have been trying to avoid, mostly successfully with a few slips) of moral relativism. It is INFURIATING when the same people who donated bail money for people burning down buildings in Minneapolis take to their high horse to throw barbs, but we can't become them. Repeat, WE CAN'T BECOME THEM. Read this to understand how dangerous and damaging this thinking is. From the column (I can't tell if it's paywalled because I have a subscription):

Sure, the president’s claims of a stolen election are dubious, but they’re nothing worse than what Democrats and the media did for four years in promoting the false Russia-collusion story, refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Trump presidency, and trying to destroy it.
Yes, the violence at the Capitol was terrible, but so too was the mayhem perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and antifa in dozens of American cities last summer.
OK, the president’s language and affect are autocratic, but what about the rapidly encroaching illiberalism of the tech and media giants that is narrowing the boundaries of free speech?
All legitimate objections. And there have been and will be many times when all these alarming instances of progressive extremism should be thoroughly exposed and condemned.
But now is not that time.
Now is the time when conservatives especially need to look beyond the frustrations of what often seems like an unlevel moral playing field and acknowledge an unequivocal, unqualified truth: The president’s behavior last week was uniquely and unforgivably iniquitous. And the decay goes deeper. It cannot be excused by citing counterparts on the left.

Amen. A thousand times Amen.


I'D LIKE A FAMILY OF BEARS TO BUY A HAMMOCK FOR Because this family is just so dang cute.

SOMEONE IS BUYING $4400 SNEAKERS And good for them. The Jimmy Choo brand has been hit hard by slumping demand for their impossibly high heels so they've moved into the high end sneaker market (yes, this is a thing apparently) and are crushing it with their crystal encrusted sneakers. I'll keep my Keds, thanks.

mRNA TECH HAS CREATED A VACCINE FOR MS!! Multiple Sclerosis is a horrible disease that wastes away those afflicted with it. Now the same company who helped Moderna create the Covid vaccine using mRNA technology has created a vaccine that can stop and even reverse the damage done by MS. I cried a little when I saw this because some people I care greatly about have this awful disease.


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